Life with a Tail Chapter 48.5

Well then~ Looks like this it guys. It has been fun working with yo… Can you wait a minute or two? I’m getting some new information.

2 minutes later

Uh huh, I understand. Good news, I guess? The author published one chapter like one week before this one. What a coincidence! Looks like we’ll be with Life with a Tail for one more week. Huzzah!

Now then… on to this chapter. This chapter is… “interesting“. It’s very uhh… “action-packed“. You guys getting my drift? No? Well, here’s a note from Silva. A bit outdated but you guys will get the gist of it.

Silva: Adios, this is the last chapter of Life with a Tail(Fire: Not anymore), and a really special one at that. I hope you enjoyed it!

Wait what? The last one? Where did it come from? The raw site only had up to chapter 48 and XX3!
Well, tell you what, this came from the Narou Midnight sister site (women-oriented R-18 Syosetu platform), so you can expect some sweet hot action here!

Thanks Silva. So basically, “plot“. Mandatory warning to those who don’t want to read this. (The people who just want diabetes and don’t want to get aroused. Most importantly, people who are under 18. I know there are people out there like that, and I know some of you will ignore this. It’s your choice, don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Have fun~ (Heh)

P.S. Ruti is an S.

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