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Chapter 169 – Smash Another One

“Hehe, this si a treasure!” Seeing that I didn’t speak, Lu Baoqiang added on the side. “Back then, I wanted to spend five hundred thousand to get this chick Xu Xueyun, but she refused. It’s great now, this happened. This is all destined!”

Xu Xueyun? Why does this name sound so familiar? I seem to have heard it somewhere. It was only at that point that I found out Xu Er’s little sister was called Xu Xueyun. Previously, Xu Er had only been referring to her as his little sister, and I didn’t ask what she was called.

Hearing Lu Baoqiang’s words, I suddenly had an idea. Heh, I was originally just planning to expose his ploy, but at that moment, I decided to make him lose the bait along with the fish!

I pretended like I didn’t understand anything, “Oh, it seems to have Qing Dynasty or something written on it. It truly is something from ancient times!” Then, I casually handed the box to Du Xiaowei.

Hearing my words, Xu Er’s expression instantly turned for the wrose.

“Yeah, are you guys going to compensate me with money or make Xu Xueyun be my mistress? If I get happy, I might give her several hundred thousand!” Lu Baoqiang said shamelessly.

I ignored it and smiled, “Since it’s like that, we definitely won’t; be able to compensate!”

Hearing my words, Lu Baoqiang revealed a happy expression, “Then you guys are agreeing to my terms?”

“Yes, but we can’t just accept it like this! You said that this vase is worth five hundred thousand, but there is no proof, so we don’t really believe it!” I immediately changed my tone.

“Then what do you want?” Lu Baoqiang’s mind was full of Xu Xueyun’s great body as he asked in a hurry.

“How about this? We’ll take the fragments away and get a professional to appraise it. If it really is worth five hundred thousand, then we’ll go as you say. If it’s not, then wouldn’t we be at a loss?” I said.

“Appraise for what? Just ask around, a vase used by government officials in the Qing Dynasty is definitely worth this much! Five hundred thousand is on the low side, a vase from the Qing Dynasty can be worth several hundred thousand!” Lu Baoqiang replied.

“That’s no good, we don’t understand anything, we aren’t comfortable with it unless we get it appraise!” I said. Actually, I naturally knew that Lu Baoqiang was right! If this was truly something government officials used then, five hundred thousand was truly low. If it was auctioned, then its possible for it to be sold for several million! Or even several tens of millions! However, this vase was fake.

“Ugh…” Lu Baoqiang did not expect that I would say that! Just moments earlier, he was getting beyond happy for getting Xu XUeyun, and now it seemed like things were not going to go that successfully! For him, it seemed like the person in front of him was very troublesome! However, he wasn’t willing to just let Xu Xueyun go like that. The moment he thought of her, his sinful lower body started to react. He forcefully calmed himself down and thought about it. “It’s like this, I already promised to sell this vase to a business partner. I told him that the vase broke yesterday, but he didn’t believe me. He thought that it was just a random excuse I found to not sell it to him, and is coming here tonight to see for himself! How about this, come and get the fragments for appraisal tomorrow!”

**** yeah, this was what I was waiting for! Hehe, how could I not agree?

“Sure, then we’ll come over tomorrow! Since its like that, then we’ll take our leave!” I looked at Du Xiaowei.

Du Xiaowei returned my look with a signal that said that everything was done, while he returned the fragments to Lu Baoqiang.

The moment we walked out of the door, Xu Er pulled my hand and asked me anxiously, “Director Liu, what did you mean by what you said just now… You mean that my little sister has to be his mistress? Is Director Ding unwilling to lend me the money?”

As I looked at Xu Er, who fired questions at me like a machinegun, I patted his shoulders and smiled, “Don’t worry! That isn’t the case at all! I’m going to make that Lu Baoqiang lose the fish along with the bait!”

“Lose the fish along with the bait?” Xu Er asked in confusion.

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“Yeah! From his tone and expression, Lu Baoqiang is already crazy obsessed with your little sister! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have planned and caused his vase incident! Since Lu Baoqiang is willing to pay five hundred thousand to get your little sister, that means he is determined to get her,” I continued. “We can use this and screw him over!”

“Use it? Use it how? How are we supposed to screw him over?” Xu Er asked in confusion.

“Hehe, it’s actually like this. I got Du Xiaowei too… Like this…” I explained.

“What? Is that going to work? Would Lu Baoqiang do something so crazy?” Xu Er asked in disbelief.

“Hehe, definitely! His lust is probably overcoming his reason now!” I smiled.

At the same time, in Lu Baoqiang’s home.

Lu Baoqiang paced around the room hesitantly. He did not expect Xu Er to find a person like that. It seems like everything was going to be a bit difficult! Although it was not going to go as smoothly as he had hoped, it wasn’t an impossible matter.

Lu Baoqiang walked to his shelf and opened the glass door to take out a box from the very bottom level. He opened the box’s lock with a key. Within the key laid a clay vase. As he looked at it, he felt a bit of reluctance and hesitance.

However, in the very end, Lu Baoqiang still took out the vase, clench his teeth, and raised it over his head. He felt like he had already started to sweat, while his hands also trembled! This vase was something truly from the Qing Dynasty. It was worth far more than five hundred thousand. Back then, he had bought it for three million, and now it was worth more than ten million!

Even though ten million wasn’t a lot for Lu Baoqiang, it wasn’t a small amount either. It was the annual income for his company. At that very moment, Xu Xueyun’s sexy body surfaced in Lu Baoqiang’s mind again. That sexy *** and the voluptuous body…

Every single time Xu Xueyun came over to do housework, Lu Baoqiang would always stand behind her to fantasize as he looks at her ***. Every single time she leaves, Lu Baoqiang would rush to the bathroom to deal with his issue. It wasn’t that Lu Baoqiang had never seen any women before, but no matter how pretty those women were, they were merely low quality prostitutes without any taste. It wasn’t easy to find a beautiful and pure university like Xu Xueyun at all. Lu Baoqiang was able to find a bit of satisfaction every single time he fantasized about Xu Xueyun, so he truly wanted to gain Xu Xueyun for real!

Thinking that, Lu Baoqiang finally decided. He let his hands loose and allowed the vase to flow down onto the flow in a “pa” sound, instantly shattering into smithereens.

As he looked at the floor full of fragments, Lu Baoqiang smiled in a truly lecherous manner…

Lu Baoqiang poured the original fragments into the rubbish bin, then placed the fragments on the floor into the box and returned it to the book shelf.

After doing all that, Lu Baoqiang sat back onto the sofa in satisfaction, closed his eyes and started to fantasize…


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