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Chapter 14 – Living Beneath the Same Sky, Yet Worlds Apart (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1152 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1073 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The Graviol Empire is the largest nation situated in the eastern region of the continent. At the heart of the capital city, Argentum, lies the Imperial Palace, also referred to as the Emperor’s chamber. As a group of rural residents approached the main gate, they were awestruck by the grandeur and historical significance of the structure looming before them.

A trio of individuals, comprising both men and women, were engaged in conversation at a distance from the aforementioned group.

Among the three individuals, there was a striking black-haired young woman who appeared to be in her late teenage years. She donned a stunning black knee-length skirt, adorned with red-toned gems, and a corsage made of fresh, delicate roses, while clutching a white, frilly parasol in her delicate hands. It was evident that she hailed from a noble lineage or some similar aristocratic background.

One of the other individuals was a lively, chestnut-haired young girl of Beastkin descent, dressed in an unusual traditional outfit that lacked buttons and consisted of red and white tones.

The final member of the group was a dark-haired young man who resembled a merchant. He wore a waist apron over a loose navy blue outfit and a hat. Unlike the striking young women, the man appeared to be in his twenties or even over thirty. He was a chameleon-like figure with many faces, but his presence was almost invisible.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

A new day had begun, following the evening where I had an unexpected encounter.

“It’s getting late today, Young lady. Let’s do it tomorrow.”

Kagerou spoke, prompting us to disband for the time being. Knowing that Kagerou also resided in the same city, I decided not to book any inn and instead opted to ride on the back of Tengai, while Asmina rode on Kurashi’s back (since Tengai disliked anyone else riding on his back) to the hanging garden in the sky for safety reasons. We spent the night there.

Anyway, as promised, Kagerou had led us to the designated location. However, our initial plan to infiltrate the palace via the sewer was thwarted due to various reasons. As a result, Kagerou directed us to the main gate of the Palace.

“Lady Hiyuki, can we really trust this man’s plan? I don’t believe he’s worth a single cent of our trust.”
“I don’t trust him either. But when it comes to business, he at least does the job he’s paid for.”
“But what if he double-crosses us?”
“I can’t say for sure, but given the ethical implications of his work, it’s unlikely. However, I do think he’s going to try to deceive us mentally in some way.”
“Is this a sign that he’s going to betray us?”
“No need to talk about betrayal, he’s already our enemy,”
“What kind of person is he?”
“He’s essentially a master con-man. He’s unparalleled in his ability to evade and his lack of principles. By the time you realize you’ve been deceived, he’ll have already slipped through your fingers. In short, he’s a complete scoundrel.”
“Despite all of this, you’re still going to accept his help?”

By the time I noticed it, I was back to having the same conversation from yesterday with Asmina.

“Alas~ you don’t have to be so vigilant, my lady. I swear my loyalty upon the payment.”

Of course I was intentionally speaking in a loud voice for him to hear, though as brazen as he was, he didn’t seem bothered and simply shrugged his shoulders.

“He’s lying,” I whispered.
“He’s definitely lying,” Asmina agreed.

Nevertheless, I strongly suspected that he would shadow us if we were to ignore him.

Honestly, the thought of having an assassin tailing us around the clock was mentally draining. That’s why I made the difficult decision to accept his help, reasoning that it would be less stressful to have him within our sight than lurking in the shadows.

Well, the members of the Round Table had suggested using a sorcery doll as a substitute, but I was concerned that the powerless doll would be of little help in ensuring Asmina’s safety during our travels. I didn’t want to risk a repeat of what happened with Revan and his group. While I know that my personal view may differ, I consider Asmina a friend and I want to be able to help her directly, not just through a doll.

Hence, I am collaborating with Kagerou while maintaining a high level of vigilance and keeping the Imperial guards nearby, as I am fully cognizant of the possible threat. I am certain that he has some sinister plan against us, but at the same time, he might have contacted us because he sees some advantage in using us to achieve his goal. Thus, it is both an advantage and a disadvantage for us.

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The compensation proposed by the man himself was, “How about young lady let me know anything you may discuss with the Emperor faction if you come into contact with them while confirming the well-being of the young lionkin? Information is the lifeline of a merchant, as you know.”

However, when I asked him about the “Emperor Faction” or “Prime Minister Faction,” he seemed bewildered since I had no prior knowledge of these groups.

“You got into a squabble with the Prime Minister without knowing that!?”

And that’s how I got to know about the status quo of the nation from Kagerou’s bewildered expression. However, I remained indifferent about it as it was already a matter of the past that couldn’t be altered.

Additionally, I was skeptical about his proposed remuneration. It seemed too good to be true considering his usual behavior, so I gave him a suspicious glance.

“…It’s not like I have any personal interest in this matter, it’s just what my boss has instructed me to do. If I don’t comply, I might have to resort to using the underwear you’re currently wearing to make ends meet.”

Upon hearing his disturbing comment, I quickly responded, “Hell no, that’s ridiculous. There’s no chance that the person pulling the strings would be interested in my underwear, right?”

“I’m hurt, you know~. My heart is as transparent as a mirror for Young Lady~” Kagerou said, but his earlier lie betrayed his words.

“But wait, if that’s true… doesn’t that make your boss a pervert?”

“Well, compared to me…” Kagerou trailed off, letting out a dry laugh.

…Hey, that’s a joke, right?!


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