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Interlude: Ciel and Envy

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

※Ciel’s Perspective

A lot of things have happened ever since we arrived at the royal capital, people attempting to kidnap us as we arrived, a plant becoming a headpiece during a request, and so on. Among these events, I think I relied too much on Ain during the conflict with the Hunter Guild. Still, if not for Ain, I would have likely ended that with the issue glossed over and left unresolved.

Actually, no; I would likely have gone berserk on the royal capital. After all, this was a problem that only became big because Ain was a Song Princess. In my opinion, a country that won’t accept Ain should just disappear. As for that thing that attempted to kill Ain for being a Song Princess in particular, I hope what Faneed is doing with it will make it regret even being born.

If possible, I would’ve preferred personally dealing with it myself but as Ain said, getting involved with nobles is time consuming, so I gave up on this. I don’t exactly know why and how it would be time consuming but since Ain said so, then I’m sure that’s the case. Still, considering what I heard from Ain, leaving the country by making a name for ourselves in the underground seems to be faster than rising up the Hunter Guild Ranks. Though, even I can understand why we’re not doing that.

Now then, as for what I’m doing right now, I’m not doing anything. Ain is using my body now, so thinking is all I can do. While I can forcibly retake control of my body, I have absolutely no intention of doing that. Rather, I want Ain to live her life more and do as she wants.

I know that Ain is being considerate and wants me to live as I like, but I don’t really like that too much. Ain insists that this is my life, but I only had this life thanks to Ain. This is a life that wouldn’t have been here if not for Ain, so I really hope that she could be a bit more self-indulgent.

Ain is so much of a good girl that it’s making me want to bother her as little as possible. Though, her being a good girl might be why I want to trouble her as well. There might be other people that don’t think of Ain as a good girl —even though it’s weird for me to call her that as if we’re the same age— but that doesn’t really matter to me.

Whatever anybody says, Ain is a good girl. A gentle person.

And that same Ain is currently ignoring Viviana writhing before her as she endlessly sang on. Carefree, refreshing, cheerful, gloomy, sorrowful, joyful… Ain singing in disorderly chaos is a clear sign that she’s indulging herself, so I’m awfully happy to see Ain being like this.

As for Viviana whose circuits are being expanded, she’s breathing heavily while enduring the ticklish sensation. Even so, I won’t stop Ain. To be exact, I actually tried stopping Ain about three times, but she didn’t hear me. I did it early on when Ain just started singing, so I’ve been listening to Ain for a few hours now.

However, I would later come to think that I should’ve stopped her earlier on.

A while after the sun had set and the magic lighting inside the inn had been turned on, Ain stopped singing. Upon seeing Viviana gasping for her breath after continuously enduring the tickling sensation for a long time, Ain asked her if she’s fine with an astonished look on her face. Ain not noticing that it’s already dark outside, even though she should notice it by now, was somewhat adorable.

『What happened to her?』

Ain asked me about it, so I teasingly told her to look outside.

Perhaps realizing what had happened, Ain was immediately left in round-eyed wonder. Still, in my opinion, it’s fine to have some days like this every once in a while. As Viviana and Ain adjusted their seating posture and began talking once again, I felt that they might be about to end things for today but then 「would you prefer to take a bath here?」 Ain suddenly asked this question. These words were a result of Ain’s kindness. Seeing Ain earnestly heating up the bath; I thought to myself, Ain’s so diligent.

However, as Ain finished preparing the bath and was about to wait in the room, Viviana grabbed onto Ain.

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Now that I think about it, have I ever experienced the embrace of another person? At the very least, I know that I haven’t experienced a naked embrace. I’ve touched my own hand before and I’ve also groped my own chest that time when I wanted to trouble Ain. Because of that, I know that people are soft. Still, I never knew that people could be this soft to the touch.

I never knew that they could be this warm. I never knew that they could feel so comforting. Even so, I can’t quite feel relaxed. Ain isn’t letting her guard down after all.

Still, I really wanted Ain to be the first to teach me about these things. Even though I know that it’s impossible. And while it’s impossible for me, Viviana can touch Ain. Thinking about it, I feel somewhat gloomy.

I’m sure that if I was the one outside right now, I would have been obviously sulking. As that went through my mind, Viviana absurdly asked Ain what’s driving her.

『It’s because Ciel is here with me.』

Ain immediately answered without hesitation. That was… that was absolutely unfair. Even though I was so gloomy, just hearing that cleared my mind. I can’t quite understand it. By the time I realized it, I had already let out some indescribable sounds.

After calming down after a while, I listened in on their conversation and it appeared that Viviana dragged Ain to the bathroom out of concern. I don’t really know how to console people, so I know that these things weigh heavy on Ain’s gentle heart. While I’m glad that Viviana tried to comfort her, I somehow felt happy knowing that Viviana wasn’t good enough to help Ain.

I really am a bad girl.

While it should have been best for Ain to have consolation, I ended up thinking that I should be the one to give her that comfort. Even now, I just can’t help but feel jealous of Viviana.

Maybe because of that, I couldn’t help myself from wanting to talk, but as I don’t want to genuinely bother Ain, I frantically kept my mouth shut until Viviana went home. Perhaps this was why when I was sure that we were finally alone, 『No fair! No fair!』 these words sprang out of my lips.

I really did my best to keep quiet, yet for some reason, Ain laughed at me. So, I said 『So mean, I even held myself back the whole time!』 in a pouty tone.

『I’m sorry about that. What wasn’t fair?』
『That you two were in the bath.』
『I see, I should’ve switched back then. I’m sorry, I wasn’t considerate enough, wasn’t I?』

Ain apologized, but that wasn’t what I wanted to say.

『That’s not what I meant. Not that.』
Umm, what do you mean?』
『It’s not fair that Viviana took a bath together with Ain! I wanted to take a bath with Ain too!』

As I said that, 『Ahh…』 Ain let out an ambiguously convinced reply.

『That… would be difficult.』
『I know, I know. Still, I’m envious…』

I know in my mind that it’s something difficult to do, and I know in my mind that this might not even be achievable for the rest of my life. Still, I’m not mature enough to accept that as fact. And I don’t want to be mature enough to do so.

Even so, Ain might end up hating me if I continue sulking, so I should try lightening up by the next exchange. As I was thinking so, my heart suddenly jumped. Ain immediately shook her head and spoke as if to gloss over what happened.

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『If, by any chance, there comes a time that I’m able to talk with you face-to-face, let’s take a bath together Ciel. If you’d like, it might be nice to wash each other too.』

Why did Ain’s heart suddenly jump? Why did Ain shake her head as if she’s shaking off her thoughts? I can guess as much as I like; but, somehow, this information was enough to put me back in a good mood. Besides, Ain’s suggestion was an unbelievably tempting idea.

Fufu, that would be amazing. It’s a promise, alright?』

While a giggle came out of my lips, I made this promise with Ain. A far future after going to the beach, after becoming B-rank, and after leaving the kingdom. I don’t care much about anything as long as I can be with Ain, but I now have a goal that I have to achieve.

Heya~! It seems like our little princess has gotten a clear direction right now~!

Anyhow, here we are back in chapter 58-59, lol. As usual, it’s quite nice to see Ciel’s POV. It is sad to see how Ciel can’t relax unless Ain does though, but they’re basically two halves of a whole by now. Also, the whole part about Ciel’s first touch with another people is nice too. What’s interesting though is how Ain is actually more wide open to Ciel when she’s using Ciel’s body. This does give Ciel more possible ways of teasing her, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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