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Chapter 9 – The Monsters’ Mischief

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash, Silva

“S̲h̲i̲t̲, stop moving around you damn dogs!”

Joey swung his sword with all his might, but the dogs easily saw the trajectory of his sword and were able to dodge it and get out of its range.

“―Quickly jump to your right!”

Listening to the command, Joey jumped right away and landed in that spot on his left foot. One dog that approached from behind bit its fangs fruitlessly in the air, making a crunching noise.

“Keep your distance and make sure those two are in your field of vision!”

Being told so, he prepares his sword and makes some distance between them.

“―Dammit, just a bit more!”

Hearing his irritated words, Hiyuki, who sat on the top of the rock from a small distance away holding a parasol, knitted her beautiful eyebrows.

“…It’s not ‘just a bit’, it’s a complete failure. Your movements are too simple so the dogs easily evade, plus your swings and posture are also disorderly making you full of openings. You look like you’re swinging a hoe in the fields.”

Hitting the bullseye, Joey’s face became red ear to ear.

“It can’t be helped I guess. Actually, I have helped out in the fields since the time that I was old enough to understand my surroundings…however, I had to leave the town to reduce the burden on my family. I trained together with something like the vigilante corps member, and I was told that I was on the right track!”

“That was your youthful strength. When swinging with all your might, perhaps you could boast that strength to the village of yours which surpassed the best there, but against a living monster’s reflexes, that obvious attack isn’t gonna hit.”

While examining the two wild dogs that were currently cautiously growling, Joey pouted.

“Then what should I do?”

“Watch the opponent’s movement, don’t attack on your own accord except to feint. That monster is a wild dog right? It looks like they just attack by biting, so that’s the only thing you need to be wary of. Then for the dog’s attack pattern, it was only aiming at your feet to stop your movements and aiming at your vital spot on your neck. Even those movements are simple, that’s why you should be able to deal with it even if the dog moves around ―Ah, your feet!”

Seeing the opportunity that Joey turned his attention to Hiyuki’s speech, one dog moves along the ground. After being told, Joey swung his sword aiming below his feet, and by coincidence the sword cut the dog up.


“Yea―” “The last one is coming! It can’t dodge, stab it!”

Without giving time for him to be submerged in deep emotion, her commands come in rapid succession. Shortly after, he raises his face, the bright red mouth of the last dog that was filled with rage approached in front of his eyes. Reflexively he pointed the edge of his sword outwards, and it transmitted to his arm a dull sensation. The dog desperately squirmed, scratching its claws into Joey’s hand, before long the dog’s movements suddenly stopped.

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Joey, who closed his eyes halfway through, heard a small clapping sound.

“Congrats on completing the subjugation quest.”

Thereupon Joey opened his eyes timidly, Hiyuki’s words and her fully smiling face barged into him. He focused his gaze on the war dog corpse lying under his foot, the other one lost its life spitting on his sword, finally he understood the meaning of her words.

With a thud, the war dog together with his sword fell down into the ground from his stiff hand. Joey was filled with emotion. He grasped his hands together tightly and tossed them up into the sky.



“Hee, you actually completed it. Congratulations Joey.”

As proof that he completed the quest, Joey brought out two war dog fangs onto the top of the counter. Seeing that, Mia frankly gave him her voice of praise.

“Hehe, no prob!”

Towards Joey’s attitude that was puffed up with pride like a brat who just successfully pulled off a prank, Mia made a faint smile and turned her sight towards me.

“So how did it look? About Joey’s fighting style for real.”
“He’s still a novice at most. This time he got pretty lucky, watching him is really suspenseful.”

Hearing my remark while I shrug my shoulders, Joey swelled his face and Mia said, “As expected,” while suppressing her giggle.

“Still, it was a good experience for you. You had better learn a bit of fear. An adventurer isn’t a soldier, even if they have to defeat the opponent. It’s not like they have to make it a maximum priority over their own safety.”

Actually, I have heard that in this world there is no resurrection magic or resurrection medicine. In other words, when people die, that’s the end.

Bearing such risk, being an adventurer was really a gamble; to be honest I can’t understand them. Still, even on my side it’s the same, like when I had a conversation during my meal last night. Their standpoint definitely has some weight. That’s why I can’t possibly tell them to quit.

With those words of mine, Mia nodded too.

“That’s right. In that particular area, Joey is in need of a lot of training at the training school.”
“Hey, what do both of you mean! You don’t feel happy at all huh?”

Seeing Joey’s childish attitude that became sulky, I spontaneously looked at Mia and we both made a sneer.

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“Of course not~. It’s Joey’s first subjugation quest achievement anniversary after all. If you like, should I give you a kiss on the cheek?”

With Mia who made her speech while winking with a mischievous smile, I also tried to get on for the ride.

“That’s a good idea. Then, I’ll kiss his opposite cheek to keep it balanced.”
“Wh-wh-what are you guys saying, so carelessly…!”

Joey’s face becomes bright red like a boiled octopus. Did I overdo it a little?

“…but well, with this, I actually feel relieved too. Yesterday, I asked him to guide me around, if because of that he failed his previous quest, it would be regrettable.”

Hearing my words, Mia withdrew her smile and became serious. Yes, really a fast thinker, that girl is.

“Regrettable…by any chance, will you be departing soon?”
“Yes, maybe. I have cleared my business and things that I wanted to know here in Alra city. Therefore, I plan to go to the royal capital next.”
“―Wa-wait a minute Hiyuki! You asked me to guide you around the town for 2-3 days…and yet, today you were accompanying me in my subjugation quest; I still haven’t performed the crucial guide job at all, right!?”
“Well a plan is a plan after all. In the first place, my stay here wasn’t fixed right? It’s just that I had to go a bit earlier. Aah, it’s not that I’m gonna reduce the quest reward.”
“No, it’s not about that…”

I moved my gaze from the weeping face of Joey and turned to Mia.

“―Well then, with that being my reason, please end the quest I gave to Joey.”
“O-okay. I understand. ―But, is that fine with you?”

Mia gave a fleeting glance towards Joey.

“Yeah, I’ve already decided.”

With those words she made a complicated expression, even so she gave me a nod, so I bowed my head a little.

She knew what I wanted to say. Really, what a capable woman she is.

I face Joey again.

“Joey, it was only a short time but I’m really grateful for a lot of things. Thanks to you I really enjoyed my visit here. Well, it’s not that this is a final farewell, first of all I entrusted my money here until you become full-fledged. So become a full-fledged adventurer soon and I will gladly come here again…”

If you had died, it would be quite a disappointment.

Recalling the end of my previous life, I swallow those words deeply.


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Yes, I know what you’re gonna say, but you know, for your happiness I believe it’s better for me to not be with you.

Then, breaking the atmosphere, heavy footsteps sounded as the muscled uncle with a scary face, Vice Guild Master Gald descended from the stairs.

“Did something happen, vice master?”

Ignoring Mia’s question, Gald went straight in my direction with a serious face.

“Good timing young lady. Sorry but, the guild master has something to discuss, so could you come upstairs?”


A suspicious aura enshrouded the surrounding area.

Surveying the lifeless human nest with nothing left except the pack under his command. He, the giant ogre king, the one who grew five horns on his head, who was three times bigger than a normal ogre, groaned in displeasure.

Not enough. This kind of meager food is not enough. More… we need more food!

His eyes focused on far beyond this great forest, it saw a huge nest where human beings crowded together. The nest called Alra.

The humans might try to put some obstacles in the way, but that’s not a problem. Our great ogre clan numbered 1,500 and we have 5,000 demon followers under our command. It won’t be a problem at all.

The moment the ogre king drew its conclusion, he passed a command to all of his followers.

Take all of your forces and charge toward the human nest immediately!!


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