Chapter 98 – Being honest isn’t easy

“Of course, what, dad, in that area, you…” I replied quietly.

“Hai hai! About this, I’m getting old, it’s hard to not have a bit of issues, haha!” When my dad was alone with me, he didn’t care so much, since he had asked me for condoms ages ago, there really wasn’t much to care about.

“Of course, look at your son, who has three girlfriends…” Before I finished, my dad glared at me.

“Why is there another one?” asked my dad.

“Ugh…” Before I said anything, my mom asked. “What are you two men muttering about?”

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“Nothing, nothing, this brat actually got another girlfriend!” My dad instantly sol me out.

“What? Leilei, you child! Does Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan know?” My mom said with an extremely disappointed expression.

“Yeah, the three of them are still waiting for me back in the hotel room, I have to hurry back!” I said. “Dad, mom, close your eyes, I’ll imprint the method of training in your minds so you can practice it accordingly!”

At this moment, my parents already believed me, so they closed their eyes like I said.

I used my powers and imprinted the chants and techniques of training into my parents’ minds.

“Done!” I said.

“So amazing, I actually memorized everything just like that!” said my dad.

“Yeah, Leilei, can this thing really make me younger?” asked my mom.

Actually, my mom has been in a good mood recently, so she didn’t look much different from when I was just reborn.

“En, dad, mom, after you practice it, when you go on the streets with me, other people would definitely say that you’re my older brother and sister!” I chuckled.

“Screw off, you child! You’re so disrespectful!” However, I would tell that my mom was very happy. When women reached this age, and her son makes her proud; her husband has a good career; and her family is rich, there was nothing more to pursue, the only thing she would pay attention to is her appearance.

“Okay now, dad, don’t tire yourself too much. Just leave the stuff at the factory to your subordinates. Relax more. Oh yeah, now our family doesn’t lack money, right? Go travel more with my mom, such as around the world or something!” I suggested.

“Ai! Aren’t we just wanting to save more money for your future!” said my mom.

“I… Dad, mom! Your son have tons of money now. Oh yeah, I haven’t told you guys, right? I started a company earlier, it’s earning lots of money!” I said.

“What company?” asked my dad.

“East Asia Motion. There should have been a news report of it on TV a while ago!” I said.

“What! East Asia Motion? Isn’t that the new car engine supplier? How did it turn into your company? I remember that it was started by the director of the famous electronics corporation within the country, Su’s Corporation!” said my dad.

“Yeah. Actually, I am the chairman behind the scenes!” I said.

“Leilei, there is too many unbelievable things about you now, so your mom and I are no longer very surprised. After hearing about your superpowers, if you tell us in the future that you met aliens, your mom and I won’t find it weird anymore!” My dad sighed.

Hearing my dad say so, I naturally continued to beat the iron while its hot.

“Dad, you’re right, I coincidentally saved two aliens that got into danger on Earth. East Asia Motion Corporation’s engine designs were mainly based on the theories that they provided me with!” I said.

When I looked towards my dad again, he already fainted——

“Leilei, do you still have anything you didn’t tell mom yet? You better say it all in one go. If you continue like this, your mom and I will definitely get a heart attack!” My dad wiped his face with the wet towel my mom handed him and said.

“Ugh… Actually, there’s more. Are you sure that you can handle it?” I clenched my teeth and asked.

“There really is more?!” My dad sat up and looked at me like he was looking at a monster.

“Yeah, actually, I have lied to you guys. Shuguang Corporation was actually established by me. I hold eighty percent of the shares, while Zhao Yanyan holds twenty percent,” I said calmly.

My dad looked at me blankly, and even my mom also freaked after hearing that! Just what was Shuguang Corporation? It was the number one corporation in the world! A while back, someone had guessed that if Zhao Junsheng was working for someone, then the real owner of Shuguang Corporation behind the scenes will be the richest person in the world, and his or her total assets would be around three hundred times that of the second richest person, and this was just a safe estimation.

In actual fact, including the income of the mercenary group and firearms company in South Africa, the wealth I have far surpassed that number.

“This means that your dad had actually been working for you all along?” Since my mom wasn’t like my dad, she didn’t care much about stuff like corporation and wealth leadership board, she came back to her senses very quickly.

“You can say that…” I laughed dryly.

“You ****** brat, I had thought that I was working for your father-in-law, so I was always so careful in fear of affecting Zhao Yanyan and your relationship! I was wondering why Zhao Junsheng was always so courteous whenever he sees me!” My dad roared.

However, my dad immediately got proud, “Hehe, how is that, wifey. Look, Xiao Zhao couldn’t beat me back then, and now he’s working for my son, his only daughter is also my daughter-in-law, haha!”

“Look at your expression of a petty person intoxicated by success!” My mom stared at my dad and said.

“I’m just kidding! Hehe!” My dad laughed cheerfully. “You should have said it earlier! Seriously, you caused me to work until I’m so tired all the time, since I thought that you would need a lot of money for marrying so many wives in the future. It seems like I was worrying for nothing. I’ll go and speak to Qinjia Zhao tomorrow so that the vice factory directory takes my place, while I go journey around the world with your mom!”

“About this, son, shouldn’t you sponsor your dad a bit?” My dad reached out his hand and smiled craftily.

“…” I was speechless towards his actions. In reply, I took out a Visa card from the Swiss bank that doesn’t have a name and handed it to my dad. “There is a billion dollars in the account. It should be enough for you and my mom to book a plane to travel around the world!”

Now that he knows that I’m rich, my dad didn’t mind anymore. Just as he took card and put it in his pocket, he turned around and saw my mom’s threatening gaze, so he immediately took out the card again and handed it to my mom, “Hehe, it would be better to be kept with you, I’m rather forgetful…”

I laughed and shook my head, ‘Mom, don’t be reluctant to spend money!”

Before I left, I handed a blank cheque of Huaxia Bank that I had signed to my dad in secret and said to him, “Go and fill it in. It’s effective for any amount within ten billion. Just don’t cause your son to go bankrupted!”

My dad happily put it in his pocket. Meanwhile, I instantly teleported back to the bathroom of the presidential suite in Yanjing Hotel in front of my dad.

Just after I returned, I heard Chen Weier’s voice call out, “Hubby, are you alright? What’s taking you so long?”


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