Chapter 30 – Family discussions are important, aren’t they (Finale)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

I let Mum and Dad know that I talked to Timu. Dad said “Well done!” and praised me, but Mum said “How could you do something so dangerous!” and scolded me instead.

Hahh~ Mum is still scared because of that misunderstanding. I need to solve this, and fast. Only, I’m giving Timu and Pervert (Nielsen) some time to think about it. I only just told them off, so they’re probably still high-strung. Once they calm down, I hope they reflect on what they’ve done.

It’d be great if my feelings were conveyed to them, but…

Anyway, the next morning, I tried calling out to Timu. For the sake of not dragging out yesterday’s incident as well, I tried my best to give her a heartfelt smile.

“Morning, Timu. Did you sleep well last night?”
“Good morning, elder sister. Last night…”
“How was it?”
“I will not lie to you, elder sister. Honestly, I did not sleep at all. However, having spent a day thinking, I have finally understood the reason why I was scolded.”
“I see. It isn’t good to stay up all night, but big sis is happy that you seriously thought about it.”
“Elder sister!”
“When Niel comes, I’ll have you two tell me your answers.”

Timu gave a smile filled with confidence. Looks like I can be expecting results. This time for sure, Timu is going to reflect for me. Yesterday I didn’t use any corporal punishment, and she still understood my feelings. There’s nothing happier than this. Honestly speaking, the last time traumatized me as well. Although this is for Timu’s training, I still never want to raise my hand to her again.

A few hours later, Pervert (Nielsen) came as well. I made sure to give him a smile too. It wouldn’t do if we let yesterday’s scolding drag on. Only, if it seems he hasn’t reflected, the plan is to immediately change to my demoness face.

“Now then, since Niel is here as well, can I hear your answers?”

The two of them gave energetic replies, and Pervert (Nielsen) was particularly enthusiastic. Maybe I can look forward to his answer as well. First, Timu began to speak with a meek expression.

“I was a fool. Believing that my training was over, I thought about leaving. And it is the truth that I have succeeded in bringing my mana down to the level of an average human. I believe that I no longer needed training, and that there was no longer a reason to stay here.”
“Right, I heard from Mum. To think you talked about leaving here… And what’s more, your training has only just begun too.”
“Yes. I was arrogant for believing that I was ready after merely controlling my mana a little. Thinking about it carefully, I am merely a student that you have yet to personally instruct, elder sister. There is no greater shame.”

Exactly! I haven’t even taught Timu the basics of cooking yet. I’ll be troubled if she gets ahead of herself just because she’s been helping out a little. There’s still mountains of stuff to teach you, okay?

And the “mana control” she’s been talking about all this time is “arm strength control”, right?

When you’re cutting ingredients or scrubbing the pan, there’s a trick to how much power you use. That’s probably what she’s talking about. Timu, you can use as many chuuni words as you want. Big sis completely understands you, so don’t worry.

“Mn, it looks like you get it. First, you’re still in training. It’s going to be a problem if you misunderstand and stop helping around the shop. Also, you still haven’t said the most important thing yet, you know.”
“I know. The problem is my attitude towards that human-, no, towards Esteemed Mother, correct?”
“Right. So you get it after all. What do you think about what you’ve done?”
“If I take that attitude towards Esteemed Mother, it is clear that the people around us will discover that I am a demon. While the war potential of the human forces is still unknown, I must absolutely hide myself here. Please forgive my carelessness!”

After saying that, Timu apologized with a deep bow.


Going by her attitude, she’s reflecting. But her words don’t match.

Am I just thinking too much? And why did I suddenly come into the picture?

And also her apology was too filled with chuuni words like “demons” and “war potential”.

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“Timu, is that the answer you came to after thinking about my words yesterday?”
“Y-, Yes. Of course, just as you said, elder sister, I must be careful not only around Esteemed Mother, but around everybody else. I will never again commit a blunder that would hinder your road to domination.”

Eh-? Eh-? What’s going on?

Even if I’m translating it from chuuni, I still have no idea what’s going on, you know. For now let’s put Timu’s response on hold and try asking for Niel’s opinion.

“N-, Niel, is your answer the same as Timu’s?”
“Yes. I feel the same as Lady Camilla. Only, there is a slight difference. Although she is human, Madam Sera is still the temporary mother of Lady Tilea and Lady Camilla. And I took an insolent attitude to such a personage. A truly loyal servant would show respect to even the shoes worn by their master; although she is only your temporary mother, as the parent of my master, the attitude I took was much too unbefitting of a servant. My deepest apologies.”

After finishing what he wanted to say, Pervert (Nielsen) got down to his knees. A perfect prostration with his forehead on the ground. As an apology, this attitude is a pass.

Only, his answer feels a little off as well…

But I can translate his chuunibyou. In other words, Pervert (Nielsen) owes me a debt as somebody who hired him, and that means he has a debt to my parents as well. As usual he’s being overly dramatic and a complete chuunibyou with his words, but he is reflecting on his arrogance, so shall I just accept it? He’s even going as far as prostrating, so I’ll forgive him.

“Niel, it seems that you’ve reflected. Never do something so stupid again!”
“Yes, Milady. I shall engrave it into my heart.”
“Also, Timu, u-, umm…”
“Y-, Yes. Was my answer mistaken?”

Oh no, Timu is making that face like the world is ending again. My chest is tightening. I don’t want to make her sad like this.

Okay, let’s calmly analyze her answer. Timu is still a chuunibyou, so expecting a perfect answer from her is too much. At the very least, she said that she would change her attitude towards Mum, so shouldn’t I take this as a pass…?

“N-, No, you’re not wrong. Well then, do you know what you need to do next?”
“Yes. I shall apologize to Esteemed Mother.”

Ah, geez. So she does understand!

When I heard Timu’s answer I was feeling a little worried, but if she understands then it’s all good.

“Good girl. Make sure to apologize properly.”
“Yes, elder sister.”

Like that, we finished our conversation, and we began heading to the bedroom my parents were waiting in.

Mn, it’s fine now. Filled with confidence, I led the pair to the room.

“Tilea, have you finished talking?”
“Yes, Timu and Niel have something they’d like to say to Mum.”
“Ooh, I see! Come on, Sera. Stop hiding behind me, and show your face.”

When Dad urged Mum forward, I could just see her face. She was hiding behind his back, fearfully. Mum, if you let Timu see you like that, you’ll make her sad, you know.

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“Hii-! T-, Timu.”

It seems that Mum was still frightened to see Timu. Just as I was relieved to see her face come out from behind Dad’s back, she immediately pulled back behind him. This won’t do. I signaled the two of them with my eyes to prompt their apologies. The two of them nodded and walked towards Mum.

“Esteemed Mother, my deepest apologies for the impolite attitude I have taken.”
“Madam Sera, my behavior was unbecoming of a retainer. Please forgive my disrespect.”

Their chuuni-esque wording was noticeable, but at least they apologized. Their expressions were both serious after all, and they didn’t look like they were messing around. Will Mum accept it?

“I understand, Nielsen. Please raise your head. Let us continue to get along. A-, Also, T-, Timu too…”

Apparently Mum accepted Pervert (Nielsen)’s apology. But she was still stiff when it came to Timu.

Hm~mm, why?

Mn!? I see!

Looking carefully, Timu’s being expressionless. If she’s like this, then of course Mum would be uneasy. Timu always used to smile all the time, so just her expressionlessness is enough to mistake her for a demon.

“Timuuuu, your expression is still stiff, you know~ Come on, you’re scaring Mum! Come on, smile, smile.”
“S-, Smile, is it? U-, Umm, like this?”

Timu tried to smile, but it was a bit stiff. The corners of her mouth are raised unnaturally, so she needs to be a bit more relaxed.

“Timu, more naturally. Relax.”
“Y-, Yes. Naturally… L-, Like this?”

It’s no good. Perhaps telling her to relax made her even more nervous, because Timu’s face was just as stiff as before. As I thought, it’s hard to tell unless you can see your own face.

“Aah~ Geez, we aren’t getting anywhere. Like this. This!”

I grabbed Timu’s soft cheeks, and pulled them into a smile. Mn. You have to smile at least this much.

“Hoh-, Hohhneehyama, it hurff.”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Now try apologizing to Mum one more time.”
“Yeff. Eheemed Mahaa, mai deeheest apowlohees foah mai rhooneff.”
“Tilea, if you pull her cheeks that much, she won’t be able to say a thing.”
“Ehh? But Dad, Timu’s expression is too stiff.”
“But if you can’t even tell what she’s saying, there’s no point, right!”
“Well, yeah, but…”

Can’t be helped. I stopped pulling on her cheeks. When I did, Timu’s raised mouth fell back into her original expressionless face.

“E-, elder sister. No matter what, that was too difficult to speak.”
“Then smile a little more!”
“L-, Like this?”
“Ahh~ No good, no good. Put more of your emotion into it! You’re too expressionless.”

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Timu smiled broadly, but it was still stiff. Even though she isn’t expressionless when she’s in front of me, ever since she became a chuunibyou, it’s been happening a lot more in general. Do the chuunibyou of this world also look up to silent kuudere1 characters?

“I-, It’s difficult, isn’t it.”
“Timu, you’re failing because you’re thinking of it that way. I’ve said it so many times already, but it’s important to do it naturally!”
“Y-, Yes. Then how about this?”
“Hmm, a little better I think. Try one more time!”

Like that, I continued to give advice for a while, while Timu continued to ask questions, and our back and forth continued noisily for a while, when…

“PFFT-, HAHAHA! You two really do get along. Right, you’re right. There’s no way a girl who loves her big sister so much could be a demon.”

Whoa! Isn’t Mum laughing! Mum, it looks like the misunderstanding is finally cleared. I’m glad!

After that, Mum stopped hiding behind Dad’s back, and walked in front of the two of them.

“Timu, forgive me. Mum was a little funny in the head.”
“No, I am the one who was in the wrong. I am relieved that you’ll forgive me, Esteemed Mother.”
“Right. Then Tilea, help out in the shop please.”
“Ye~es. Timu, you can rest, okay? You didn’t sleep last night, right?”
“Elder sister, thank you for your consideration. I am fine.”

Saying that, Timu smiled happily. Timu, even though you can make such a great smile, it’s a waste if you’re so expressionless, you know?


––Camilla’s Perspective

After a short break, I stared at the back of my beloved and respected elder sister. Perhaps busier due to the influx of guests, elder sister moved about in a hurry.

“Nielsen, was my acting acceptable?”
“There was no problem. You are flawless in all endeavors, Lady Camilla.”
“I see. From now on, we will need to continue acting even around those surrounding humans.”
“It will be bitter.”
“The humiliation of somebody like me cannot even hope to reach elder sister’s. Behold! A personage who has risen to even the level of Evil God is enduring even when the likes of humans are being overfamiliar with her.”

One of the regular customers was speaking to elder sister in an over-familiar manner. A mere human. Unforgivable! If possible, I should like to tear them apart with my own two hands.

“Indeed. With the likes of a human taking that kind of attitude, Lady Tilea’s insides must be burning and writhing with rage.”
“Umu. However, for the sake of her path to domination, elder sister is enduring the unendurable. We cannot allow the likes of our puny pride to interfere with elder sister’s strategy!”
“Understood. As expected of you, Lady Camilla.”

Well then, shall I help out with the shop as well? Oop, I very nearly forgot my smile. It is humiliating to behave modestly around the likes of humans, but when I think that it is for elder sister’s sake, it becomes a simple task. Although my expression was stiff, I headed to the table to take their orders. Nielsen came along beside me.

“But still, Nielsen, is my face that expressionless?”
“Yes. Even your lack of expression is flawless.2
“…I-, I see.”


  1. A calm, aloof, reserved fictional character (usually a girl) who has a hidden soft side, especially for a love interest.
  2. Silva: That’s not a praise y’know, Nielsen?

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