Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 44

Well damn, the weather is so hoooooooot lately. I’m not even kidding when I say it’s hooooooooot, emphasizing the hot! It’s so hot that forest fires are almost a daily occurrence around this part. It’s kind of sad to see the green land slowly turning into a wasteland. The forest fires are so frequent that I suspect there might even be an arsonist or two around here.

Is this truly the force of nature, or a man-made fire? Hrm…

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5 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 44”

  1. Yeah well, the planet is broken. Here, after a winter that would not go away, the spring is in a hurry and everywhere it’s flooding. Hope you are safe.

    1. Pretty much this. People joke that California should be getting the water that the northeast was getting.

      That’s not a coincidence by the way. That is literally what is happening. I’m in the middle so it just sort of slingshots back and forth like nuts.

    2. Don’t worry about me, aside from sunburn and heatstroke, I am safe from the forest fire as I don’t get close to forested area, aside from when I go hiking. Though truth be told, I haven’t really been hiking for a while now…

      But yeah, many people still don’t care about it, but global warming is definitely in effect. The tropical area is growing hotter by the year and the winter is getting colder, and longer…

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