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Chapter 12 – Prime Minister’s Ordeal (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1431 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1380 words
Editor(s): Hydra

On that particular day, Prime Minister Warren of the Graviol Empire was going about his usual duties in a building situated far away from the Imperial Palace, both in terms of physical distance and distance from any imperial authority. Suddenly, he became aware of the frantic footsteps of servants echoing down the corridor and the tense atmosphere enveloping the premises, causing him to furrow his brows in concern.

Despite his preference for working alone in his office, since any presence of another person feel like a hindrance to him when going through paperwork. Warren found it difficult to concentrate on the current unusual situation. Eventually, he gave in to the distraction and rang the bell located on the corner of his desk. This bell was a magical tool connected to his secretary’s bell, who was on standby in an adjacent room.

In an instant, Warren turned towards his secretary who had appeared before him. With an annoyed tone, he questioned the secretary.

“What the hell is going on! What’s with that ruckus!?”
“That… There are two young girls arguing at the main gate saying they want to meet Your Excellency…”

Warren scowled at the secretary who replied falteringly.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Do they have an appointment?”
“No. In fact, one of the girls is a Beastkin…”

At the mention of “Beastkin,” Warren’s mind immediately flashed back to the recent incident involving secret messengers from the Cres Freedom United Nation that he had disposed of just the other day.

Simultaneously, Warren remembered how he had denounced and driven away a self-proclaimed freelancer assassin who had failed to secure the death of their representative. He had suspected the assassin to be a double agent for the Holy Kingdom of Aeon.

Warren assumed that the person in question was a short-tempered Beastkin who had come to check on the safety of the group. However, what struck him as strange was that only two young girls, who seemed to be family members concerned about their loved ones, were present.

“Incompetent. Get rid of those people quickly. Why did we even hire you if you can’t do something as simple as a child could!?”
“I-I’m sorry. It’s just that the other girl is dressed quite elegantly and appears to be of noble status, so the gatekeeper is unsure whether to use force or not.”

At the mention of the word “Noble,” Warren suddenly had a bad premonition and felt the presence of the missing assassin looming around him. Despite this, he didn’t allow any hint of it to show on his face.

“Have they revealed their identity?”
“No, Your Excellency. We did ask them but all we got was ‘It would be better for both parties to not know about the name’ in return.”
“There’s no need to entertain someone who is not even willing to reveal their name. Get them out of here immediately, even if you have to use force.”
“Yes, Your Excellency. Right away.”

Warren refrained from screaming, “You’re incompetent, you can’t even handle such a simple matter!” as he glared at the secretary’s departing back, who quickly left to resolve the issue.

This was corruption at its finest in the Empire. How could anyone expect progress when even the officials, who were meant to carry on the legacy of the Empire, clung to the tagline of “They’re right because they’re aristocrats”?

Their ideology of basing human worth on bloodline made them believe they were superior from birth, which in turn made them arrogant and indolent.

A reformation was necessary, and with this in mind, he could not ignore the time and effort required to meticulously lay the groundwork and make arrangements to eradicate the rotten core.

Warren, with his renewed determination, started going through the next documents. However, several minutes later, when he had completely forgotten about the earlier ruckus, his office door was blown away with a thunderous sound from the corridor side.


He let out a gasp of surprise as a petite shadow emerged from the direction of the destroyed door.

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“A nervous-looking middle-aged man, with an aquiline nose, slant-eyed, ash blonde hair… Oh, this must be him. There’s no need to say this now but anyway, Yahoo, we’re intruding.”

A knowing expression crossed the young girl’s face as she entered, studying Warren’s prominent features.

She possessed a beauty that appeared to be of a 12 to 13-year-old with waist-length black hair, ruby eyes, and a mysterious allure.

Warren’s eyes widened in surprise as soon as he saw the young girl dressed in a magnificent black dress, wearing an equally beautiful red rose corsage.

“Imperial Crimson’s一!? Impossible, why are you here?”
“What’re you talking about I wonder? I’m just a tourist who has come here to eat roasted meat.”

Hiyuki shrugged her shoulders innocently.


Warren swallowed hard and sat back down in his chair, all the while maintaining his calm expression.

“What has caused a tourist to come here? I believe this place is quite separated from the tourist route.”
“Hmm~ well, I have come to look for someone in fact. I came here intending to ask about their whereabouts, but we mostly found most of our objectives on the way here. The secretary from earlier provided us with the necessary information.”
“Oh?” Warren replied in an easygoing manner while cursing his secretary mentally.
“Have the dear tourist tortured him?”

“Surely You jest! He just happened to see the people who were stopping us; well, I am aware they were just doing their work and all innocent, but they didn’t listen to warnings and were eliminat… Oops, I mispronounced ‘They passed away in an unfortunate accident’ I guess? He freely revealed anything on his own accord without me needing to use ‘Evil Eye’. Oh, and almost all the surviving servants escaped. …Man, you’re surely not loved by your people huh.”

Warren replied back anxiously, hearing Hiyuki’s tone which sounded like she was pitying him.

“Whether a person likes or dislikes something should not influence their work. It is not befitting for someone in a position of authority to cater to such individuals. In any case, if you have already accomplished your goal, may I kindly ask you to leave?”

“So such is your thought process? I would say a boss of scum is just another scum, no? Oh well, whatever you say, not that it matters to me, though I must tip my hat to you for taking my people by surprise attack.”

“…So you are here to kill me? Even if this may cause a world war involving your country, the Empire, and the Holy Kingdom?”

“I never intended to take any action on my own, and the matter has already been resolved. Oh, and I am not to kill you, of course, you see, I’m quite a pacifist. It’s just that I hate when my surroundings become too noisy.”

Hiyuki shrugged her shoulders in self-deprecation and continued.

“So I am fine myself by rewarding you with just 200-300 punches around, but… Asmina, What will you do?”

In response to her words, another girl emerged from the corridor, donning what appeared to be the traditional attire of Beastkins.

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“He’s Big brother Revan’s enemy, and even tearing apart all his limbs wouldn’t be enough to appease my heart.”
“一Hn. Then shall we cut his limbs then?”

Hiyuki said in a nonchalant manner as if she was merely adding another item to her dinner shopping list.

“No, we don’t have much time to waste on him. I think it’s fine to just break his limbs and leave him to be humiliated in public.”
“Leave him to be humiliated… Hmm, what do you think about leaving him hanging upside down on the gate stark naked?”
“Ah, that’s a nice idea. We can also completely remove his hair and paste a label on his crotch with the word ‘Small’, oh and we can also shove a plug in his lower body and add the final touch ‘I’m sorry to be born as a man’ to make it perfect.”
“…You really are not pulling your punches huh, and so nonchalantly on top of that too.”

Asmina’s words in the end caused Hiyuki to feel pity for Warren in various ways, but despite her pity, she wasn’t going to change what she wanted to do.

Warren felt his entire reputation, built with much effort, crumbling as he listened to the two devils wearing the skin of young girls talking so nonchalantly as if it were no different than tying his shoes. He was unable to suppress the trembling of his heart.


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