Chapter 45 – Each Battle 1

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

TL: Yuki


A rain of bloody swords rained down on him, and he swept some of it away with the large sword in his hand.

It’s not as powerful as it was earlier, but it’s still not something you can ignore. Fortunately, the vampire’s girl had escaped to a section of the city where there were cattle sheds. There are very few Goblins in that area that can give you enough experience. There’s no need to rush.


Suddenly, I looked down at my arm.

What remained in my hand was a distinct feeling of discomfort.

From the looks of it, that little vampire girl… Her race was a rare one, but she was only a D rank. There was no way she could have defended against my sword. It seems that she was using several of her race’s clever magic tools, but even that should not be enough to make up the difference.

The most important thing is the magic that buried some of my elite troops.

The sword that was created using blood as a catalyst was doused with dark magic and shot out like rain.

It was simple, but the magic power contained in it was a little too much for an ordinary D rank to possess. And moreover, she didn’t lack magic power, and even though she didn’t have much magic power in her body, she released her second shot.

It’s extraordinary.

I can’t find any other way to describe it.

That thing is already on the verge of reaching the same C rank as me. No, it wouldn’t be strange if she had already reached that level with the experience she gained from the previous shot.

I felt my blood boil, and at the same time, I felt anger as I wondered how she ended up on the side of humans.

No matter how far they go, humans and monsters will never be able to understand each other.

It reminds me of the time when we were hunted and survived by slurping down muddy water.

We were robbed and oppressed. Now it is our turn. What’s wrong with domesticating, robbing, and taking everything from those people? It’s not even a pretty thought that people and monsters go hand in hand. It’s nothing more than the self-satisfied ramblings of the powerful.

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“Master Black Knight, that vampire girl… Shall we go after her?”

Some troops assigned to the wolf woman and the little half demon girl suggest this to me. In fact, the unit assigned to the little vampire girl is in a state of destruction. It would be impossible for them to function without replenishment.


I pause for a moment to think about it and dismiss the suggestion.

“Her strength is abnormal, and you guys might end up giving her experience unnecessarily. Evacuate the wounded and join the unit that pursued the wolf woman. I’ll go after her.”

As for strength, the little vampire girl was head and shoulders above the rest, but the wolf woman was also a force to be reckoned with.

But the half-demon girl didn’t seem like much of a threat. I don’t feel the need to devote so much of my strength to that.

As if to wipe away the uncomfortable feeling in his hand, he swung his greatsword to the side.

I don’t know who you are, but I will make you regret that you decided to reject the path of walking together with us.


I fire a few moon wolf claws at the Goblin who was chasing Youmu-neesan.

She’s powerful, but she doesn’t seem to want to use it too much of her power, so I’m worried.

Chibi wants to chase after her, but that would be a hindrance to master, so I’ll give up.

I try to keep the Goblins from going too far towards her as much as possible, and then I run along the passage that stretches from the central plaza. If there’s a lot of distance between us, I’ll put all my magic power into it and hit them with a moon wolf claw. Sometimes, I’ll leave a little distance between us and use a few weaker moon claws.

If I kill them all at once, the Goblins that are chasing me might run away, so I accumulate damage little by little.

The houses of the Goblins are not as big as the towns of the humans, but they are massive.

There are large hollows dug into the ground, and within these hollows, there are buildings made of bedrock, rocks, and mud walls, and multi-storied dwellings made of the walls themselves.

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On the other side, there were many small rooms that looked like living quarters. All the doors were closed, and it seemed that the less powerful Goblins were hiding there. The Goblin knights I’ve seen on the road are equipped with new armor and swords, so maybe there are some Goblins in here who are in production.

There are no armors that fit the size of Goblin, even if they can get a sword by attacking adventurers. I’m almost certain that there are Goblins in the production industry, but…

I don’t have time to search and kill them now.

As planned, Chibi chose a passage in the alleyway and cornered the Goblins while reducing their strength to some extent.

As I stopped, surrounded by walls on three sides, the Goblins seemed to have finally cornered me and were closing in. This time, Chibi turned around, putting all the magic I had into my claws.

Master was weaving magic into her blood weapon sword and using it to fly.

The principle was the same.

Weaving dark magic into Chibi’s claws, I struck them with the moon wolf claws.


Chibi’s claws, which had been filled with all the magic she could muster, proceeded to slice and dice the Goblins quickly, destroying the unit in one fell swoop. At the same time, Chibi felt the power of the Goblins’ souls flowing into her. Master called this experience value.

Chibi needed to become stronger for Master, so it was great that she was able to kill so many Goblins.

I took out a canteen of holy water from the pouch hanging on my waist. Master had prepared it for Chibi, who couldn’t use the storage space. Master is kind, after all. Opening the canteen, I poured the magic water into my mouth.

It’s sweet and delicious!

I want to drink more, but I’ve already recovered my magic power, so I’ll have to put it off.

I wanted to take another sip, but Chibi is a good girl, so I’ll hold back.

Should I go after nee-san now? It was when I thought about that.


The hairs on my body stood on end.

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I jumped back from the spot. At the same time, the building next to me crashed with a rumbling sound, and something huge came flying out of it with a nostalgic smell, scattering a cloud of dust.

It made a *pang sound and gouged out the ground where Chibi had been a moment ago.


In the midst of the dust and smoke, the thing roared a special kind of roar and trying to intimidate me.

It was a form of the end that Chibi might have faced if she had not been matched with Master. And there it was.

Looking back, I think that the silver wolf pack noticed the birth of the Goblin Lord earlier than the humans.

The Silver Wolves and Goblins are not strong demons. Even so, the Silver Wolves, who were superior in their individual strength, looked down on the Goblins, who could only attack in numbers. The rivalry and rift between these two races was big.

Therefore, the head of the pack where Chibi was staying offered some of his wolves to Goblins every month in order not to antagonize the powerful Lords.

In a sense, it was a declaration of defeat, asking him not to destroy our pack because we would swear to obey him.

Chibi was one of the baby wolves that were given to them.

Chibi escaped with her life and was picked up by Master, but… But what if she had become the property of the Goblins?

A Goblin astride a huge wolf appeared out of a cloud of dust.

The wolf is a little over the size of three humans, its right eye has been gouged out, and it has several scars all over its body from discipline or something. The right hind leg had been broken, and the bones had stuck together in a weird way, giving it a painfully distorted shape.

A small Goblin holding the reins from a collar around his neck looked down at Chibi with an unpleasant look.

“GIGIGIGIGI! What’s with all the intruders and the rush to get here, and you’re a Wolf too! You can turn into a person too! Big breasts! I’ve got it! This thing is on the verge of breaking down, so I’m going to keep you now.”

A human voice speaks such words.

Don’t you dare use the same words as my Master!

And Chibi’s breast are mine, I will never give them to you.

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Chibi glared at Goblin, who was riding on the wolf’s back.


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