Chapter 52 – What If I Want To Try?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After sneakily returning to my City Lord’s mansion, I found that Aleya and Felita still hadn’t woken up.

I first gently lifted Felita up from the bed, then sat behind the table, scattered several documents around me, put Felita back onto her resting position on my shoulder, and allowed her to continue sleeping while leaning on me. Following which, I began processing all the paperwork on the table at an extremely rapid pace. A short while later, the documents that needed processing were piled up into a small hill.

When it was soon to be nightfall, Aleya woke up with a start and quickly fumbled around for her sword as she simultaneously cried out anxiously:

“……Young master?”

I turned to face and her replied:

“Here. You’re up?”

Aleya stared at me for a while. Once she determined that I was safe, she let out a sigh of relief.

A short while later, Felita also straightened up dazedly. After she shook her head several times, she wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth, lifted up her head, looked around, and sleepily commented:

“Why is the sky dark……”

Before she finished her words, she suddenly realized that she had fallen asleep on the job. Looking at me nervously, she ended up noticing the saliva patch on my shoulder and stammered:

“Master. I, I……”

I stroked her head and comforted:

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You slept very late last night, right? Nothing happened during this period of time, so just treat this nap as a supplement to your tired mind.”

Felita appeared remorseful.

Aleya asked:

“Young master, nothing happened today?”

I pointed at the stack of documents on the table and replied:

“Nothing at all, I spent the entire day finishing off and approving Moon’s documents. Everything was fine, don’t worry.”

Only then did the duo lay down their vigilance.

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On the night of the same day, the two, who had both spent the day sleeping, stood guard outside the bedroom for an entire night.

When Moon came to pick up the documents the next day, I handed over the stack of approved documents. After doing so, I pretended to carelessly ask:

“Speaking of which, Moon, what understanding do you have on Lingwu Territory?”

Moon asked back in confusion:

“Why do you ask?”

I casually wove a lie, answering:

“About this……it’s said that the Overlord of Lingwu is last year’s Yun Hai’s Beauty Queen and am I not someone on the same road as her? So I was thinking of asking about what kind of person she is and how strong Lingwu Territory is and whatnot.”

Moon “oh”-ed in understanding. She found herself a cushioned seat, sat down next to me, placed both hands on the table, and smiled:

“The Overlord of Lingwu is publicly known as the Beauty Queen because it was like a unanimous vote for her at the time. Those who saw her appearance cast all their ballots on her. It’s not the same as how you collected them.”

I cheekily said:

“That can’t be called ‘collected them’. I used my outstanding good looks, sweet sing-songy voice, and graceful dancing to conquer those repulsive men, alright?”

Moon said “fine fine fine” to deal with me, then her expression returned to solemnity as he said:

“Lingwu Territory has always been quite mysterious and outsiders have very little understanding about it. It’s located in the northernmost area of Eternal Heaven State and directly borders the Giant Race of the【Middle Six Races】. Unlike the Demon Race of the Middle Six Races, there aren’t that many Giants in the Giant Race, but that also means there aren’t any weaklings. There are Demons in the surroundings of West-Resisting City like【Goblins】or【Slimes】and whatnot, but they’re extremely weak and even a human without knowledge of martial arts has a chance at killing them. However, that’s not the case for the Giant Race. An adult Giant is 5 meters tall at the very least and their strength is of at least Level 7 or above. Even if their intelligence is far worse than that of humans, they’re similar to humans in that they live in groups. The northern defensive line is in short supply of manpower every year and this happens to be one of the reasons why the kingdom organizes an annual Northern Expedition. But it cannot be denied that Lingwu Territory does have the power to block the tracks of the entire Giant Race during the non-Northern Expedition times. Being able to accomplish such a feat shows how dreadfully powerful they are. You need to know that being surrounded by a legion of Giants is a nearly unsolvable situation as the flesh and body of humans are as brittle as paper in their eyes.”

“The Overlord of Lingwu has 3 divisions of guards, namely【Solar】,【Lunar】, and【Hidden】. The Solar Guard are elite forces for responding to the Giant Race. According to legends, the Overlord of Lingwu is one that personally wields formidable power and frequently goes to personally participate in battles against the Giants. There are many experienced people who have killed a multitude of Giants in the Solar Guard and have abundant experience in adapting to any changes on the battlefield against them. Thus, they’re able to both coordinate and protect the Overlord of Lingwu while battling against Giants. The majority of the Lunar Guard is composed of females and while the Overlord of Lingwu is stationed in the city, they are the ones in charge of her safety. Hidden Guard is the Overlord of Lingwu’s Secret Division Organization and is in charge of their intelligence network, assassinations, and other such tasks.”

“The direct leader of Hidden Guard is called【Major Command】and for those who are able to achieve such a position have generally reached great heights on the Assassin Path. Moreover, they have a clear sense of the greater picture. Under Major Command are the【Ten Temple Hell Kings】composed of 10 exemplary and well-known killers. Major Command will very rarely leave Lingwu Territory, but the Ten Temple Hell Kings are active in every corner of Eternal Heaven State. They are all characters standing on the peak of the Assassin Path who claim that apart from their Overlord and the Royal Family, there isn’t anyone out there they can’t kill. In their eyes, the heads of some lower-ranking Overlords are something they can take at any time.”

After Moon finished his words, I finally understood what the phrase【Ten Temple Hell Kings】from Frost’s mouth meant.

To speak frankly, it’s that sort of famous and formidable assassin that also happens to be Shiloh’s teacher. Shiloh must have learned all her assassination techniques from them and given Shiloh’s response at the time, these so-called Ten Temple Hell Kings must have a great influence on her. They should be the most unattainable summit in Shiloh’s eyes, so it’s no wonder that Shiloh would expose such fear in that instant.

It was at this moment that Moon suddenly remarked:

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“Of course, none of the things above can be regarded as Lingwu’s genuine strength. The hardest power a territory has is most certainly their military power. Lingwu has an armored cavalry of 80,000 men strong and 150,000 armored martial soldiers. The north is cold and thus isn’t suitable for growing crops, yet is nevertheless rich in pastureland. As a result, Lingwu’s armored cavalry is the strongest armored cavalry in the entire world, but is forced to permanently reside in Lingwu Territory due to the Giants. If they were really to come southwards, then there wouldn’t be many territories able to block the way of just the 80,000 armored cavalry. By the way, the leader of these troops is the Overlord of Lingwu. She is both skilled in literary and military arts as well as skilled in calculating the thoughts of the monarch, a true versatile talent.”

Moon wasn’t aware that I had already planned on poaching this Lingwu’s talent, so his tone was still as relaxed as always while she continued to take the initiative in telling me:

“The current West-Resisting City should be on the same level as an ant in the eyes of the Overlord of Lingwu. It’s fortunate that we are in the southwest corner while she’s in the northeast corner and are very far away from one another. Furthermore, there are no benefit contacts between us, so it’s very likely that she doesn’t even know who we are. Whether an influence is strong or weak isn’t determined by their background. As long as we keep doing our own things, we will sooner or later be able to compete against her. After all, in Bai Feng’s eyes, only he, you, as well as the Overlord of Lingwu……will be the only three competing for the rule of the land under heaven.”

I asked tentatively:

“Then if I were to intend on stroking the mane of that tigress now……”

The corners of Moon’s lips curled upwards, revealing her beautiful dimples, and she softly replied:

“You’ll die without leaving even a thing behind.”


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