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Chapter 19 – Lost Era (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2334 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1060 words
Editor(s): Hydra

It has been two weeks since then.

As my eyes scanned over the personal letter sent by Imperial Princess Oliana through Revan, I couldn’t help but recall the details she had shared about the lost era. “Well, there are some aspects that seem to align,” I murmured to myself. If I were to believe in the myth she spoke of, then this world was indeed created using the resources of ‘Eternal Horizon Online.’ The existence of players I have encountered so far also remains a mystery. In the legend, they all disappeared except for one. Of course, stories can be altered or distorted to suit one’s convenience during transmission.

“Oh, Tengai. Were the players in your memory, including myself, as uncommunicative as golems?” I asked Tengai, who stood beside me in a tuxedo.

“Are you referring to that nonsense? There is absolutely no resemblance. Players have always been friendly and lively, including the Princess. Well, we didn’t pay much attention to the activities of other beings, so it may appear that way from a human perspective, but it’s a trivial matter. The Princess shouldn’t concern herself with it.”

Hmm, their contrasting perspectives on this matter are intriguing. However, it’s understandable that an NPC and a Pet may have different points of view.

“Or perhaps, the ‘Azure God’ and I are simply different entities, even though we share the same resources,” I contemplated aloud. This seems more plausible, to be honest. After all, there is a disparity in our perceptions. While the legend is a thousand years old for them, it has only been a century for Tengai and the others.

“If that’s the case, it’s possible that we are the non-natives here,” I mused. “The question is, who is the player who became the god? All I know is that it is currently a Male Character.”

“I apologize for questioning the Princess’s statement, but may I ask how the Princess is certain that the person in question is male?” Mikoto, who stood by my side like Tengai, tilted her head in confusion.

“This is what Kagerou told me,” I explained. “He referred to the mastermind as the ‘current master’ several times, indicating that it is a male.”

“Are his words trustworthy?” Mikoto asked, voicing an obvious concern.

I could only offer a wry smile in response to her question. “That person is undoubtedly a liar, but he enjoyed mischief and often teased us with hints, like saying, ‘Now, try to find the hidden meaning in my words.’ I find it quite reliable, to be honest.”

“I see… However, there seems to be no way to confirm their true intentions at the moment,” Mikoto concluded.

Kagerou must hold a significant place in Mikoto’s memories as well. After all, he had been a member of the guild since its inception, even though he refused to become the sub-master due to his dislike of the role. Our relationship goes back even further than Tengai’s, so Mikoto likely has her own thoughts and feelings about his death, just like me.

“Anyway, Kagerou’s death and his confession served as undeniable evidence presented to the Prime Minister faction and, subsequently, the Emperor faction… or should I say, the ‘May Bells’ Princess is making quite the comeback. It seems things have settled to some extent. I’m thinking of checking on her situation and visiting Kagerou’s grave while we’re at it. Mikoto, you can come with me if you’d like,” I suggested.

On this note, and should I say as expected, the cringe-inducing title of ‘Her Highness the Rose Princess’ has been spreading throughout the Graviol Empire. To be honest, I’d prefer to wait until the attention dies down before paying a visit.

“Yes, it would be my pleasure to accompany the Princess,” Mikoto replied, gracefully nodding.

“Alright. Though we may have to wait until the mutual trade agreement is concluded. It seems they’re currently facing power struggles and conflicts of interest over there,” I explained.

Apparently, the Prime Minister’s faction shamelessly aimed to gain advantages when the existence of teleportation became public knowledge and negotiations began with the Emperor faction. As a result, Imperial Princess Oliana, representing the Emperor faction, and her advisor, Prime Minister Warren, who possesses practical experience, are currently engaged in discussions, including territorial negotiations, in the capital city of the former Cent’luna Federation, Fablar. I entrusted all the details to Revan, so I’m not well-informed about the specifics.

Nevertheless, I’m surprised that the Prime Minister faction has made a return. You can’t underestimate the audacity of those who manage to reach the top. According to Oliana’s personal letter, the Prime Minister was clearly wearing a wig, and knowing the Princess’ personality, she must have intended to mock him. She also mentioned that Rina, her maid who was with us that day, resigned from her position without saying a word and only sent an apology letter from her home.

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‘I have committed an inexcusable act towards her, considering how intense the scene was that day.’ Oliana expressed her rare regret in the letter. She must be feeling quite desolate, and I hope I can be of assistance to her.

“For now, we’ll wait for the negotiations to conclude and for Revan to convey his message before making a decision,” I stated.

“Yes, everything is in accordance with the Princess’ instructions,” Mikoto confirmed.

“What’s troubling you?” I asked Mikoto as she appeared doubtful.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I wasn’t present at the actual scene to witness Lord Kagerou’s final moments, so it’s hard for me to believe that he has truly passed away,” she confessed. Even I can’t help but have thoughts like ‘Maybe he’s actually alive’ when it comes to Kagerou, despite being present at the scene myself.

“Well, it feels surreal to me as well. He has that aura of casually coming back to life, just like in manga or anime,” I admitted.

“You seem to be enjoying this, Princess,” Mikoto remarked.

“Well, yeah. Doesn’t thinking like this lighten the mood for both of us? Maybe someday he’ll make a miraculous comeback just when things are reaching their climax. It’s very much like him, after all,” I joked.

Though, in the end, it’s just a joke.

“Rather, it wouldn’t be exciting at all if he were to be revived right now. In a manga, people would complain about the lack of suspense.”


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