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Hero King Chapter 61

Hero King is the story of a past king reincarnated, tired of the stifling life of authoritarianism, she seeks naught but the thrill of honing her martial prowess and fighting powerful opponents. A once wise king, now reduced to a battle-hungry maniac who lives solely by her own rule. Inglis was reincarnated far into the future, where the kingdom she once ruled was gone from the annals of history, the people around her had all but forgotten about the magic techniques she once fervently spread around, and most of all, the ground nation now lives in fear of mutated beasts known as Magic Stone Beasts and had to rely on the technology of the Highlanders, those who live on a floating island, to fight back against these monsters.

What happened to her kingdom? Why did people forget about magic? How or where did the Highlanders or Magic Stone Beasts come about? While all these questions are of interest, but does Inglis care about them? Nay, all she cares about is to fight against the strongest Magic Stone Beasts and hone her skills!

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