Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 4

Aight sooo like I know I didn’t really put up a set schedule of releases but I still feel kinda late of sorts about this chapter since I want to output at least 1 chap a week before school starts but wellllllll ummmmmm this addiction I’d like to call FFXIV happened this last week and ummmm yaaaa lets just say some free time that should have been used translating well ummm didn’t go to translating sooo apologies on that one. Also another blunder I know I was born in china and grew up speaking the language but like I left the school system over there at a very young age ok soooo ummm I just figured out that we actually have technical he she pronouns even tho they sound exactly the same when said, cough… soo um on the last few chapters there are probably a few errors regarding that but I’ma just mention them here and not revise the entire chapter for it since it doesn’t actually create any real confusion because both are used in reference to our MC Mo Li. Welp anyway that’s my rants for they day feel free to roast me in the comments for my mistakes (>_<).

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