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Chapter 94: Maids, Ain’s Form, and the Person from that Time

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

Uh-hm. With this, we’re family.」

With a single clap, Fiiyanamia joyfully smiled. On the other hand, Liessyl was pulling on her clothes as if in protest. Yesterday I could still hear her voice but now I can’t. Still, perhaps because I heard her speaking yesterday, I feel like I can hear what her soundless lips are saying.

It’s just my imagination, though.

Fiiyanamia, who can actually hear her, nodded a few times before saying 「You’ve been with them up until now, isn’t that good enough?」 in reply. Reacting to that, Liessyl looked displeased but still nodded.

Finishing up their conversation, Fiiyanamia then turned to the maids who came along with us.

「With that said, let’s have a proper introduction, shall we? Mohsa. Saueluna, come forward.」

As she said so, the maids —Mohsa and the other one named Saueluna— answered 「Certainly.」 in unison and came before us. Mohsa seems to be the serious type while Saueluna seems to be the kind type.

『So the other one is Mohsa, right. Wasn’t she the one next to you yesterday, Ain?』
『And Saueluna was the one by your side, right Ciel?』

As Ciel and I were talking, mother began explaining our situation to the two. The maids might have already suspected it but since it wasn’t formally explained before, I suppose she wanted the people assigned to us to have proper knowledge about us. I don’t plan to needlessly talk about myself but even if it’s spread in this mansion, it should be fine… I think.

「As you have seen, there’s two individuals inside this child. Because of that, you two will generally be together with them. Whoever is currently out will be the basis of which of you will mainly assist them.」

While Mohsa immediately lowered her head in affirmation, Saueluna was staring at us with a somewhat troubled expression.

「Is there any issue, Saueluna?」
「My apologies. I was pondering about how to distinguish between Lady Ainsel and Lady Cielmer.」
「That’s a good point. While it would be easy to distinguish from their behavior, they do have the exact same face when judging only from a quick glance.」
「But mother, that alone is something we can’t do anything about…」

I see, since we’re Fiiyanamia’s daughters now, we’re addressed by “Lady” instead “Miss” now, huh. While we’ve been called “little lady” several times in the past, being referred to as a “lady” feels different this time, I can’t quite get used to it.

That aside, even the best of the best attendants wouldn’t be able to distinguish between us when we’re quietly sitting still. Anyone that could tell are probably using some kind of mind reading technique at that point. And if there are ways to do so with magic or sorcery, I’d likely notice its usage. If the user has enough skill to bypass my detection, they should be able to know whenever Ciel and I would switch anyways.

Still, even considering this, it’s not like I can just automatically wear a ribbon or something the instant we switch. Why should we have to be considerate? And as this thought instantly came to mind, it seems like I‘ve gotten a bit too influenced by the world’s brutality. Probably, in terms of wariness against people, I might be much worse compared to Ciel.

『Say, Ain.』
『What is it?』

Since Ciel called me, I stopped thinking and focused on the conversation.

『Couldn’t you make my body look like Ain’s appearance?』
『Like turning your hair black and so on?』
『Yes! I think it should be possible!』

Ciel sounds really eager, so it’s hard to just lightly rebuke it. With Ciel suggesting this, I’ll have to at least try before passing judgment. Though, with that said, where should I even start?

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According to the Creator God, that body was the form of my soul, so perhaps it’d work itself out if I just let the soul guide me. As I thought that, the divine power inside of me suddenly began to envelop Ciel’s body.

『Fufu, just as I thought! It worked, it worked!』

Hearing Ciel’s excited voice, I looked at my skin and saw that it changed into a complexion warmer than hers. The hair flowing from my shoulder to my chest is also black now.

「Mother, have I changed?」
「Yes, yes. With this, it’s much easier to know. However, doesn’t that form exhaust you?」
「It does use divine power, so it isn’t as if it doesn’t, but I should be alright for a while.」

If I can change my appearance like this, then maybe I can change into other different forms. With that, I tried to do so but it seems like this is the most that can be done. You could say that it’s only possible because it’s the form of my soul. Still, I’m really puzzled.

『How did you realize this, Ciel?』
『So you really haven’t noticed it, Ain. Even without us switching, Ain now always looks like Ain, you know?』

Did my appearance stabilize after having my own body? Reasons aside, now that I think about it, this does remind me of something from this morning.

『…Come to think of it, when I tried to touch your cheek, my hand passed through.』
『Ain, you were hoping to touch me? You were, right?』

I’ve said something unnecessary again. Rather, I feel ashamed for not realizing this earlier. I know that I should only look like a sphere of light from Ciel’s point of view. So careless of me. What a blunder. Still, hearing Ciel’s delighted voice, I needed to reply, regardless of my embarrassment.

『I couldn’t forget about yesterday… so, um… I felt lonely.』
『Yes, yes. Me too, Ain. I’m happy to hear this but I really think you should pay more attention to yourself.』
『I know, right? Honestly…』

Like, ever since we arrived here in Central, haven’t I been too absent-minded? Well, yeah, I guess I was already like that since in Estoque. After all, Ciel did figure out my gender, and the fact that I came from another world.

As I was feeling down, Fiiyanamia met my gaze. For some reason, she had a really tender gaze. Actually, me casually ignoring them is really bad. So I quickly lowered my head.

「I’m sorry, mother.」
「It’s fine, it’s fine. I already know how much you two value each other. It must be hard for you two to talk freely in public, so feel free to talk here in the mansion.」
「Um, thank you very much.」

I expressed honest gratitude for mother’s consideration. I shouldn’t refrain from talking to Ciel from now on. The two maids also have pleasant smiles for some reason… I shouldn’t refrain from talking from now on.

「Now, anyways, it should be fine if you appear that way here in the manor.」
「Well then, time for a formal introduction. As you two are now my daughters, Mohsa and Saueluna will be assisting and caring for you two as your personal maids. You should already know, but Saueluna will be assigned to Ciel and Mohsa to Ain. Still, I can’t really say if this distinction would be of any particular meaning though.」

As Fiiyanamia reintroduced the maids, the two lowered their heads. Just staring at them silently feels discomforting, so I said 「Pleased to be with you from now on.」 in reply. Suddenly, I recalled that they are, in fact, our maids.

I don’t quite know for sure but don’t nobles have to pay attention to how they interact with their servants too? Like having to maintain an unwavering demeanor, or something along those lines. I honestly don’t know the details, so I thought I’d ask Fiiyanamia, who looked surprised and blinked in response.

「Mother, is there a problem with how I spoke just now?」
「No need to be concerned about that, Ain. After all, there is no one in this manor that would misjudge their standing from something as small as that. People who underestimate you because of that merely display their own shallowness. These two will be with you likely only for the duration of your stay in this manor, so I don’t think you should worry about it that much. Just to be sure, calling them without any honorifics might make it easier for you in the future. For some reason, there are some particular fussy with the use of honorifics, you see? Though, at worst, you do have the strength warranting you ignoring this altogether.」

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In other words, just call them Mohsa and Saueluna. In Japan, adding honorifics to people you just met, or rather people you aren’t familiar with, is the safe option but this is a different world. There’s distinct social classes, and we are joining the so-called upper class, so there will be less friction following this rule. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Still, we’ve also strayed from the framework of humanity. Living in harmony with people is no longer a complete necessity, and there’s no need to be bound by mortal rules. I guess we’re going to have to consider this balance as we go on with our lives as well. That’s surprisingly bothersome. As long as there’s no harm to Ciel, it might be easier to just live in compliance with people of higher position.

「I’ll spend time thinking in regards to that topic. For now, Mohsa, Saueluna, I imagine that we might bother you two but please treat us well.」

Saying that, I switched with Ciel. The colors turn back to Ciel’s and I turn into a humanoid form. Yeah, so this really is my actual form now. In other words, black-haired Ciel.

I can’t believe you didn’t notice this, me.

As I closely observed my own body, I noticed Liessyl staring at me from the corner of my eye. And as I looked at her, she waved at me, so I waved back. Even when I was still just an orb, the spirits reacted as though they could hear our conversations, so I’m sure they could see me as well.

Ciel spoke to the two, finishing our current topic at hand. Fiiyanamia then moved to the next topic.

「Right, that’s right. Ciel, will you be continue being a hunter?」
「We probably will. I don’t know any other way to earn money, after all. It’ll be necessary when traveling, right?」
「In that case, it would be best to go visit the Hunter Guild. Tell them that you’re my daughter and they should treat you well. Other than that, do you remember the guild personnel that wanted to exploit you before?」

I had no idea what Fiiyanamia was talking about for a moment but, right, the acting guildmaster at Capital City Estoque. Despite it only being a few days, so much has happened ever since we came here, so I totally forgot about it. And if I’m being honest, I also forgot about the elf, Yunmica, the dwarf, Bajo, and the beast-kin, Wangwan.

「The substitute, right? There was someone like that, now that I recall.」

And that seems to be Ciel’s only impression of him. Actually, just how many people are there that have been impressionable on her? While it might have been my idea to begin with, maybe it would be best for her to interact and mingle with other people. And as though they’re just talking about yesterday’s weather, they continued talking about the acting guildmaster.

「That person, you see, was already arrested by the Hunter Guild. Considering the gravity of what happened, I’ve been told that he’s to receive heavy punishment.」
Hm~nh, I see.」

Ciel’s absolute lack of interest is amazing. It’s as if to say that the cookies she’s eating right now are more important than that. I do share her sentiment though. While it has a simple taste, the wheat flour, sugar, and butter has a deep taste, I can just keep eating forever.

「Now, what does this have to do with anything, you ask? The Hunter Guild doesn’t want to have friction with you, it seems. I heard that even without my intervention, they had intended to treat you cordially.」
「That would make working a lot easier. Is it perhaps because of Celia and Carol?」
「My my, that reminds me, you two were acquainted with her.」

Which implies that mother is acquainted with either Celia or Carol, huh. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s Carol, though. Now, we did get somewhat close with the Central hunters. I think. So I guess it’s safe to say that correct information has been circulated? Or maybe it’s plainly because of our strength.

「And, right, for the searching of Artificial Divine Messengers, I guess staying in the Hunter’s Guild wouldn’t be a bad idea.」
「Artificial Divine Messenger… Ah, that one. That man-made sham. If I’m not wrong, defeating that made Ain assimilate divine power. In other words, you two are ready to come over to this side, then?」
「Yes, after all, I want Ain’s body.」

Hearing Ciel’s answer, Fiiyanamia giggled.

「You two really are close.」
「I’ve been with Ain since forever, after all. And we’ll be together forever.」
「In that case, you’ll also require information from outside Central. Certainly, for gathering these types of information, the Hunter’s Guild should be the best bet. Also, having a high rank really makes crossing national borders easy.」
「Is it difficult even as your daughter, Fii?」
「I’d say what happens after entering the border is more annoying, you know? I generally don’t leave here after all and I can’t invite people so easily. Still, there are many who want to hold connections with me, you see?」

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In other words, once we arrive in the country, there’s a chance that they may approach us to act as a mediator for our mother. And if, for instance, we make a request, there could be individuals who’d do everything to make us indebted to them. After roughly explaining this to Ciel, she had an annoyed look and murmured, 「That’s a bother.」

Hiya~! Today we continue on with the… adoption details? And the story, of course~!

First of all, the small interactions with Liessyl was cute, lol. Like, “Hey! What about me!?” tugs on Fii’s sleeves. And her sulking. And her waving at Ain. Speaking of Ain, yup, she’s kept her humanoid form, she’s no longer a Zelda navigator fairy, lol. And they’ve found a way for her to have a “body” that’s distinctly hers, if only temporary. That’ll be an interesting thing to keep in mind.

On the topic of Ain, her full air-headedness is on display this chapter, or rather is on the spotlight, lol. Ciel telling Ain to pay attention to herself more is really great. And, well, that’s about it for me today~! Hopefully I can be earlier next week, but I’ll try to get the next chapter done before weekends…

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Happy New Year! Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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