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Interlude: Ciel and ○○

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

※Ciel’s Perspective

Ciel and Spirits

The rose of ice tore through the golden wolf. Perhaps because the barrier doesn’t work against it, Ain was more cautious, or rather worried, than usual, but we managed to beat it. Ain tends to think that her barrier is her only redeeming feature, but the truth is that Ain does a lot of things.

The barrier is a given, healing and scouting are her other roles as well, and most of all, without Ain’s songs, I wouldn’t be capable of bringing out all I have. Also, just her mere presence alone is reassuring. Still, just how much Ain wants to protect me, honestly makes me happy. Right now, I’m still always relying on Ain, but I want Ain to be able to rely on me someday.

While reflecting on that, I scanned my surroundings and saw that the golden wolf caused the frost rose to be off symmetry. With how awkward it looked, I couldn’t help but put it in words.

While it wasn’t defeated even after being frozen before, this should have done it in. Thinking so, I observed it from afar when suddenly something came flowing out from the golden wolf. This mysterious thing was strangely uncomfortable, but I wonder what Ain thinks of this? Ain said something about the peculiarity of the golden wolf’s claws, so maybe this was that.

As that one thought came to mind, more theory steadily flooded my mind. For example, is Rispelgia perhaps involved with this? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t that thing that flowed into me be something related to gods? As I stared at the wolf in deep thought, something suddenly passed through my field of view.

Chasing this thing moving from right to left, my line of sight shifted.

And there… was a person. An awfully small person. With a body only slightly bigger than my face.

They had bright green hair that reflected light, and their eyes resembled green jewels. They were dressed in clothing of the same shade of green, which emitted a faint glow.

Small arms, small legs. Up until now, I’ve barely had the opportunity to see someone smaller than me, so this felt somewhat new to me. She has the appearance of a person, but not the discomfort I feel from other people.

Is it because there’s no malice in her expression? Is it because I don’t feel hostility from this being far smaller than me?

As I was staring at it, the small being met my gaze.

With a bewildered expression, she floated from right to left. Even though it’s just a small movement, somehow, I’m getting excited.

At the very least, since this being isn’t a human, I feel like we could get along. She’s so small, so restless, how do I describe it? At first, I had no idea what this feeling was, but when I came to, 「Adorable.」 this already slipped out from my lips. She had a surprised look and then smiled widely, causing me to break into a smile as well.

While I do think of Ain as adorable, this being had a different sort of adorable to her, I suppose. It’s the same word, yet it gives such a different feeling for me. It was somehow amusing.

How she approached my hand when I brought it near was quite adorable, and how she had a disappointed look when she passed through my hand when attempting to grab onto it was adorable as well. As she cheered itself up and began to fly around me, I realized that there are a lot of beings similar to this one around me. Somehow, I’m having a lot of fun. I’m getting really excited.

『Ciel, are you alright?』

Hearing Ain’s call, I called her name with excitement. While Ain might actually think of herself as a him, she’s a Song Princess so she’s a her.

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『Somehow there’s a lot of these adorable things here! Right here!』
『Do they not scare you?』
『That’s right. I wonder why? I don’t get any bad feelings from them at all. What are they?』

I might have gotten a bit too excited. If I had thought more calmly, I should have first verified what these beings are. While I don’t think that they’re dangerous, it’s clearly better to be aware than to have no knowledge.

『I want to verify that as well, so would you mind if I borrow your body for a while?』
『Sure, feel free.』

As Ain seemed to have an idea of what their true identities were, I switched with her. No, actually, I was awfully embarrassed about being so uncharacteristically excited that I switched with her to gloss this topic over. Perhaps if I had been calmer, I could have also realized what their true identities were.

This is all Ain’s fault for being there to protect me. Because of her protection, my sense of wariness decreases.

Though this is plain nonsense from me. I need to properly reflect and be alert the next time around.

Getting back on topic.

As we switched, the little ones began acting differently. Unlike with me, where they just cheerfully flew around me, after Ain switched in, they’re snuggling quite close to her as though to show affection.

『Aren’t you quite popular.』

I can’t even bring myself to be affectionate with Ain. At the very least, not directly face to face. I wonder how I can be affectionate with Ain? There was barely anything written about these in that man’s sorcery papers, but would it be possible if I made a vessel like a golem or a homunculus?

I’d love to investigate it seriously, but this isn’t the time for that yet. There’s a lot of time before I turn 15 and become B-rank anyway, so I’ll do as much as I can during that.

「Pleased to meet you. Can you hear my voice?」

As I was pondering about that, Ain called to the largest among these beings, which by the way is still smaller than my height. She was adult-like, with horns on her head and a humanoid form.

I’ve roughly noticed this while playing with the little ones, but their voices couldn’t reach us. However, our voice appears to be audible to them.

Now I know, while only possible through questions answerable by yes or no, conversation is possible. It’s really amazing that Ain figured this out immediately.

And so, Ain asked them if they were spirits. On the topic of spirits, there should have been a Job called Spirit Channeler. Also, I think there are stories where they appear. Beings that are by our side, yet are unable to be interacted with. They are like nature itself and have extremely great power.

In that case, do these little ones hold great power too? It doesn’t feel that way to me though.

Despite the fact that the only responses Ain was getting were affirmations, denials, and the hard to distinguish neither, Ain managed to gather various information from the spirit. If it was me, I wouldn’t have any idea of what to ask. In these sorts of situations, I constantly end up thinking of how much I lack in experience yet at the same time, I’m reminded of how reliable Ain always is.

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Ciel and the Sea

Defeating the golden wolf and reporting to the guild, I then immediately left the town of Norvelle. After more than two years since we’ve escaped from that man’s mansion, I finally have the chance to see it. The moment I became conscious of that, I just couldn’t help but feel restless and I couldn’t be bothered to stay in town for a day longer.

It’s all thanks to Ain, but as long as we have food prepared, I can go anywhere I wanted to. Regardless of time and season. I’ve been traveling while relying on Ain but, somehow, these three days since leaving town feel somewhat different from the usual travels. Being able to see spirits now might be part of it but… I have a feeling that it’s not that either.

As we reached the other side of the mountain range, a strange wind I’ve never felt before enveloped my body. The air was awfully humid and even the smell has something to it. From afar, I hear some sort of noise resounding.

Something’s different. While feeling this anticipation, we exited the forest. My eyes were blinded as I left the dim forest, so I cast a shadow with my hand and waited for my eyes to adapt.

And as I moved my hand aside, before my eyes was a vast blue. I can understand the blue of the sky above me, but the vast blue before me was far and wide, and despite being connected to the sky, is clearly something different.

Besides that, unlike the sky, this one shimmers as it reflects the light of the sun.

The moment I realized that this vast blue was all water, I immediately understood that this is what’s called the sea.

So vast. So blue. My eyes, do they shimmer like this too? Is this how Ain sees them?

「Ain! Ain! The water is so blue!」
『Yes, it’s quite blue.』
「And it’s really big!」
『It is, this really takes me back. This is the first time I’ve seen the sea over here though.』

The feeling of seeing something for the first time. I had no idea how to express this feeling to Ain, so I talked while letting my words slip out on their own. I wanted to share this feeling with Ain, I wanted her to be amazed like me as well. But after hearing Ain’s reply, I realized something. This isn’t Ain’s first time seeing the ocean. With that in my mind, I couldn’t help but get a bit glum.

「Ain, was the ocean that you’ve seen before… also like this?」

Wanting to understand Ain’s emotions even just a bit more, I asked that.

『Let’s see. The sky and sea are blue, and the clouds and waves are white. Just as it is in my memory. However, there is something different now.』
「Really? What is it?」
『I couldn’t see any spirits back then.』
Fufu, they do look like they’re enjoying themselves. Say, Ain.」

An ocean where spirits are cheerfully frolicking. It seems like Ain hasn’t seen anything like this before as well. If that’s the case, then are we currently experiencing the same thing for the first time?

『What is it?』
「This isn’t all of the ocean, right?」
『Yes, it should surround the continent, so you can say that the ocean here is only a small part of it. This ocean faces a cliff, but there should be places where there are harbors built for fishing and I believe that there are sandy beaches where you can be much closer to the ocean.』

Perhaps there are oceans that Ain has never ever seen before. The next time I see the ocean, it won’t be my first time seeing the ocean as well. In that case, would that make me much closer to Ain?

「In that case, once we leave this country, let’s go see various other oceans. Let’s see various other skies. Let’s visit various other places. And then…」

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――Let’s reminisce a lot here then, here at the first ocean we saw together.

That was what I thought of saying, but I decided to refrain for now. After all, there’s no telling when we’ll return here and as of now, we still don’t have the memories to reminisce about.

Besides, I think for sure that those sorts of conversations happen spontaneously without prior planning.

『And then what?』
「It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.」

I shook my head and ended the conversation.

『Is that so.』 As I hear Ain muttering that, I burn this scene into my memory, so someday I can talk about the ocean we saw here.

Hiya~! Today’s chapter is yet another interlude displaying Ciel’s cuteness~!

These two interludes today are Ciel’s POV from roughly chapters 67 and 68 respectively. As usual, it’s pretty nice to seen Ciel’s opinion on things but we also get something quite interesting, two goals from Ciel. While the one about seeing different oceans was already told in chapter 68, it’s interesting as to why and it also builds up a reason to go back to this kingdom that treated them really, really badly. Despite how terrible the experience was and how practically uneventful their travels are, excluding the times they get into trouble, despite them travelling for *two years* (seriously, we didn’t even get to know what season it is currently, that’s how preoccupied with leaving they are) this is still a place of one very important memory.

And as for the other goal, being affectionate with Ain, aka Should I seriously consider getting Ain a body to be affectionate with? Well that’s an interesting idea there, Ciel. Also, yes, please do. Golems, homunculi, whatever choice they may have, this certainly is an interesting development, even if it’s just Ciel thinking about it.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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