Chapter 86.5 – Situ Liang’s Woman / Still a Virgin (NSFW)

I carefully examined this apartment. It was the kind with an upper and lower floor, around three hundred something squared meters. The decorations were very grand as well, making it seem like Yu Ting’s family got a lot richer in recent years.

Yu Ting handed me a cup of water, then went upstairs.

Meanwhile, I started to make guesses through the apartment. Overall, it was more or less the same with their apartment in Songjiang, but it was much larger and the furniture were all of the newest kind. The television was also the LCD television that Shuguang had just introduced to the market this year, the one that even my family did not change to yet. It seems like Yu Ting’s father is in a great spot here. I just don’t know what relationship does he have with the Daxing Gang that the Situ family controls.

There were several Yu Ting’s photos on the tea table in the living room. It seemed like they were taken during high school, and she was very similar to my memory of her, it’s just that she matured a lot.

After a while, Yu Ting come down. She had already changed into a set of light yellow cartoon pajamas, and held a set of new male pajamas that haven’t been open yet.

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“Change into this, it’s my dad’s, but he hasn’t worn it yet,” Yu Ting handed the pajamas to me.

I looked at the clothes on me, and saw that it truly was a mess, especially since the corner of the suit was already ripped by Situ Liang. However, changing into pajamas in a girl’s home doesn’t seem quite right.

Seeing that I blanked out while holding the pajamas, Yu Ting waved the small medical kit in her hands and said, “Hurry, when you come back, I’ll put on medicine for you.”

Hearing Yu Ting’s words, I suddenly felt like the atmosphere between us was a bit ambiguous, “I’ll do it myself…” We are no longer the confused teenagers we were during high school, and I was still able to clearly remember the situation when Yu Ting put medicine on my little bro.

Yu Ting also seemed to think of something, causing her to blush and her gaze to sweep down towards my lower body. That instantly caused the atmosphere to become strange.

“Hai!” I coughed lightly to break the awkwardness and said. “I’m completely fine now, there’s no need to change into pajamas. I’ll go to the bathroom to wash my face, then I’ll put on some medicine.”

With that, I took the medical kit from Yu Ting’s hands, then entered the washroom.

Within the washroom, I used cold water to rinse my air, then took a deep breath. Afterwards, I placed the medical kit to the side. I didn’t need these stuff at all, the wounds on my face can be healed any time I so wish to.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell I was doing. I actually obsessively wanted to know Yu Ting’s current attitude towards me, and actually used such a ****** method.

If I continue like this, I really wouldn’t be able to control myself and re-ignite my feelings for her. Although I didn’t want to admit it, she had a seat in the very depths of my heart. Now that it’s summoned forth, it cannot be easily dealt with.

In order to complete the acting, I still opened the medical kit and randomly put some medicine on my injuries, then I casually took off my clothes and threw it in the trash can. Although these clothes were very valuable in the eyes of other people, it wasn’t much to me at all.

After walking out of the washing room, I saw Yu Ting hugging her legs and sitting on the sofa, while watching television. When she saw me go over, she frantically picked up the remote to turn off the TV. Then she said with blushed cheeks, “Why-Why did you come out so quickly…”

Seeing Yu Ting’s frantic look, I found it a bit weird, just what sort of thing was this chick watching that could not be seen?

Yu Ting frantically covered the franticness in her heart and stuttered, “Nothing… It’s just a show for girls!”

A show for girls? What is that? I was a bit curious, so I took the chance while Yu Ting was unprepared, and picked up the remote beside the sofa and switched the TV on.

A girl’s moan instantly rang out form the television, causing me to freak after hearing that. I looked again. The television was actually playing Japanese AV!

“This-This is a show for girls!?” I was a bit dumbfounded. Yu Ting looked so pure, why would she watch this sort of stuff.

Seeing that her actions just now was discovered my me, her entire face instantly turned bright red, like a completely ripe tomato.

Just as I was getting confused about what was going on, I suddenly saw the blurry eyes in Yu Ting’s eyes as she looked dumbly at me. Before I was able to react, a pair of hot wet lips came over.

Yu Ting’s sudden actions caused me to be unsure of what to do. All I felt was Yu Ting’s voluptuous body underneath that loose pajama instantly stick onto my body as her soft tongue reached over. I did have some feelings for Yu Ting, and now I don’t think it would be easy for me to refuse either.

(Bystander A: Could he still be caught off guard with his ability? He clearly did it on purpose.)

I was instantly aroused by her, causing me to react to her with my mouth. Yu Ting stuck closely onto my body, so I could easily felt the full breasts underneath her pajama squish onto my chest.

Since I haven’t gotten intimate with girls recently, the fact that the moans from the television that wasn’t turned off aroused me. Just as I wanted to take the next step, I felt Yu Ting’s small hands wander to my lower body, and struggled to untie my belt. With a “pa” sound, the buckle of my belt was undone. Since I wore trousers, they easily fell down. Then Yu Ting’s smooth hands grabbed towards the erected part of my body…

Seeing this chick act so familiarly, I couldn’t help but gasp silently. She can’t always be doing this sort of stuff with Situ Liang, right? Otherwise, why else would she not be experienced.

However, then I thought. ****, I was “beaten up” by Situ Liang today, just how would he feel if he knows I ****** his woman?

With such a thought, I stopped worrying, I’ll just treat it as a one night stand to let off some steam. Thus, I reached out my hand without any hesitation to push away Yu Ting’s pajamas, causing a pair of full breasts to immediately pop out. I grabbed it hardly and squished. Meanwhile, my other hand also reached into Yu Ting’s pajama bottom, it seems like this chick is slutty enough, she didn’t even wear any underwear. With a touch, I already felt that she was flooding down there.

Yu Ting’s hands did not stop as she undid the buttons of my clothes. For the places that she couldn’t undo, she directly ripped it apart. I couldn’t help but laugh wryly, women were the craziest when they are in lust.

When two hot and completely naked bodies embraced each other, we couldn’t help but touch all over each other’s bodies. I took a chance to get some of Yu Ting’s liquid from underneath and sniffed it. After finding out that there were no strange smells, and merely a faint nice scent, I was finally able to relax, I really was worried about that fellow Situ Liang having some sort of STD.

Yu Ting did not notice my actions, she was completely emerged with kissing. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help myself anymore, I picked Yu Ting up, put her down on the sofa, then thrusted, easily entering Yu Ting’s body…

En? What’s going on. I felt an obvious sense of resistance when my lower body entered, and Yu Ting also moaned loudly.

Seeing that I stopped, Yu Ting opened the eyes she shut tight and asked a frown, “Is it over?”

Over? I just started, why is she asking me if it’s over? Suddenly, I accidentally saw a bit of blood at the place where our bodies connected. My heart shuddered. It can’t be? Could it be that this chick is still a virgin?!

“You-You never done it before?” I asked with a stutter.

“Ah! Of course not, what are you thinking!” Yu Ting said in embarrassment.

“Seeing that you were so well versed just now, I thought you and Situ Liang often do it…” I smiled wryly. It seems like I really done it this time, not only did I get an extra wifey, I have to face the provocation of the Situ family.

“No, I just learnt it from TV…” Yu Ting said in embarrassedly.


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