Chapter 138 – Picking up a rock and hitting their own feet

“Damn! Bros, do you all feel good now? The multi-colored hair asked.

“Yeah! I feel so good from the beating! Let’s go!” said green hair.

Thus, the three of them left Zhou Yu, who ended up with something akin to a pig’s head, behind and left the crime scene.

Right after that, I saw the three of them walk to Du Xiaowei’s Douglas Ram from afar. Du Xiaowei casually chucked them an envelope before they left respectfully.

I smiled. Du Xiaowei handed this very well. Otherwise, I might have had to deal with it personally. Now, it had nothing to do with me at all.

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“Aiya, isn’t this classmate Zhou? What happened with you?” I asked in false good will.

“I-I… Impossible!” Zhou Yu couldn’t understand at all. Why did the three people suddenly change sides.

“Aiya, so pitiful,” I shook my head and said to Xu Ruoyun. “Let’s go and eat. It seems like classmate Zhou would be unable to get up.”

I held Xu Ruoyun’s hand and got onto Du Xiaowei’s Douglas Ram.

“Xiaowei, you did it pretty well!” I smiled.

“It’s just a small thing, hehe,” Du Xiaowei laughed.

“How did you find out about their ploy?” I asked curiously.

“I was laying in the car with nothing to do when I suddenly saw these three brats wandering around suspiciously. Since I had nothing to do either way, I grabbed the three of them into the car. They confessed everything after I used a bit of techniques, then I just gave them twice the amount of money, so they all changed sides,” Du Xiaowei explained.

“Hahaha! This Zhou Yu was unlucky enough, he picked up a boulder and hit his own foot,” I laughed.

“It’s not only that, this brat used a brick to smash the car and in the end smacked his own face. He also pissed towards your car, causing his dick to get roasted!” Du Xiaowei also laughed, he coincidentally saw the scene of Zhou Yu smashing the car.

Xu Ruoyun blushed when she heard Du Xiaowei said that word, but she resisted laughing.

I coughed a few times, then said to Du Xiaowei after seeing Xu Ruoyun’s look, “Be more wary about your impacts, don’t just say any words.” After all, Xu Ruoyun was still a virgin, she was rather shy.

However, this Zhou Yu was too hilarious?! Smashing the car?! Pissing?!

Meanwhile, Zhou Yu was finally sent to the hospital by Wang Di, then wrapped up. It was fortunate that he didn’t have any internal injuries, they were only light wounds on the surface. Despite that, it still caused Zhou Yu to suffer.

“What’s going on! Didn’t we make it clear? I’ll hit them, and they’ll pretend to be unable to stand up to me. Why did they beat me so hard!” Zhou Yu said angrily.

“I don’t know either. They agreed properly, why did they change sides at the last moment?” Wang Di didn’t understand either.

“Those bastards, they are so ******* unreliable,” Zhou Yu said angrily. “Oh yeah, are you going to that something fundraising this afternoon?”

“Of course! How can us, the Typhoon Duo not take the chance to get famous? We might even get the admiration of beauties!” said Wang Di.

“Oh yeah!” Zhou Yu suddenly became extremely excited. “Say, if we invite Xu Ruoyun and the guy with her to it this afternoon, and then she sees his look when he doesn’t have any money, wouldn’t that mean… Hehe!”

“Is he very poor?” Wang Di asked.

“How much could he have if he drives a Santana 2000!” said Zhou Yu.

“True. He probably is just someone that has some money, but doesn’t know what to do with it,” Wang Di nodded.

“Then it’s decided, we’ll use money to push him away, so that he will give up! With our backgrounds, it wouldn’t be surprising if we tire him out!” Zhou Yu said proudly.

“Okay, I’ll go and prepare some money. I’ll definitely bury him to death with money to help you get even!” said Wang Di.

“Mhmm, prepare more this time just in case. Although that brat doesn’t look like anyone rich, I’m afraid of him caring too much about face and never giving up,” said Zhou Yu.

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t disappoint you this time!” said Wang Di. “I’ll go home later and bring all of my red packet money from the last few years!”

“Sure, I’ll go and prepare a bit as well,” Zhou Yu nodded

“Hubby, say, how much should we donate this afternoon?” Xu Ruoyun asked.

“What do you think? I will agree to however much you want to donate,” I said without minding it.

“Then can we donate 5000?” Xu Ruoyun asked.

“Let’s donate 10000, just treat it as doing something good for the people facing the catastrophe,” I smiled.

“Yay, hubby! I knew you were the best!” Xu Ruoyun kissed my cheek.

“Just look at how happy you are, what’s good about donating more?” I chuckled.

“Hehe, you found you!” Xu Ruoyun replied embarrassedly.

“There really is something that you get?” I asked curiously.

“Mhmm, yeah, the classmates that donates a lot can be prioritized to get nominated for this year’s ten school stars,” Xu Ruoyun said.

“You’re interested in this?” From my impression of her, Xu Ruoyun wasn’t someone that was interested in fame.

“It isn’t me! It’s grandpa, he is making me enter it. I just want to make him happy,” said Xu Ruoyun.

I sighed silently, Xu Ruoyun has grown up, she was no longer that rebellious chick that always went against her grandpa, she also understands the need to make him happy now. I understood about everything after thinking about that geezer Xu Jinde. Xu Jinde wasn’t someone who only liked a little bit of fame, this was something that I could tell from his encouragement of Zhao Yanyan and I to enter the computing competition.

I wasn’t interested in fame that came from money, but since Xu Jinde liked it, there was nothing wrong with getting it.

In the afternoon, I coincidentally “met” Zhou Yu once again. At the same time, there was also a person who dressed like a very cocky young master beside him.

Zhou Yu’s entire face was covered in plasters as he walked over with a lowly smile. It was as if he wasn’t the main character of the scene at noon.

I decided to pretend that I didn’t know what happened at noon was his ploy, and nodded towards Zhou Yu with a smile.

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Seeing that I didn’t have any huge grudge against him, he thought that the truth did not leak out even though the situation at noon was screwed up. Thus, this guy and that young master, who was Wang Di, walked over and deliberately said loudly, “There’s a fundraising this afternoon, did you two receive the news?”

“Oh, this. We are going right now, am I right, Ruoyun?” I said with a smile.

Xu Ruoyun nodded without saying anything.

Zhou Yu thought to himself, it’s great that you guys are going. I had wanted to urge you guys on with words, I didn’t think that you guys anticipated that much!

“Oh, since it’s about time, how about we go together?” Wang Di looked at his watch, then turned to me. “Bro, what’s your name?”

“Liu Lei, from Huaxia University,” I nodded towards him.

“I’m called Wang Di, I’m from the same faculty as Zhou Yu,” Wang Di thought to himself, so this brat is from Huaxia, a student from another school actually dared to come to Beichen to pick up girls. He really needs to be taught a lesson!

“Oh, you two, since it’s like this, how about we go in my car?” I invited.


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