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Chapter 3 – Labyrinth Exploration (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2117 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1038 words
Editor(s): Hydra

I coincidentally met Joey again in the adventurer’s guild at Wirde. This was remarkable/surprising for the fact that Joey was supposed to be in Alra, the capital of the Amitia Republic, practically on the other end of the world. However, him being here wasn’t the cause of my dumbfoundedness, but the girl around the same age as him accompanying him.

What happened to Mia!? Did he suddenly change his preference for young girls?

As I looked at Joey and the girl alternatively 一my eyes tinged with the intention to interrogate him right then and there一 Joey flailed his hands in a fluster for some reason.

“一T-That’s not how it looks! Don’t misunderstand, I don’t have anything to do with her! …… Let’s talk.”
“Indeed so. I will listen to what you have in your defense.”

For the sake of Mia too! Though I didn’t quite get what he meant by ‘that’s not how it is’ or ‘Don’t misunderstand’.

“You’re so cruel to say we don’t have anything to do with each other, Master~”

The girl seemed to have stranger anxiety or what, she timidly hid half of her body behind Joey as she weekly protested.

…… Even so, what the hell is with that girl? There’s not much difference in our height but her body’s build was extremely self-assertive in one particular part. Specifically speaking, it was her boobs. Just what cup size they are, I wonder.

She looked to be a magician from the robe she was wearing but the short gown under her robe looked ready to burst apart at any moment. Damn, she sure has a heck of an outrageous style with those big boobs despite being a shorty.

I got it now, I always wondered why his reaction against someone like Mia is so dull but it was boobs, the cause was boobs all along. This snob!!

Goodness, my jealousy subconsciously got the better of me…… Hm~m, I should be honestly congratulating him as a friend, as he finally snagged a girlfriend but this strange feeling made me do otherwise when said girlfriend had big boobs. Even though I sometimes did touch myself, but it wasn’t exciting at all. Maybe I should have kept doing it a bit more if things were going to be like that. Recently, the size even seemed to have increased by two cm一Oops, I reined in my thoughts that were going in a different direction and looked at Joey’s face.

Incidentally, Chloe, Tengai, and Mikoto had moved to the chair slightly further away probably to show their consideration, so the composition now was that I was sitting on the guild’s sofa while Joey and that girl were standing on the opposite side.

“… Why don’t you guys take a seat first? You will just exhaust yourself at this rate.”

Joey sat down across me at my urging, and the girl sat down next to him tightly gluing her body to his 一I felt like that girl gave me a provocative, upturned glance for an instance, what was that for? It should have been our first meeting but did I rub her the wrong way somehow? …Maybe I offended her by secretly staring at her chest?一 but Joey, for some reason, suddenly opened a gap of around a fist size in between them and placed his unsheathed sword there hurriedly.

“Err… She’s Fiore, an E-rank adventurer whom I have only partied up with for a few requests. We are simply coworkers only.”

Joey added ‘only’ twice, maybe it was something important.

“…… N, Nice to meet you, I’m Fiore, the disciple of master Joey.”

Fiore awkwardly bowed her head in courtesy. By the way, she was quite an adorable girl with her pale chestnut hair done in twin tails which I think were shoulder-length if untied.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Hiyuki and Joey’s friend. 一but, Master?”

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When I probed Joey for details, he knitted his brows saying ‘it’s nothing like that’. Though he did look somewhat sad when I greeted Fiore as his ‘friend’ 一Perhaps I should have said we’re close friends? Like the neighborhood bully from somewhere一.

“She’s just saying that on her own. There’s no way I can be so conceited and teach people, can I?”

“Really? What about those magnificent lines you have been spouting like ‘Job isn’t something to be played around’ or that ‘Life is something to be cherished’?”

“…… Why don’t I remember saying that to you?”


“一Ahhh… Err, well, I heard it from the Guild Master Gald the other day saying ‘these lines were what you said to a rookie’.”

Joey’s face pulled an impressively deep scowl when I hurriedly made an excuse to cover my verbal slip.

“That thing from Hyuu’s time? Teach, too, is unexpectedly loose-lipped…… ”

Sorry, Guild Master Gald. My error may have lowered your stock inside Joey accidentally. I apologized to Gald in my heart who must be under the faraway sky.

…Though, just why he hadn’t noticed yet with this, for god’s sake.

“Not at all! Master is my lifesaver. I am following master’s trail and my goal is to become an amazing adventurer like him!”

Fiore switched from the timid tone to the like of a lioness’ roar as if it was something she wouldn’t concede no matter what.

Your goal is to become like him… I think it would be in your interest if you don’t.

Also, anything is fine but stop making furious gestures and stop swaying them so strikingly.

“Lifesaver…… But it’s natural to help a fellow adventurer in the time of a pinch if you’re teaming with them. I just happened to be around there at that time, anyone would have done the same in my place.”

Joey stated it out in a very matter-of-fact way, but in reality, it would be their luck if any person found someone willing to help them unhesitatingly in their time of need.

Either way, I understood their circumstances. This might as well be the suspension bridge effect, but it seems that boob一… I mean, Fiore came to admire Joey after he saved her from a dangerous situation and was now unilaterally pushing herself as his disciple.

“I understand your situation but why are you even here? Traveling?”

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