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Chapter 10 – ‘May Bells’ Princess (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2183 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1186 words
Editor(s): Hydra


In Tengai’s mouth, a disk fashioned from a thunder sphere took shape, its edges crackling with energy. A small aperture appeared within the disk, and almost instantly, the aperture transformed into a pale light that raced forward at Lubbock in a straight line.

That was Tengai’s special technique – Laguna Sprite Breath.

A truly formidable maneuver, wherein Tengai summoned a cyclotron of unparalleled strength, bearing over 3000 trillion electron volts of energy. The power of this technique was such that, upon a direct hit, it could obliterate any object in its path, leaving not even a trace of ash behind. Indeed, to be more precise, the direct hit of this technique could transform the target, regardless of its nature, into electromagnetic waves through the process of elementary particle decay, and thus consign it to total and utter annihilation from the face of the earth.

Flustered, the rest of the Demon Generals scampered away from its path.


Lubbock immediately tried to avoid the oncoming attack, yet in the next instant, a brilliant white light flooded our field of vision, rendering it impossible to discern what ensued thereafter.

“…Woah, amazing.”

Once our eyesight returned, we were met with the ghastly sight of Lubbock, his body smoldering with smoke and fumes, and a landscape utterly ravaged as if a searing blade had cut through butter. As far as my vision could extend, the land lay decimated and desolate, bearing the scorch marks of an infernal power beyond reckoning.

The sky was entirely devoid of even the slightest hint of a cloud.

It appeared as though Lubbock had narrowly escaped the full impact of the attack, but not without losing a considerable chunk of his HP.

“Alas, it seems that fortune does not favor me today, as I find myself at a disadvantage. For the time being, I must bid you adieu, Hiyuki,” said Lubbock with a wry smile.

“You think I will let you escape!” Lubbock’s words seemed to have struck Tengai’s reverse scale, for he promptly readied another wave of cyclotron.

“Watch out, My Liege!” cried Mikoto, just as the notion of whether this was all a bit excessive crossed my mind. Suddenly, an arrow came hurtling out of the blue and struck me head-on, despite having instinctively raised my shield, the ‹Eiserne Jungfrau›, in my left hand. The force of the impact was so great that it sent me flying off the back of Tengai.

一This, isn’t it the Archer’s skill ‘Raging Arrow’?!

I ground my teeth in frustration at having overlooked the possibility of an ambush.

Lubbock activated the teleportation stone during the brief moment when all the demon generals’ attention had been fixed on me.

“Goodbye for now, we will meet again. No point staying here when my task is already done.”

As I turned my attention towards the teleportation equipment, I witnessed the eight swords of Lubbock rising from the ground, swiftly striking and shattering the machinery into pieces. My heart sank as I realized my mistake of underestimating Lubbock’s capabilities, and I mourned the destruction of the teleportation gate which was now in a pitiable state, far from its original form.

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“They completely got us this time. That’s so frustrating.”
“What shall we do now, Princess?”

I lightly scratched my head at Tengai’s query and answered.

“Let us proceed to Asmina’s place, our intended destination upon arrival. As for this mess, Kokonoe, can I entrust its management to you?”
“…Yes, Princess.”
“Well, I don’t think there will be any follow-up surprise attack… Byakuya, you also stay here just in case.”
“Why, I ain’t no caretaker or anything.”

Byakuya pouted in displeasure.

“You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, you dare disobey the Princess’ command!?”
“I didn’t say that. You sure are stone-headed, boss.”

Good grief, they seem to derive great pleasure in provoking each other ceaselessly. It would indeed be advisable to keep them separated.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇


There was still some numbness left but no particular problem in clenching the fist.

一I’m about 30% healed.

Revan sighed, raising his upper body on the canopied bed.

A young girl, with her fair features and dressed in a white frock with ruffles, entered the chamber and greeted the waking figure with the words, “Oh my, you are already awake, it seems. I had no doubt that the next Beast King would be of no less mettle.”

“Imperial Princess Oliana…!”

Revan hastened to amend his behavior and endeavored to rise from the bed; however, the young girl with a graceful appearance of around 12-13 years old, gestured with her hand, disregarding his posture, and detained him, saying “Don’t worry about the formalities, please remain lying down for now.”

The shining silver hair on her head, a mark of the Imperial family, caught his attention.

Shin, the young lion cub, was lying under the bed, and he now merrily coiled around the young girl’s feet. “You too are brimming with energy, Shin. To be frank, I yearn to play with you more.” The young girl reached into her pocket and produced a biscuit, which she fed to Shin.

The room was suddenly disturbed by the entry of a maid, who appeared to be in her early twenties, chasing after the young girl. She addressed her with a hint of disapproval, “You are here again in this sort of place, Princess.”

“Pray, what do you mean by such a remark? This gentleman before us is none other than the leader of the Cres Freedom United Nation, and as such, we are obligated to receive him with the highest honor as our state guest.”

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The maid’s gaze shifted from the young girl to the prone figure on the bed, her expression doubtful and her tone cautious.

“Your Highness, forgive my impertinence, but this man bears no evidence of his claimed position. It is highly suspicious that he was found collapsed in the garden, covered in blood. One could surmise that he is but a thief who surreptitiously infiltrated the Imperial Palace. Such a scenario appears more plausible, does it not?”

With a melody that could enchant the heavens, the young girl chuckled upon hearing the maid’s words, her eyes glancing at the little lion cub coiling around her feet and the Hiyuki doll that lay next to Revan’s pillow.

“In what world have you ever witnessed a spy sneaking in with a pet and a doll? Though absurd, this man’s claim carries more persuasive power, given that he has the support of the rumored ‘Princess’. Regardless, we cannot take this matter lightly…”

In a tone of dignity, the young girl spoke to the maid who still wore a look of doubt.

“Regardless, I, Oliana Eineas Mirn Glaviol, Princess of Glaviol Empire, hereby declare that I take full responsibility for this person. Is there any further assurance you require beyond this?”

The Glaviol Empire’s throne was destined to be inherited by one person alone – Imperial Princess Oliana Eineas Mirn Glaviol, the sole direct descendant of the current Emperor. Her graceful features earned her the moniker “May Bells” Princess, and she was set to be the next ruler of the empire.


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