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Chapter 128 – A bunch of relatives

I glared at Meng Qingqing after seeing her prideful smile. Just who are you helping? These people clearly came to find her, yet, she actually didn’t care that I helped her block them off.

“Sick kitty! You dare to say that I’m a sick kitty!” Yellow hair jumped up and down in anger.

“Did I? I said you’re Hello Kitty, she said you are a sick kitty!” I pointed to Meng Qingqing and said. ****, weren’t you laughing? Then I’ll cause from trouble to you.

“Yeah, you said it! Boss, she said it!” shouted yellow hair.

“Shut up!” De-ge said in annoyance. Then he said to Meng Qingiqng, “Do you think I’ll be afraid of you after you got a man to help you? Three of us came this time. Say it, what do you want to do about it!”

“Isn’t it just money, this lady is annoyed today. Just name a price!” Meng Qingqing said bluntly.

“Money! Heh! It’s not as simple as money, right? You stabbed our boss’s little bro, he’s still laying in the hospital. The doctor said he can’t ever touch any woman in the future, do you think money can solve it?” De-ge snorted.

“He wanted to molest me, he deserves it!” said Meng Qingqing.

My heart couldn’t help but tense up after hearing that. ****, this Meng Qingqing is too fierce. I was afraid to even think about it. Didn’t I nearly turn into an eunuch that day!

I drank a bit of alcohol that day, otherwise, it’s impossible for me to be so impulsive.

“Molesting you is thinking highly of you! How about this, give us a million, then sleep with my bros for a month, then we’ll call it even!” said De-ge.

The moment De-ge finished speaking, Meng Qingqing threw a fork form the table over, stabbing right into the eyes on De-ge’s stomach, causing blood to flow.

I felt silently shocked in my heart, why did this chick like to use weapons all the time, and her accuracy just had to be so high? Was she someone with a background in throwing knives?

“Beat her up!” After De-ge got stabbed, he jumped up high and shouted.

Just as the subordinates behind De-ge were about to charge over, Meng Qingqing quickly picked up all the knives, forks and toothpicks on the table.

“Be careful, this girl is really accurate. Don’t give her the chance, go and capture her!” De-ge ordered.

Meng Qingqing moved to the side and dodged yellow hair’s attack, and casually threw a small knife out, stabbing in the middle of yellow-hair’s *** cheeks.

Yellow hair roared out, “My *******! My *******!”

I nearly laughed my *** off after seeing this situation. This Meng Qingqing is too heartless, right? At the very least, this brat would get an **** leakage.

Seeing two of the people on his side were hurt right off the bat, De-ge turned completely enraged. He ignored the pain on his body and charged towards Meng Qingqing. Due to the shock, Meng Qingqing quickly threw out all the forks and toothpicks in her hand, but the distance was too close, so there wasn’t any actual damage. Thus, she immediately got caught by De-ge while she was off-guard.

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Meng Qingqing’s hands were locked behind her, while De-ge said proudly, “Girlie, you’re too naïve! Let’s see what can you do now!”

“Tsk! Damn baldie, solo this lady if you dare!” Meng Qingqing swore.

“Solo? Girlie, did you go dumb? Weren’t we soloing just now! Now that you lost your weapon, what can you do to me!” De-ge laughed loudly.

Seeing that she couldn’t do anything, she could only give up struggling. Seeing that the person in front of her actually acted like he was just going to keep watching, she immediately got angry and shouted out, “Hey, are you a man! You aren’t helping even after seeing me get bullied!”

“Don’t you know if I’m a man or not?” I replied indifferently.

“You’re just going to allow your woman to get bullied by others?” Meng Qingqing said after getting a sudden idea.

Hehe, I smiled. I thought she only knew how to stay strong. I didn’t think that she also knew how to adapt to the situation. However, since she said that, then I can’t just stand idle.

Thus, I said to De-ge, “Baldie, why did you capture my wife!”

“Little *******, did you take pills or something? Are you talking to me? I ignored you just now and you’re getting cocky!” De-ge said with a glare.

“Oh, since it’s like that, then I can’t help but make a move,” I stood up. “If you let my wife go and compensate me for ten thousand kuai, then I won’t beat you up.”

“Hahahahaha!” Hearing me say that, the purple hair person, who had stayed silent until now, couldn’t help but laugh, as if he heard an extremely funny joke, “Biaoge, there’s something wrong with this guy, right?”

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Big Bro outside!” De-ge glared at purple hair in dissatisfaction.

“Ha! Don’t tell me that yellow hair is your relative as well. So your lackeys are part of your family, so you’re a mob family!” I laughed.

De-ge could naturally tell that I was mocking how he doesn’t have any subordinates, but these two were truly his distant cousins, and they seemed to have some sort of mental issues.

“How’d you know? We’re both De-ge’s biaodi!” Purple hair nodded without quite understanding what was going on.

“The boss that got his **** chopped off can’t be your relative as well, right?” I continued to ask.

“Yeah, he’s my third uncle!” purple hair said excitedly.

De-ge only got more enraged as he listened on the side. He glared at purple hair fiercely and said, “Shut up!”

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“So it’s the legendary mob family. I’ve heard about you!” I was already sure at that point that these people didn’t have any backgrounds. Originally, if these people were form the Daxing Gang, then I would just teach them a lesson and give that geezer Situ Dashan some face. From the looks of it now, there didn’t seem to be any need.

Just when purple hair was about to reply, De-ge interrupted him, “****** brat, you don’t need to bullshit here! If you’re going to help this birdie, then you have to at least think about what you’re capable of…”

“****, who dares to cause trouble at Fierce Dog’s property!” Another voice interrupted De-ge before he finished.

A sunglasses-wearing hulk leading a bunch of subordinates with knifes appeared, while the owner of the bar, Wang-ge, stood beside them.

“Young Master Liu, are you alright? This is Fierce Dog bro who looks over the properties around here,” said Wang-ge. It seems like he hurried out to ask for help after seeing me get wrapped up in trouble!

I nodded towards Wang-ge to express my thanks. Actually, he didn’t need to call anyone, I can deal with it myself.

If I can’t handle these delinquents, then I don’t need to face anyone. What’s more, the reason I walked over was to display my strength in front of Meng Qingqing.

Fierce Dog walked over and asked De-ge, “Bro, what is your respectful job?”

“Respectful job? Respectful job my ***, laozi doesn’t have a job, laozi is unemployed!” How did De-ge know that Fierce Dog was trying to uncover his background.

“That means you don’t have a boss?” Fierce Dog’s expression immediately sullen.

“Boss? My third uncle is Yan Haijun!” De-ge also felt the pressure from in front of him.

“Yan Haijun?” Fierce Dog shook his head and asked a subordinate. “Have you heard of him?”


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