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Sword Saint Fox Girl Chapter 1-29

The Sword Saint’s Second Life As a Fox Girl is an Original Gender Bender-Yuri webnovel written by EnroItzal on Scribble Hub.

You can support him by going to his Patreon to also get access to early chapters! You can also support him by donating to his PayPal!

To the readers of this novel, the schedule of the releases are on every Wednesday and Saturday, 11a.m. PST. Still, the chapters on Re:Library will come out a bit late since I’m relying on RSS for the updates.
If you want to read it as soon as new chapters are released, be sure to go to this novel’s Scribble Hub page!

While you’re at it, if you have a Scribble Hub account, do favourite the chapters and leave some comments, if you want to that is! I’m sure the author, EnroItzal, would very much appreciate that!

Oh and since the author shouted out our site, thanks EnroItzal!, I’ll naturally do the same. If you can’t wait for more chapters, be sure to join his Patreon! Currently, you’ll get 5 early chapters and with this, you’ll be able to support the author as well. Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to write more with your support~ And if you’re feeling extra generous, also donate to his PayPal!

With that, to the chapter. Enjoy!

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