Chapter 170 – Theory of the Thread of Shuguang

“Hai —— Hai! Dad, put out the cigarette, I told you not to smoke in my room…” Su Yingzi was allergic to the smell of cigarette since a young age, so when choosing a partner in the future, they can’t smoke either.

Su Yuanchao quickly put out the cigarette and opened the window of the room.

“Dad, I know what you’re saying, but what can I do once I exit the entertainment industry? Aside from singing, I can’t do anything else…” Su Yingzi said.

“Xiao Zi, you’re a girl. You have to stay at home to care for your husband and teach your children, you don’t need to go out and work at all! Acting like you and showing yourself in front of everyone, how are you going to get married in the future!” Su Yuanchao said meaningfully.

“Then I won’t get married!” Su Yingzi pouted and said. When he mentioned getting married, Su Yingzi’s heart jumped for no reason. What kind of person is she going to get married to in the future? Tall, handsome. But not too honest, it would be great if he’s a bit bad. The most important thing is that he can rush over to protect her at the first moment that she gets into danger. Gradually, the image in Su Yingzi’s mind became clear, and in the end, it actually overlapped with that person! Su Yingzi freaked, and didn’t dare to think about it further.

“Bullshit! Girls all have to get married when they grow up! How could you not get married!” Su Yuanchao said with a stern expression.

“Why not! I will always be at daddy’s side!” Su Yingzi said forcefully.

“Speaking of getting married, you aren’t young anymore! You’re going to be twenty after new year’s! Dad found a partner for you, it’s Feifan Electric Corporation’s Chairman Li’s gongzi, Li Xiangdong. The kid’s pretty nice, the most important thing is that he doesn’t smoke,” Su Yuanchao said slowly.

“I don’t want to marry that Xiangdong or Xiangbei I don’t know him at all!” Su Yingzi shook her head and said. Her father has wanted to matchmake multiple times, Su Yingzi was already used to it.

“Xiao Zi! This Li Xiangdong is around the same age as you, and has accomplished and young, he’s already the left and right arm of Chairman Li!” Su Yuanchao said.

“I don’t care if he’s accomplished or not, I won’t marry someone I don’t like!” Su Yingzi said impatiently.

“Xiao Zi, you’ve seen this Li Xiangdong before, do you remember on the National Electronics Industry Seminar last time, the fellow that sat before you!” Su Yuanchao reminded.

Su Yingzi immediately recalled the guy that kept on showing gallantry towards her. He was okay-ish looking, using her father’s words, he did count as young and achieved. However, you can force something like feelings, no feel is no feel.

“Dad! I don’t like him,” Su Yingzi said determinedly.

“Xiao Zi, you can slowly develop feelings! I think this fellow is rather nice!” Su Yuanchao said.

“Dad, stop talking! It’s impossible between him and I!” Su Yingzi didn’t want to argue about this issue any longer.

“Xiao Zi! Dad will be honest with you! Chairman Li already proposed the marriage to me, I already agreed to this marriage verbally! We’re just waiting for a chance to get you two engaged!” Su Yuanchao hesitated and said.

“Dad! I disagree! How could you just decide on your own!” Su Yingzi said while gettinge worked up.

“Xiao Zi! Dad also considered this marriage deeply! From the looks of it, there are some things that should be told to you! Xiao Zi, you know that Su Corporation has always been in the lead of the electronics industry, but we might not be this year!” Su Yuanchao said.

“Dad, what do you mean by this?” Su Yingzi asked strangely.

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“Xiao Zi, did you know! It was Shuguang Corporation that organized your concert in Songjiang city, in just half of year, they have leaped to become the head of the software industry, and even started approaching the international market! This year, the affiliated business Shuguang Microelectronics announced that they will immerse into the electronics industry aside from producing computer motherboards and chips, and will bring out a cheap microwave this year. Shuguang Corporation’s financial backing is difficult to imagine for us, once they go into electronics, it is hard to predict the effects it will have on us Su’s!” Su Yuanchao said.

“Dad! Us Su’s have always been in the lead for the microwaves within the country, how could we not be able to compare to a newly established company?” Although Su Yingzi didn’t know why her father suddenly talked about this, but she still knew about the situation of Su Corporation.

“However, Shuguang Corporation has already announced that they have gained the production methods of the magnetron, the core component of microwaves. This way, their production cost for microwaves will reduce greatly, and when the time comes we won’t even have a chance to resist, since the market will already become theirs!” Su Yuanchao said, “Furthermore, the magnetron is also the main project our Su Corporation and Feifan Corporation are going to research on! Us Su Corporation has already moved most of the funds, the liquid assets on the books are unbelievably little! So, Feifan Corporation’s Chairman Li Datong found me and said that if Su’s and Feifan can cooperate, then we would be able to quickly research out our own magnetron in order to resist the attack from Shuguang! So, Xiao Zi, your marriage has become the chip of whether this cooperation will succeed or not…” Su Yuanchao finally spoke out the truth.

“Dad… Stop worrying for nothing! First, ignoring whether or not Shuguang Corporation has that power, even if they do release a microwave, it doesn’t mean that it will affect us Su’s!” Su Yingzi said.

“Ai! Hopefully these will all be pointless worries! However, apparently the country itself is backing Shuguang Corporation, so…” Su Yuanchao said worriedly.

“Dad, I don’t care! I just won’t marry that Xiangdong or Xiangnan!” Su Yingzi said.

“Never mind, we’ll put this aside for now. But daddy’s going to tell you, this Li Xiangdong is a pretty nice kid, even without Shuguang Corporation, daddy will still agree to you getting married to him,” Su Yuanchao said.

“Whatever, Dad! I rather die to marry him,” Su Yingzi said determinedly.

“Okay! Daddy won’t force you. However, the thing about quitting the entertainment industry can’t drag on any further!” Su Yuanchao said.

“Daddy! This is my own career, I won’t give it up!” Su Yingzi said.

“But, the entertainment industry is so messed up, I’m really afraid that you might get taken advantage off!” Su Yuanchao said worriedly.

“No! No matter what, since I’ve decided then, then I’ll definitely continue through,” Su Yingzi said.

“Xiao Zi! You are still no disobedient, if you mom’s still here… Never mind, I won’t say anymore! I’ll get you a few more personal bodyguards! The people beside you are great at fighting, but they’re just not too bright,” Su Yuanchao could only give in.

Ever since his wife passed away, he allowed his daughter to do anything she wants, no matter which time, he would be forced to give in. Su Yuanchao though, never mind, if it’s a blessing it’s not a curse, if it’s a curse then it’s unavoidable, since Shuguang Corporation wants to come, then let them.


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