Hero King Chapter 51

Well, this is it, guys. We’re finally at the schooling part 🙂 And this is also where Alruna says goodbye to y’all now. Have a great life, people! Stay happy, stay positive, keep fighting!

Enjoy the read, like, comment and shoutout to any of them (including my replacement). They’ll still be here to see you next week. Bye bye~

P.S. But, ehhh, I guess this is also where I will do one last self-promotion, I guess xD
For anyone who would still want to see more of me (I don’t know why anyone’d even want to but okay~), I write supernatural yuri novels that I also post on this website, if you’re interested (yes, I know I haven’t posted any chapters for that in a while). I will be uploading more chapters for my novel ‘Worlds Unknown: The Enlightened’ soon. I am currently about 2-3 chapters from finishing the novel now, yyaaaayyy~~ So I will just need to edit the rest before I start posting them 🙂

So, with this, I bid y’all Hero King readers adios, amigos~!

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