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Chapter 19 – Lost Era (Part 1)

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1780 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 734 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“«Eternal Horizon»…… you say?”

Hiyuki raised an eyebrow in curiosity upon hearing the name of the mythical world mentioned by Oliana, a tale only known to the direct descendants of the Graviol Empire’s imperial family. It was the bargaining chip Oliana used to negotiate with Hiyuki.

“Yes, that is correct,” Oliana nodded in affirmation, “According to the stories passed down, in the distant past, our ancestors lived in a blissful paradise known as «Eternal Horizon».”

“How far back in the past are we talking about?” Hiyuki inquired, seeking more specifics.

“I’m not sure. The ‘Lost Era’ is said to be the time when the world met its demise and the past, present, and future became intertwined. It was an era without the concept of time itself, so it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when it occurred.”

“It’s all quite confusing,” Hiyuki remarked.

“I share your sentiments. In the end, it’s just a myth, so it’s expected to lack coherence. However, it should predate the origins claimed by the Holy Church, at least by a thousand years.”

Oliana seemed resigned to the fact that she couldn’t provide concrete evidence and chose to recount it solely as a legend.

According to the legend, in the distant past, their ancestors lived in a world known as «Eternal Horizon». It was a land abundant in resources, where the seasons remained temperate, flowers bloomed eternally, and natural disasters, aging, and illness were unheard of. It was truly a paradise.

In this world, monsters existed just like in the present world, but they never left their domains and never attacked human settlements. What distinguished this era were the powerful beings known as players—the god-like beings and demon kings.

Although they had a human appearance, they transcended mortality and transformed over time, much like monsters. Even the youngest of these players possessed enough power to eradicate demons with a single gesture. Furthermore, they were immortal beings capable of immediate resurrection after death.

Among the players, there were those who had reached the pinnacle and owned their own domains in various locations. They were renowned for their immense power and fame.

For instance, there was Animaru, the beast god residing in the colossal mobile sorcery fortress. There was Devta, the royal dragon knight of justice and owner of the steel citadel. There was Mongai, the silent Demon King ruling over the seas. And finally, there was Hiyuki, the beautiful maiden of the night and darkness, owner of the vast floating palace.

Oliana fixed her gaze on Hiyuki, her eyes gleaming like an accomplished student checking her answers.

“Are there any mistakes in what I’ve said so far?” she asked.

“Who knows? It’s all hearsay anyway. Even second-hand information doesn’t hold much weight,” Hiyuki replied with a wry smile. “Personally, I think it’s quite embellished.”

Oliana’s smile grew faint as she took Hiyuki’s response as a vague confirmation.

“I see. So, the first-hand information is unexpectedly sitting right in front of me,” Oliana remarked.

“Are you disappointed?” Hiyuki asked.

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“Heavens, no. I am feeling a sense of excitement and emotions that I’ve never experienced before.”

Continuing with the topic of Players, Oliana explained how they were entirely different beings from humans, despite coexisting in the same «Eternal Horizon». They rarely interacted with people, seemingly considering them insignificant or not even worth acknowledging. They were described as eerie and mechanical, much like the golems of the present time.

Then, one day, a calamity befell the «Eternal Horizon». The world was engulfed in darkness, and the Players disappeared… or more accurately, the Players vanished first, and then the world faced devastation. The causal relationship between these events is still unclear.

The powerless people left behind resigned themselves to their impending demise. However, the remaining Player descended to Earth as a mortal being, gathering everything that remained of the paradise and transitioning to a new world, becoming a “god” of this new world.

According to the accounts, this is the present condition of that realm.

Following the cataclysm, the inhabitants of the land dispersed, as one would expect. They contended for power, formed alliances, and eventually, around 1000 years ago, the Holy Kingdom emerged as the dominant force. Roughly 400 years ago, the Empire rose to prominence and remains a formidable power to this day.

In the Holy Church, the savior is revered as the ‘Azure God,’ and they are exclusively worshiped as the one true deity.


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