Chapter 47 – Each Battle 3

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

TL: Yuki

TL: Yuki


I stared at the Goblin astride the Wolf.

When I defeated all the Goblins earlier, I activated the power that had newly sprouted within Chibi, the {appraisal eye}.


Race: Goblin Rider

Status: Rider

LV: 12/25

HP: 102/102

MP: 65/65

Strength: 74

Endurance: 70

Agility: 72

Magic: 70

Luck: 102

Unlike Master’s Appraisal, this is a skill that determines the approximate status of an opponent by observing their movements and physique. As a result, it can only give me a rough idea of their status and the skills they might have.

Instead, unlike appraisal, if you use it on someone you’ve never seen before, it’s less accurate, but it’s harder for them to know you’re using it.

And the more your opponent moves, the more you can observe them, the more accurate you become.

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“Geez, what is it? What’s with the defiant eyes? It’s okay, I prefer to discipline those cocky ones by beating them to a pulp! And so, I’m the only one who didn’t reach humanoid form, and I’m the only one who got to be a top executive, and I even got the name “Guzu”.”


“Don’t worry, you’ll get better soon, okay? I’ll be fine soon. Gigigigi!!!!”

The Goblin on top of the Wolf, Guzu, laughs with a disgusting look on his face. It’s disgusting. And it’s not strong at all.

I haven’t had a chance to fully observe it yet, but I can tell from the way it carries itself how strong it is, and more importantly, it’s not scary at all.

I was much more scared of the head of the pack than I was of this thing.



Race: Slave Wolf

Status: Dominated.

LV: 23/25

HP: 185/185

MP: 45/45

Strength: 129

Endurance: 85

Agility: 202

Magic: 83

Luck: 5

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The strength of that Wolf is real.

If it really wanted to, it could easily defeat the Goblin above it, but it doesn’t. This is probably because the Goblin has destroyed its heart so badly.

And even though that Goblin can’t fight on its own, it has a tremendous ability to handle the Wolf.

Even though he had appeared so flamboyantly earlier, he was riding the Wolf as if his body was attached to it.

His axis is not shaking, and he has good control over the Wolf’s power.

Maybe he was right about tormenting the Wolf and mastering the Wolf.

These are the only two things that have gotten him to where he is today. In a way, such a person is more terrifying than someone who is just genuinely strong and has climbed up the ladder in a straightforward manner. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let him get away with it.

“Chibi is Master’s property! I won’t give you even a single hair!”

I glared at Goblin.

I’m not going to let that guy beat me.

“Gegege, that’s interesting! Then go ahead! Why don’t you try to beat us? Come on, beat us!”


The wolf howls violently as the Goblin roughly pulls its collar. Then, with every fiber of its being springing to life, it leapt towards me. It’s fast, and it’s big. It’s size alone makes it a powerful weapon. If it were to take Chibi seriously, she would have no chance.

But the fact that it’s big also means that it’s a big target.

I put control aside and put all the magic I could into my claws and unleashed them.

The moon wolf claws are filled with dark magic and run towards the wolf. The wolf was very agile, but it had many problems with durability. Even if it can’t be defeated with a single blow, it will not be unscathed if it takes this blow head on.

If that’s the case, the wolf will either have to avoid landing in an unreasonable position or offset it with its own attacks.

However, Chibi’s prediction was immediately betrayed.

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The choice Wolf made was neither of those.

Wolf chose to jump at her, ready to take the damage.


Chibi’s moon wolf claws roughly sliced through Wolf’s body, causing fresh blood to flow out… But that’s it, that blow still didn’t stop that Wolf.

“Grrrrrrr! Gaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

It let out a pained cry for a moment, but then let its momentum carry it over and started to bite Chibi. Kicking my feet as hard as I could, I left the scene and the wolf’s mouth closed in front of me! The sound of the wolf’s mouth closing echoed in front of me. If there had been even a moment’s delay in deciding, Chibi’s stomach would have been ripped out by that attacker.

“Hey! You missed, you useless *******! I’m going to throw you away! I’ll heal you, but don’t screw up next time, okay?”


As soon as the Goblin on top of him lumped them together, Wolf let out a pitiful cry. And right after that, Wolf’s body was wrapped in Goblin’s magic power.

It’s probably recovery magic.

Master heals me with those leaves, so I have never seen it before, but I remember that there was a similar magic in the moon magic formula. The wound closed up quickly, and the legs that had staggered were stamping on the ground again. If the Goblin could heal it after a little of recklessness, the Wolf’s range of actions would be greatly expanded.

And I’m sure the Goblin is capable of assisting him in many other ways as well.

“Gau, grrrrrrrr!”

The wolf growled menacingly, looking even more fierce than before. It bends down again and strained every muscle in its body, ready to pounce on me right now.

“That’s right, that’s right! Gigigigi! You’re so smart! I’ll give you a reward if you defeat her!”

At the same time as the Goblin was ranting, the Wolf jumped towards me again.

Somehow, I knew what this wolf was thinking.

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This wolf only had that Goblin.

Sacrificed, offered as an offering.

The only place he could find refuge was in that Goblin’s control.

That’s why this wolf is so determined to fight for the Goblin.

This girl is like Chibi.

The only difference is that it was not the Lord or the Goblin who reached out to him.

No matter how badly it was treated, I’m confident this child will never be able to abandon that master.

It’s not this child’s fault.

It’s just that he made it that way.

Master showed me many people.

She showed me that there are many people in this world, and many ways of thinking.

It’s easy to resent your circumstances, and it’s easy to cling to the hand that is extended to you.

But there is no way to go beyond that.

Chibi made up her mind.

She decided to follow Master.

Not because Master told me to, but because Chibi wants to.

It may be nosy of me.

Even so, it would be good for this child to have this opportunity at least once.

The opportunity to choose what it wants to do.

“Come at me!!!!”


I caught the bite of the Wolf that jumped at me without avoiding it. *GAGIN! Such a dull sound echoed.

But the fangs didn’t reach Chibi.

A Magic barrier was created from a magical device that Master gave to Chibi.

It’s the only way to prevent this wolf from attacking.

The Goblin, who had been confident of victory, was only momentarily slow to pull back on the reins due to the unexpected situation. If he is separated from the Wolf, I would be able to strike a blow with his moon-wolf claw.

I’m almost out of magic, but…

There will be no problem as long as I can cut the {Reins}.

“Giga! Ugh!


The reins that were tying Wolf up were cut off with such a pleasant cracking sound. The recoil sent the Goblin tumbling off the Wolf’s back.

The wolf gazed at such a scene with puzzled eyes.


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