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Chapter 212 – Azure Dragon Guard Company

“Just tell him it’s the person he met at Lanshengxi Bar yesterday,” I thought a bit about it and said.

“Supervisor Chen, he said that he’s the person at Lanshengxi bar yesterday… En, okay, I understand,” The reception lady hung up and said to me “Sir, Supervisor Chen asked you to go over. Supervisor Chen’s office is on the second floor, sir, please go up here, the second room on the right is the sales department.”

“Okay, I understand. Thank you,” I smiled and said.

“You’re welcome,” The reception lady said very naturally.

I followed the reception lady’s instruction and found myself in front of the door with a label, “Sales Supervisor Office”.

I knocked, and heard, “Please come in.”

I pushed open the door, and saw that black suit, Chen Jundong, I met at the bar yesterday. At this moment, he was sitting on a executive chair, casually reading newspaper, there was also a steaming hot cup of tea on the table.

“What is it after consideration? Do you have any interest to join our company?” Chen Jundong put down the newspaper in his hands, and said to me kindly.

“I fear joining your company is not likely, the main reason I came this time is picking a few bodyguards for myself,” I shrugged and gestured.

“Oh? Hiring bodyguards for yourself?” Chen Jundong momentarily blanked and carefully checked me out, then immediately understood that he had made a mistake. Although the clothes worn by the young man in front of him are all casual wear, but it was clearly brands that were not cheap at all! The lighting at the bar yesterday was too dim, and so he couldn’t see carefully, he actually wanted to convince him to join their company! This young man was clearly a rich gongzi-ge, Chen Jundong couldn’t help feel a bit nervous about what he said. Thus he said nervously, “Sorry, sorry. I made a mistake, and actually treated you as someone looking for work… However, bro, you weren’t proper, yesterday you told me you were unemployed and said that it’s hard to find a job nowadays… Ai, so, I misunderstood!”

“It’s alright,” I smiled, then said. “However, I won’t hide it from Supervisor Chen, I truly don’t have a job, I’m just a stupid.”

Chen Jundong was silently shocked, from the looks of it, this young man’s family is definitely rich, or else how could a student come and hire a bodyguard! But what made him feel even more strange was that with this young man’s ability, does he need a bodyguard? Thus, he spoke out the confusion in his heart, “You still need to hire a bodyguard? With brother’s, your, ability, I fear my guard company doesn’t have many that are your opponent.

“Hehe, whether I can fight or not and finding a bodyguard or not is two different matters! Actually I don’t like to fight, but sometimes I have no other way, if I have bodyguards, I don’t have to move personally for a lot of miniscule matters, such as the thing at the bar yesterday,” I shook my head and explained.

“Oh, so it’s like that!” Chen Jundong suddenly understood, “Understood, understood!”

Chen Jundong stood up, and got a chair for me, then used a plastic cup to pure me a cup of hot tea.

“Brother, what your surname?” Chen Jundong opened a customer registration booklet and asked me.

“My surname is… Liu, Liu Lei,” I hesitated, then said my real name. There wasn’t much to hide, my identity to the outside world is just a high school student.

“So, it’s Mr. Liu, I wonder what sort of bodyguard does Mr. Liu want to hire?” Chen Jundong asked as he spoke on that booklet.

“What kind of bodyguards do you have here?” I drank a mouthful of hot tea and asked. The taste of this tea wasn’t bad at all, I saw three boxes of tea leaves on Chen Jundong’s tea cabinet, the one he poured for me is the one of the left, the best first class Pre-rain Longjing. The other two were Tieguanyin and a random tea. I think this must have been prepared by Chen Jundong to serve customers of different identity. If I said I came to find a job, then he might have brew the random tea for me.

“We have two types of bodyguards here, one for the security of a company, and the other is personal, Mr. Liu, the one you want is responsible for personal safety. Here, our normal bodyguards can pretty much satisfy the safety of normal people, they can easily deal with things like meeting a robber or little rascals. However, if they meet professional fighters or fiercer people, then they’re helpless, in this situation, you would need our company’s high class personal bodyguard, these bodyguards all retired from special forces or underground boxing, they have great combat experience, their ability to cope with different situations is also better, but the commission for this sort of bodyguard is also very expensive!” Chen Jundong explained very professionally.

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“Oh? Are the high-class bodyguards you talk about really that amazing?” I asked in disbelief. Because on the private banquet that Shuguang Corporation held, Su Yingzi’s two bodyguards were completely idiots!

“Naturally! Or else, they wouldn’t suit their price! The aim of our company is to make every customer feel like what they paid for is worth the price!” Chen Jundong said with a smile.

“Supervisor Chen, then talk about the price,” I said.

“The commission for the highest class personal bodyguards is a hundred thousand. For a slightly lower level, it ranges from ten thousand to fifty thousand, Mr. Liu, what kind do you want?” Chen Jundong handed me an introduction that was like a price list to me.

I received the price list, then casually put it on the table without looking and said, “As long as they can survive three moves against me, I will pay him with the highest commission. I want as many people there are.”

Chen Jundong momentarily blanked as he looked at me in slight disbelief. From his perspective, although I was rather good, but this exaggeration was too much! No matter how good I was at fighting, the number of high class personal bodyguards that could survive three moves against me definitely would not be little, there’s going to be eighty of not a hundred, was he really going to do as he said and take as many as there were? That would be several million a month!

“What, Supervisor Chen, are you not interested in this business or do you doubt my ability?” I could see the doubt in Chen Jundong’s heart and asked.

“That’s not it, it’s just that Mr. Liu’s request is truly too weird. The number of excellent bodyguards in our company is not little, are…” Chen Jundong hesitated and asked.

“Since you don’t have any problems with it, then I want Supervisor Chen to immediately organize it, I will keep my word, I will hire everyone that can survive three moves against me with the highest wage!” I said without any hesitation.

“Since Mr. Liu insists, then Chen will just obey, it’s just that with our company’s regulation, you have to pay a ten percent deposit first,” Chen Jundong said in a slightly troubled manner. Since from the eyes of a lot of rich people, paying a deposit was a sign of distrust, but due to the company’s regulation, he couldn’t not mention it.


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