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Chapter 239 – Display of Power

Su Yingzi went silent, she also knows that Su’s Corporation is very important from father, but she was definitely unwilling to exchange it for her happiness.

The atmosphere on the dinner table instantly worsened. Su Yingzi looked at her father’s slightly old face, and couldn’t help but give in a little. Su’s Corporation is her father’s life, father’s everything. If he really lose everything, then father might go insane.

“Dad…” Su Yingzi was still hesitant, and in the end, she still bit her lips and said, “How about I promise you to go out with him first, but I will definitely not marry before twenty five.”

“Really?” Su Yuanchao said happily. “You agreed? It’s not forced?”

“Only going out first, I didn’t say I will definitely marry him!” Su Yingzi thought, this was only a temporarily solution, she didn’t promise to marry him either, for Su’s Corporation, she will first pretend to go out with Li Xiangdong for a while first!

“Good, good! I’ll immediately call and tell Li Tienan!” Su Yuanchao said happily. Then, he excitedly went to make the call instead of eating.

Su Yingzi sighed helplessly. She was only answering the Li family perfunctorily, the Li family would be able to tell sooner or later, she could only help Su’s would leave the bad situation as quickly as possible.

Eight o’clock at night was when Du Xiao Wei and I arrived at City S’s airport. Following the address that Su Yuanchao left beforehand, we called a cab to the mansion area near City S’s industrial garden.

Looking at the high class mansions one after another, even someone like me who have had a lot of experience be a bit speechless! This was a completely different level compared to the mansion my family bought in Songjiang city! As expected of the large scale electronics industrial base in the country, there really were a lot of rich people here!

Du Xiaowei was not that surprised, with his experience as a bodyguard, he definitely saw quite a few rich people of this level. Although I was in a very high position in my previous life, I lived in the capital, where there are a lot of people, and so couldn’t possibly have lived in a mansion.

The address written down was a supersized mansion that was much grander than other mansions. This Su Yuanchao wasn’t just a bit imposing!

I went up and pressed the doorbell to the mansion. After a while, an old voice rang out from within, “Who is it?”

“Hello, we are the bodyguards Mr. Su hired,” I said.

“Wait a moment,” After that, there was no sound. After around ten minutes or so, the voice sounded out again, “Come in.”

I know there must be security cameras at these kind of mansions, so it was natural for them to quickly identify me. The door to the mansion opened automatically, I looked around, although there wasn’t a single guard or watcher near the door, there were at least four or five masters hiding around the mansion! Ever since I randomly got powers, my sensitivity to things was improved greatly, and could allow me to feel auras around me.

Although these people were all outstanding in combat arts, but it could only be used to deal with some thugs that came from the front, it wasn’t much use to those people that truly know martial arts or would ambush from behind.

After getting these judgments, Xiaowei and I smiled at each other, he practiced the same sort of martial arts as me, although I don’t know how many times he is worse than me by, he was invincible in the eyes of normal people already. I think he must have judged that there were masters in ambush as well.

Du Xiaowei and I walked openly into the mansion, before walking a few steps, four black shirted people popped out from the bush all around. Actually from the moment they started moving, I already knew their next action. I just didn’t understand what these people popped out to do.

“Who is it! You dare to trespass into private grounds! If you don’t leave, then don’t blame us for being merciless!” The black shirted person in the lead yelled.

Having the situation developed like this instantly made me understood what they were doing! Su Yuanchao was still not confident in our abilities, and wanted to test our strength, and make an initial display of power in front of us!

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I forcefully suppressed the anger in my heart and said coldly, “We are the bodyguards that Mr. Su hired! Please move aside.”

“Bodyguard? How do I know what you’re saying is real! Who knows if you aren’t someone that the enemy sent over!” The black shirted person in the lead provoked.

Saying this like that, anyone could tell that this black shirted person is provoking us on purpose. However, since my identity is someone that has come to work, and didn’t want to cause so much trouble. I still said, “Wouldn’t you know if you get Mr. Su to come and prove it.”

“Prove? Prove just because you said it? Mr. Su is so busy everyday, if every time someone claiming to be a bodyguard needs to be proved by hi,, then Mr. Su doesn’t have to do anything else!” The black shirted person said.

“Then what do you think!” I asked.

“Brothers, go! Take these two shady people down!” The black shirted person ordered.

Seeing it was pointless to speak more in the current situation, I might as well teach these high and mighty bodyguards a lesson! These people definitely had a grudge towards the two of us new people, and think that we came to rob them of their job, even if Su Yuanchao didn’t order it, they would try to teach us a lesson at a suitable time, might as well completely squash their intention now instead.

Therefore, I said, “Xiaowei, I’ll leave it to you. Can you handle it?”

“Don’t worry, Martial Great-Uncle!” Xiaowei answered.

I faint, how many times did I remind him not to call me Martial Great-Uncle in front of others! Isn’t this just making others think that we’re crazy! I glared at him, and he returned a smile. After several days of contact with this young man that doesn’t smile normally, he gradually got familiar with me as well.

It was fortunate that the four black shirted people didn’t notice what we were saying. They were just getting eager to attack us.

“One by one or together?” Xiaowei said to the four black shirted people.

Seeing Xiaowei’s look of disdain, the four black shirted people got angry! It was lucky that they did have good training normally, and didn’t say anything over the line.

“It’s better to come together, this saves trouble! If we get delayed, and Mr. Su blames us, our salaries would get reduced!” Xiaowei waved his hand and smiled. Although Xiaowei’s martial arts wasn’t as strong as me, but he did have the confidence to deal with these people.

“Heng! What the hell are you! You actually dare to be so cocky! Come and cross a few blows with me first!” A muscular one behind the black shirted person in the lead finally couldn’t resist to say.

“Alright, then I’ll wait,” Xiaowei said.

Although the black shirted person in the lead was annoyed that his subordinate got impulsive, but what the other person said was too much! Thus he silently accepted the hulks decision, nodded and said, “Alright, Li Quan, go and spar with him!”


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