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Chapter 221 – Something Happened at Home

Yet when Zhao Yanyan followed me, I was still a poor student with nothing at all! Just how much courage did Zhao Yanyan hand herself to me without regret, it was enough to see how deep Zhao Yanyan’s love for me was.

Although little chick Zhao always says that she doesn’t care about the thing with Chen Weier, I knew that how could there be a girl that truly doesn’t care that his hubby has two girlfriends! It’s just that Zhao Yanyan loved me too much, and so connived me, as long as I was happy, she was happy, if I saw that Zhao Yanyan owed me in the previous life, then she paid me back way more than enough. What’s more was that Zhao Yanyan didn’t owe me anything in my previous life, it was completely due to my cowardice of not fighting for her heart, that I didn’t receive it, causing her to become Xu Qingwei’s wife in the end.

A lot of the times I would think, would my rebirth affect history, and now this point seems to be assured. From Shuguang Corporation bing established to the appearance of celebrity Su, and then to now the change of class tutors, it was enough to prove that history was bing changed! There was a difference with the history I am familiar with, but what about the history that had already happened? Is it happening in a parallel dimension? After hat Liu Lei died, did Zhao Yanyan and Xu Qingwei live a happy life? Did Xu Qingwei successfully become the CEO? I know I was a bit looking for troubles, thinking about another Zhao Yanyan even thought I already have the Zhao Yanyan now, was I a bit too greedy?!

“What do you mean misunderstanding? It’s still a misunderstanding with a love letter?” Zhao Yanyan pretended to be angry and said. Although Zhao Yanyan was very lose with this sort of matters, she would occasionally vent a bit through getting annoyed like this.

“Love letter? What love letter?” Now I was really confused, I didn’t write any love letter for anyone! This chick can’t have learnt to con people professionally right?

“Heng, you’re still no admitting it!” Zhao Yanyan took out a pink envelope and threw it in front of me. “I got it in the mail room this morning, look at it yourself!”

I picked up the better in the confusion, it was the kind of stylish envelope that had flowers on top of the pink color, which young couples often used! I remember it was around this time in my previous life, this kind of colorful stylish envelope and the colorful letter better that came as a set pretty much became the trend of young people in this era, a lot of boys and girls liked to write letters using this sort of envelope, of course, most of it was letters expressing their love.

On the front was the school address, class and my name, yet “Ye Xiaoxiao” was actually written on the inscription! I couldn’t help but smile wryly, this Ye Xiaoxiao is daring enough, sending these sort of letters to school, daring to write her name on it and is not afraid of others saying things about it after seeing it. It was fortunate that Zhao Yanyan took it, if it was seen by that new Zhang Lixia, something might even happen! Who knows if she has the interest of opening students’ mails.

“How it is! You can’t deny it right! And you still say nothing, she has even written a letter to you!” Zhao Yanyan looked proudly at me.

“A letter can’t mean everything right?” I tried to cover up my crime.

“Then why didn’t shy write to me, why didn’t she write to anyone else! Why did she have to write to you?” Zhao Yanyan said without giving up.

“Alright, alright, I’ll come clean alright!” I raised the white flag. Towards Zhao Yanyan, I really can’t harden my heart to lie to her, this was one of the things that I couldn’t help myself with.

“Then say it,” Zhao Yanyan said.

Thus, I told Zhao Yanyan everything that happened on Saturday.

Zhao Yanyan snorted after hearing that, “You still have a conscious, treating her as me! Or else see how I deal with you if I find out that you did it on purpose!”

I had thought Zhao Yanyan would use Crab Arts to fiercely pinch me, I didn’t think that it would be over like that.

Seeing my stare at her dumbly, Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said, “What are you looking at me for, what is there to look at, you’ve already gotten sick of looking at me everyday right!”

“How could that b! Yanyan! You know it in your heart, the person I love most is always you!” I quickly explained.

“Hehe,” Zhao Yanyan giggled. “I know, I’m just kidding with you! Hurry up and think, are you going to just let go like this?”

“What else could I do! Since Ye Xiaoxiao can’t accept the fact that I’m her student in her heart, I can’t face her!” I sighed and shrugged.

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“If I was her, my heart will be suffering,” Zhao Yanyan sighed slowly. “Sometimes I’m really lucky, able to met you and become your wife.”

“Yanyan, don’t say it anymore, it’ll only make me feel worse, and feel that I’ve wronged you even more!” I said. “You only belong to me, yet I cannot completely belong to you.”

“Don’t say anymore, I understand…” Zhao Yanyan shook her head, and said with a hint of sadness. “Look at you, driving us onto these terribl topics, since she left a letter for you, it means she still has you in her heart, hurry up and read what’s written inside!”

Getting reminded by Zhao Yanyan, I suddenly remembered the issue with the letter and hurriedly took it out, just as I was about to open heard someone shouting at the door, “Liu Lei, is there anyone called Liu Lei? Come out!”

I quickly ran out of the classroom, seeing that it was Li-daye from the communications room, I asked, “Li-daye, I’m Liu Lei, is there any issues?”

“You’re Liu Lei? Hurry up and receive a call in the mail room, something happened in your family!” Li-daye said anxiously. Then he turned down stairs.

What?! Something happened with my family? I hurriedly followed behind Li-daye and asked, “Li-daye, what happened in my family?”

“I don’t know either, your family member didn’t say it! Hurry up and receive the call first, I’m old, and my legs not good, so I can’t walk quick!” Li-daye said to m.

I thanked him, then ran quickly towards the mail room. Something happened with my family? What could happen? I tried my hardest to think about the large issue with my family in my previous life at this time, but unfortunately, I didn’t think of anything.

Was it another sudden even? Like I said, some parallel history was changed, so I can’t just judge using my memories already! Thinking that, I quickened my pace again!

“Hello!” I picked up the phone.

“Is it Leilei? I’m mom!” Mom’s voice passed out from the phone.

“Mom, what happened at home?” I asked anxiously.

“Leilei, Xiyuan called her family this morning, and found out that her father went to ask Jia Daguo for money, then got his leg broken by a few rascals with Jia Daguo and is now in hospital!” My mom said quickly. “Then after your dad heard it, his temper rose up, and said immediately that he was going to get justice! Xiyuan and I couldn’t stop him no matter what!”


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