Chapter 31 – Test

“But this fifty-percent is only the profit form this version, if there is a future version, I can only promise that I will prioritize working with your company over other ones assuming that you all are providing the same conditions,” I reminded him.

Zhao Junsheng didn’t think I still had this method! However, the experience from my previous life tells me that, the rights to the future versions must be in my own hands, this is a chicken that can lay golden eggs, only if I firmly control the rights to the future versions, I would be able to have absolute authority in front of Zhao Junsheng.

Zhao Junsheng looked at me in surprise, he wasn’t able to imagine that this would be said from the mouth of a sixteen years old, this both shocked him and intrigued him.

However Zhao Junsheng didn’t say anything much in the end, and just looked at me, only after a long while did he speak again, this time, it made me really surprised.

“Fine, then that’s that, I’ll get my secretary to draft the contract, and then we’ll sign it later,” Zhao Junsheng said.

I didn’t think Zhao Junsheng would answer my condition so easily, this was completely different form his attitude at the start. What caused him to change so much? Or was he just testing me from the start?

Although I clearly understood the value of my input method, but fifty-percent was still a bit too high, I had thought Zhao Junsheng would negotiate the price with me a bit more, I didn’t think he would make the decision so quickly.

Very soon, Zhao Junsheng’s secretary drafted two copies of the contract, I looked over it, there wasn’t any major problems, my additional condition was also clearly stated on the contract. I signed my name on it, Zhao Junsheng did the same and then stamped it, then gave me a copy, and got the secretary to put away the other one.

“Xiao Liu, you didn’t eat before you came right?” Zhao Junshng asked.

“No, Xu-laoshi called me to tell me to come over when I just got home,” I answered honestly.

“Then Zhao Yanyan didn’t come with you?” Zhao Junsheng used a very normal tone and asked.

“No, she went home first,” I answered casually. However just when the words left my mouth, I noticed something amiss. “How do you know Zhao Yanyan?” I asked.

Zhao Junsheng slammed the table and roared, “Brat, you’ve got guts, you managed to got my darling daughter and you’re still asking me who I am?”

Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Junsheng! ****, there can’t be such coincidence in this world right? This person is actually Zhao Yanyan’s father? In other words, my father-in-law? From Zhao Junsheng’s attitude, it seems like he knew Zhao Yanyan and my relationship from the start. Then why didn’t he mention anything when I first come in? Or mention it when we were signing the contract, then use it to threaten me, I might actually give the input method to him without taking anything in return. Now that everything’s sorted, why did he suddenly mention it?

“Oh, it’s bofu!” I forced a smile.

“Heh! Don’t try to act close with me. If you want our cooperation to continue, then stay away from Yanyan,” Zhao Junsheng said coldly.

“I’ll give you another ten percent of the profit, leave Yanyan,” Zhao Junsheng was expressionless.

“Hehe, does Uncle Zhao think that your daughter is only worth so much?” I laughed coldly.

“Twenty percent!’

I looked at him without saying a word.

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“Thirty percent, that’s my bottom line!”

I still didn’t say anything.

“Heh, don’t not recognizing kindness! Fine, our cooperation is now terminated!” Zhao Junsheng looked away after saying that.

“Hehe, Uncle Zhao, you thought that I was a child that doesn’t understand anything right? Terminated cooperation? Once the contract is signed, then it will be effective legally, do you think you can terminated it with just a word? But ——“ I took out the contract from my pocket, and continued, “But since you don’t want to cooperate, then I won’t make it hard for you, I can even gift the input method to you without anything in return! But, remember, telling me to leave Zhao Yanyan, that is impossible! I truly feel ashamed for Zhao Yanyan for having a father like you, did you think I would leave Yanyan for a bit of cash? Dream on, I can tell you right now, Yanyan is priceless to me!” I casually threw the contract onto the floor, and leisurely stopped out of the office.

“Ai! Young people are just impulsive, how am I supposed to be comfortable handing my daughter to you!” Zhao Junsheng’s mocking tone could be heard from behind me.

What? Handing his daughter to me? My heart shook, what show is Zhao Junsheng putting on! Suddenly, I understood everything, this was all Zhao Junsheng’s trap from the start, he was testing me. At the start, he was testing if I had the ability to support his daughter, then it was to test the position that his daughter had in my heart. This old fox, I swore in my heart.

“Okay, Uncle Zhao, your show’s over, I wonder if I, your prospective son-in-law, passed? I turned around and said with a smile. Haha, I could finally feel avenged, I was really looking forward to seeing Zhao Junsheng’s expression after his plan gets seen through.

As expected, Zhao Junsheng’s mouth was wide open, and only being shocked for a long while did he say, “So you saw through it?”

“Uncle Zhao, if your goal was truly to make me leave Yanyan, then I think you didn’t have to spend so much on signing a contract with me,” I said calmly. After seeing through Zhao Junsheng’s thoughts, I held the initiative, so I didn’t have to drag it on.

“That’s right! The young man has a future,” Zhao Junsheng said with a smile. “I don’t want to interfere too much in the things of you young people. However, everything has a limit, you’re still young, I don’t want you two to cause anything for me. As for what I’m talking about, Xiao Liu you’re smart so you should understand.”

“Ahhh ——“ Cold sweat started dripping from me, of course I understand what he was talking about, but if I tell this dad-in-law in front of me that I already ate Yanyan, would he murder me here and now?

“Be better to Yanyan, I won’t let you go if I find you that you bullied her!” Thank god that Zhao Junsheng didn’t notice my abnormality and continued.

“I understand, Uncle Zhao. My heart is true to Yanyan, I will take care of her for a life time,” I quickly said seriously.

“En, okay,” Zhao Junsheng looked at his watch and said. “I have a meeting later, so let’s leave it here.”

I walked out of the front door of Tianheng Computers, and thought about what just happened. Zhao Yanyan’s father was actually Tianheng Computers’s general manager, was this fortune or misfortune? But from Zhao Junsheng’s current attitude, this may not be a bad thing. Firstly, Zhao Junsheng’s company had the same nature as the industry I worked in in my previous life, this improved my starting position by quite a bit. Secondly, and most importantly, is that if I receive Zhao Junsheng’s support, then Zhao Yanyan and I don’t have to hide when we’re together.


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