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Chapter 121: The Battle Sumiaria Saw ※Sumiaria’s Perspective (Part 1)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

A cage of thorns formed right before my eyes.
It happened mere seconds after Lady Cielmer moved.
In just those few moments, an army of more than a thousand was encircled.

And then, blood was spilled.
The thorns moved as though alive, crushing those who aimed to slay Lady Cielmer.
Today, I—Sumiaria—was fraught with worry until this moment, and now I realize that my anxiety was unfounded.


That day, the manor felt slightly busier than usual.
I say ‘as usual,’ but I’ve only arrived here a few days ago, so I’m not entirely sure about what ‘usual’ here truly is.

Curious about the day’s oddities, I looked around and noticed that objects from outside were being moved indoors.
Suspecting that this could just be redecoration work ongoing, I inquired with Miss Mohsa.

「Is there some sort of event today?」
「Being the lady’s personal attendant, it appears that you weren’t informed. A force led by Triadol apparently plans to attack this place tomorrow morning. The objects outside are at risk of being destroyed in the resulting skirmish, so we are taking them inside.」

Both Miss Mohsa and Miss Luna, who nodded beside her, serve as personal attendants to the young ladies like I do. Yet I was the only one not informed. Maybe it’s due to my newcomer status.
Perhaps I wasn’t informed out of consideration, given that I’m still contending with new things daily. Still, an attack? How disturbing.

Looking around again, the people busying themselves… didn’t seem at all distressed, actually.
In fact, they seemed rather relaxed.

「We’re going to be attacked, aren’t we?」
「This manor is the safest place in the world, you know.」
「Besides, we have the two young ladies on our side. If I’m not mistaken, Mistress Fiiyanamia will create a barrier around the premises, while Lady Cielmer is to handle the rebels.」
「Is that really alright!?」

Hearing Miss Luna’s nonchalant tone, I couldn’t suppress my voice.
For Lady Cielmer to take on the rebels alone, I couldn’t believe my ears.
They may have fended off a small group during the incident with my reckless brother, but the opposing force this time is likely much larger, potentially numbering in the hundreds or even reaching a thousand.

Brazen as he might be, Triadol is by no means incompetent. If he is coming to attack, then he must have made thorough preparations.
While the recent Amyulute incident could have accelerated his plans, he must have already amassed an adequate force still.

Several hundreds of men against one –– perhaps two, if Ainsel-sama is to be counted separately —–, the odds are clearly stacked against us.
But if the enemies consist only of ordinary men, I thought for a moment but I can’t imagine Triadol gathering a force that’s only for show.

「I understand your concern, but it would be disrespectful to have so little trust in your mistress.」
「Yes, however… Miss Mohsa, have you ever seen the young ladies in combat?」

I found it strange how they are able to remain so calm, so I asked Miss Mohsa this question.
Perhaps her confidence lies in having previously witnessed their strength in person. However, Miss Mohsa shook her head in denial.

「I have not. However, they were chosen by Mistress Fiiyanamia to be her children. In her own words, defeating Lady Cielmer would apparently require enough force to destroy a great portion of the land.」
「Besides that, they also have the track record of wiping out an entire stampede on their own.」
「A stampede on their own…」

Just how much hardship has that small body of hers experienced? It worries me to no end.
However, with a track record like that, I can understand why they aren’t very worried.

「Sumiaria, you should see it tomorrow as well.」

Miss Mohsa said. Unable to wash away my worry and anxiety, the next day has arrived.


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We had that conversation, I remember now.
Lady Ainsel’s barrier is unquestionably wonderful. I have no means of destroying it and I’m sure even A-rank hunters wouldn’t be able to overcome it by themselves.
I thought maybe raw numbers could overcome it but, to begin with, there are only a few spells and attacks in this battlefield capable of even reaching the stronger barriers.

No, it’s different.
What I am seeing before me is no battle.
This I see before me is a spectacle, a performance.

The cage of thorns not only imprisons the enemies, it also serves to showcase the caster.
Just as how rare and ferocious creatures are shown on display.

However, what’s on display here are not creatures such as those, but instead a dance.
Her dance must be easier to see from inside the cage.
That fact makes me slightly envious of them, but I wouldn’t wish to be inside there.

As though to represent the beautiful and vigorous sprouting of a seedling, Lady Cielmer purposefully extended her limbs outwards.
Even the tiniest movement of her fingers seemed deliberate, she must have a level of grace close to that of nobility. No, I’m sure she more graceful than any regular aristocrat.
Her level of grace might even be equal to that required of royalty.

Her movements are captivating even on their own but, when seen as a whole, it is a different experience.
It easily brings to mind the sight of verdant plants and blooming flowers growing in the warm spring.
With steps light as that of a hopping bird and movements lovely like a blossoming flower, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Meanwhile, within the briars, futile resistance continues to unfold.

As Lady Cielmer moves, the briars follow her movements.
Even as several people throw themselves towards her, she simply raises her arm up high and a wall of thorns blocks their path.
Continue attacking, and they harm themselves. Stop, however, and they will be crushed by the briars still. Even if they try attacking from a distance, they are easily repelled by the barrier.

It’s as if they are being told ‘you are only to blame for trying to come close’, but it is certainly their fault for suddenly besieging this manor. It’s only an act of self-defense. Despite the said act possibly resulting in the loss of their lives.

Besides, trying to interrupt her dance is nothing short of boorish.

Having a non AinCiel perspective main story chapter is rare enough, but two in a row? Still, it’s seems like Triadol and his men weren’t the only audience in AinCiel’s performance last time, lol.

It’s honestly interesting to see how other people see Ciel’s dance, especially when the said dance isn’t trying to actively kill the said people watching. It’s really interesting how powerful the “charm” effect Ciel’s dances have. In the last chapter, it stunned Triadol and his men for a split second, meanwhile this time Sumiaria seems really enamored by the sight of it, calling it a spectacle. Also, I think it’s dulling her reaction to the people possibly dying all around. She’s almost unhealthily focused on the dance and that’s honestly interesting. Still, just like with Sumiaria and the usual business in the manor, I don’t really know Sumiaria well enough to know what her ‘normal’ reaction to people dropping like flies would be.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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