Chapter 99 – Always will be

I hurriedly opened the bathroom door and said, “Haha, I had a bit of issue with my stomach!”

Chen Weier didn’t treat it as an issue and said to me, “The restaurant delivered everything over. Come and eat!”

“Okay!” I nodded. When I arrived at the small room outside the bedroom to look, I saw that the table was already covered in delicious dishes. Zhao Yanyan and Yu Ting were getting ready to try it, but since I wasn’t there yet, they didn’t find it right to make the first move.

Seeing the scene in front of my eyes, I was very satisfied. It seems like these girls understood the rules very well, I didn’t want my future harem to become a mess where they all fight with one another.

“Okay, wifeys, we’re all hungry, let’s quickly eat!” I sat onto the head of the table without speaking. Zhao Yanyan and Yu Ting sat on my sides, while Chen Weier sat opposite me.

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In order to not affect everyone’s mood while eating, I decided to take Zhao Yanyan’s letter out after dinner.

“Hubby, try this Chinese Braised Fish…”

“Hubby, try this steamed fish…”

“Hubby, try this barbeque fish…”

Seeing my plate full of food that the three girls picked up for me, I shook my head. It seems like being too happy might not be a good thing at times! There was no helping it, I could only forcefully eat three times the usual amount.

After the meal, I got Yu Ting to call the call center so that they would come and take care of the plates, while the three girls and I returned to the bedroom inside the suite.

“Yanyan, do you still remember this?” I handed the little love letter I found in the drawer earlier to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan received it, then opened it slowly. A very familiar feeling instantly rushed into her heart, as she looked at the familiar writing full of emotion in the letter, all sorts of scenes suddenly appeared in her mind…

“Hubby!” Zhao Yanyan raised her head and revealed her tearful face. She leaped into my arms and said loudly, “I remember! I remember it all! It’s real, it’s all real, this is all real! You won’t get mad that I treated you like that before, right?”

“How could I, I did manage to get a feel of the old times, my Yanyan!” I helped her wipe away the tears at the corner of her eyes and said lightly.

“He… Yeah, I’m your Yanyan, and I always will be!” Zhao Yanyan smiled as she cried. “Thank you!”

“What are you thanking me for, even if you make me pursue you a hundred times again, I would still be willing!” I patted Zhao Yanyan’s back and said. “There’s no need for thanks between us, I believe that if it was me who lost my memories, you will still pursue me in reverse, right?”

“Yeah, of course!” Zhao Yanyan nodded and said with certainty.

I raised my head, and found Chen Weier and Yu Ting watching Zhao Yanyan and I talk passionately with their eyes wide, while holding in their laughter. I immediately stood up and wrap my arms around two of them, then said fiercely, “Peaking is bad. I’m going to punish you guys!” With that, I reached my hand out to untie Chen Weier’s buttons.

“Ahh, help!” Chen Weier yelled out in fright.

“Hubby, I’ll do it myself…” With that, Yu Ting immediately started taking off her clothes…

I really am defeated! These wifeys all have their own uniqueness!

Sun Sikong’s experiments had reached an important stage. He had already recreated a lot of the high-tech equipment from the information I had given to him, but I didn’t have any plans introduce them to the market for now. That was because these things were several hundred years more advance than our current technological level, if they were introduced, it would definitely cause chaos in the world. Such a result would be the beginning of a tragedy.

In the past few days, Sun Sikong had called me and asked me to introduce an assistant to him, because a lot of the experiments right now were unable to be completed alone/.

However, those mercenaries could only do help out a bit, they didn’t have any academic knowledge, so he could only make them do manual labor.

I considered it thoroughly, then found Xu Qingwei. This is because I trusted this person quite a lot, he didn’t have much bad thoughts. Thus, I asked Xu Qingwei to come over to a coffee shop near the school.

“How have you been going recently?” I ordered a coffee, then asked casually.

“Director Liu, you finally remembered me. I’ve been bored to death recently, I essentially have nothing to do!” Xu Qingwei complained. “After Great Person Corporation merged with Shuguang, I didn’t have much to do. What’s more, you also know that I was mostly responsible for technological stuff when I worked under you, and wasn’t very good at managing the company, so I didn’t participate in it. Oh yeah, Director Liu, how about you transferring me to Shuguang’s research center? I really had enough of staying at school to learn some useless knowledge, ai!”

It seems like I truly found the right person. Xu Qingwei just can’t have nothing to do. Thus, I smiled and said, “Actually, I have another secret research facility. There is technology that is several hundred years more advance than now. East Asia Motion Corporation’s new motor system is one of the products of our facility!”

“Really? So East Asia Motion Corporation is also yours! I thought that someone else got reborn!” Xu Qingwei exclaimed.

“Be a bit quieter. If you don’t want to be treated like a guinea pig and taken to be cut into slices, then don’t always mention getting reborn! This isn’t something good. What’s more, how could there be so many people that were reborn. The three of us might have only returned together due to some sort of coincidence!” I said vaguely. However, I swore in my heart, what the heck does old bro Yama want to do!

Xu Qingwei smiled awkwardly, “I really didn’t think of that… It seems like I have to be careful next time! Oh yeah, Director Liu, can I really go to the base that you talked about?”

“Of course you can, but you have to consider it properly. After going there, you cannot come back here as you wish!” I reminded.

“I don’t have much to miss, so living there isn’t much of an issue!” Xu Qingwei answered easily.

“Then alright, prepare first, we’ll go there later!” I said.

“Is the base near?” Xu Qingwei asked weirdly.

“No, it’s on a private island in the Pacific Ocean!” I said.

“Then don’t we need to get our passports or something if we’re going to go?” Xu Qingwei asked in confusion, because from my tone, I made it seem like we could go immediately.

“Hehe, no need, if you don’t have much to do, then let’s go now? There is a complete set of daily items there, you don’t need to bring anything!” I replied.

“Then okay, I don’t have much in my dorm, just a laptop. I’ll just leave it here for now! What about the school?” Xu Qingwei asked.

“I’ll deal with that side for you later, just relax!” I said. “What’s more, do you have any use for a certificate in the future?”

“That’s true, then there’s no need! I’ll follow you, Director Liu, you can’t expel me okay!” Xu Qingwei laughed.

“Hehe, that’ll depend on your performance!” We arrived at a hidden place while we chatted.


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