Chapter 168 – Su Yingzi’s YY

“Do you think that we can’t do anything if you don’t say anything? And that we have to let you go forty-eight hours later?” The police in charge of interrogation lit up a cigarette and asked coldly. He just ordered his subordinate to go and buy him two packs of cigarette downstairs, then went up to brew himself a cup of tea, planning to just waste time with Zhang Xiaoming like this.

Zhang Xiaoming momentarily blanked, he didn’t think that the police in charge of interrogation actually guessed what he was thinking, so thus couldn’t help but be surprised. However, then he thought, so what if he guessed it, what’s the big deal, he still has to let him back when the time comes. So, he said as if he doesn’t care, “So what? Beat me? Haha! If you dare, then go ahead, I won’t say anything!”

Zhang Xiaoming was sure than the police in charge of interrogation doesn’t dare to do anything to him, after all, his dad, Zhang Guoping, is an important person, and do have some abilities.

“Relax, I won’t do anything to do, if you are unwilling to say anything then stay here, I’ll let you go after forty-eight hours. But once you walk out of the police station, I’ll arrest you again, let’s see who has more patience in the end! I’ll go to the store downstairs to buy a box of instant noodle here, heh!” The police in charge of interrogation said proudly.

“You…” Zhang Xiaoming suddenly went speechless, he never would have dreamt that this police with the surname Ju would actually have this move, this is way too low! It looks like even if his lawyer comes, it’s futile.

“I what, if you don’t want to say it then just sit there! Ai~! This tea is so great, I got a friend to send it from Xiamen back to me, it’s top-notch!” The police in charge of interrogation pretended to enjoy it a lot, and took a sip, then he said, “There’s no helping it! This is truly top-notch!”

Zhang Xiaoming licked his dried lips, ever since he got to the police station, he hasn’t drank water for several hours, and was getting quite thirsty. Now, seeing that boiling tea, and that alluring scent of tea, it couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Nothing happened?” Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier looked at me strangely, as if looking at an alien.

“Would you only be satisfied if I xx that star?” I really don’t understand what these two chicks were thinking. If I say they get jealous, then they always do some kind of surprising thing; if I say they don’t get jealous, they get more envious than anyone when they get worked up.

“That’s not it. We just felt that, how could a huge pervert like you let go of what was next to your mouth?” Chen Weier shook her head. I could tell that she did let out a sigh of relieve.

“Is your hubby really that terrible in your eyes?” I smiled wryly.

“Of course! Or else how did Yanyan-meimei and I both get tricked by you!” Chen Weier said.

“It seems like you two are the ones that took the initiative…” I chuckled… “Ahh, how can you pinch people!”

My waist was suddenly assaulted left and right by two crab claws. My first reaction was, if there is more crab claws in the future, what am I going to do!

“Okay! You dare to assault your hubby, see if I don’t take care of you!” Saying that, I swiftly stripped off all my clothes, and leaped towards the two girls.

“Noo! Help——!” Zhao Yanyan suddenly screamed.

It can’t be, when did the chick Zhao Yanyan also learnt this type of play. However, this only made me more excited to gobble her up…

Zhang Xiaoming couldn’t was unable to withstand the pressure in his heart, and confessed to everything. The results of the conviction was that, due to attempted ****,, Huang Weicheng is sentenced to prison for ten years, but is allowed to go on a medical parole. Zhang Xiaoming is sentenced to 12 years in prison. Zhang Xiaoming was very dissatisfied with the result, since the one that was going to **** was Huang Weicheng, he was just an accomplice. Therefore, Zhang Xiaoming filed an appeal, but was rejected. The reason was clear, Zhang Xiaoming provided the aphrodisiac as well as the scene of crime, and thus he was convicted of these two crimes alongside attempted ****.

Huang Weicheng got people to send word to Su Corporation several times, but what kind of person is Su Yingzi’s father, Su Yuanchao? The chairman of the second largest corporation in the nation, in the security department of his company, there is already at least two-three hundred people that retired from special forces, was he supposed to be scared of a local snake in Songjiang city? So he just ignored it completely, and directly pressured Songjiang city’s police station through the Songjiang province police agency, in order to punish the two rascals that tried to ruin his daughter’s innocence accordingly.

Within a luxurious mansion near City S’s Industrial Garden Su’s Electronics Corporation

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Su Yingzi shut herself in a room, this was already the third day. Ever since she came back from the concert in Songjiang city, she wasn’t in the mood to work. In boredom, she turned on the television, flipped through a few channels, and found that a channel was replaying the footage of her concert in Songjaing city.

It’s that person’s chance to appear right… Aiya, where is the singing to no end!

Su Yingzi watched herself in the television and thought speechlessly. She really wished that there was a “fast forward” button, to directly jumped to that scene. Finally, when the concert neared it’s closure, Su Yingzi finally saw the boy that saved her get forcefully pulled onto the stage with her.

Su YIngzi dumbly used her hands to support her head, and stared at the person inside the TV.

Damn cameraman… Su Yingzi frowned and scolded as she looked at the closure of her on the television, why is there so little shots for him.

What’s with her? Why did she suddenly start paying attention to this person she doesn’t know? Su Yingzi shook her head, but her eyes were fixated on the screen of the television, awaiting for the cameraman to change shots.

“Hu——“ Su Yingzi let out a sigh, he finally went off stage. Su Yingzi also lost interest in continue watching. She doesn’t know why, Su Yingzi actually randomly took out the video tape of when she was bullied.

Su Yingzi stuff it into the tape player with trembling hands. With a “kacha” sound, it started working.

“Come, superstar! Seeing your uncomfortable look, why not cooperate with me earlier, you’ll feel great and I’ll feel great! If I can’t satisfy you, there’s still my bro, the two of us will take turns screwing you… Hehe!” The disgusting voice of Huang Weicheng passed out from the television. Su Yingzi clenched her teeth and pressed the fast forward button, the scenes on the television flashed by very quickly…

“Aiya, it’s here!” Su Yingzi frantically pressed the “play” button.

“Ahh——” Two terrible screams sounded out from the television, it was the threatening Huang Weicheng and Zhang Xiaoming getting smashed by the door, followed by them fainting. After that, a person rushed in, isn’t that the person she kept on thinking about!

“I… I feel so uncomfortable… Help… Help me… Okay? It’s… It’s too hot! Help me… take… take my clothes off….”

“I’m… begging you… I can’t hold it anymore… I… I want…”


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