Chapter 43 – A Foodie Is Born

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Shiloh is someone who keeps her promises.

So for the following week or so, I received an all-round 360°, no blind spot assassination.

The most important thing is that in order to ensure that nobody is around me when I fight Shiloh, I had to deliberately avoid my City Lord’s mansion and everyone inside. I had to eat by myself, sleep by myself, and go out to have fun by myself. Even when Aleya took the initiative to ask me for swordsmanship pointers, I had to play it off and reject it. Because I don’t know when Shiloh will quietly appear and suddenly take my life with a single blow.

With this kind of situation ongoing, my easy and comfortable life was completely broken.

When I was eating breakfast in the morning, just when I finished frying an egg, a dagger suddenly appeared out of nowhere behind me. I stepped aside, causing my plate of peasant family-style golden egg fried rice to fall onto the ground before it could even get a “really fragrant” evaluation.

I endured it.

At noon when I was lying down for a nap, in the middle of dreaming about being wrapped in the same quilt as Aleya with visible heart emojis coming out of the quilt and floating into the sky, I suddenly felt murderous aura that made me felt as if I had fallen into hell. The instant I woke up, I had to tactically roll over to dodge the sword piercing downwards.

I also endured this.

When I was thirsty, I went to go draw water from the well. Right as I was pulling up the bucket from the well, I suddenly discovered that the wooden bucket wasn’t shaking with water, but rather a crouching loli. The loli instantly stabbed at my throat upon seeing me. I stepped back, let go of the rope, and the bucket fell back into the well.

I still endured it.

But the last straw was when I was still squatting in the ******* latrine pit and exerting myself physically with a reddened face. It was at this time that a head abruptly popped out from the door shutter and a pair of emotionless eyes saw the full view of me using the toilet. I really couldn’t bear it any longer:

“****, you’ll come even when I’m using the toilet??”

Shiloh looked at me coldly as if to tell me that she didn’t mind the smell or atmosphere. She held the door shutter with one hand while using the other to take out a dagger and immediately throw it at me. There wasn’t enough time for me to lift up my pants, so I had to use both my feet and shuffle on the floor so that I could generate enough friction to move backwards. The dagger whooshed past my body and into the pit.

Shiloh turned around and left, not even giving me enough time to lift up my pants and rush out to chase after her. Just like this, she disappeared from my line of sight.

Slippery like a loach.

What made me even more riled up is that in order to avoid everyone in my City Lord’s mansion, I’ve had to slip away at dawn for these past few days, find a place with nobody to stay or simply go out of the city and do my utmost to not implicate other people. But reality proves that when a veteran late-stage patient with laziness cancer, who usually won’t move if he doesn’t have to, suddenly changes his temper, the people around him are bound to not be very used to it.

On a certain night after returning to my City Lord’s mansion from a long day of toiling, I met Bai Huang standing by the doorway with her hands at her hips.

Seeing me return, Bai Huang’s eyes opened wide as she questioned me:

“Why have you come back so late again? Are you raising a mistress outside?”

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I replied in a bad mood:

“I don’t even have a wife yet, how could I have a mistress.”

Bai Huang snorted, tilted her head, and continuously swept her eyes on me.

“Then why do you keep running out every day without letting anyone even catch sight of your shadow?”

I answered thoughtlessly:

“It’s just to exercise my body. Special training, you understand? I’ve already turned over a new leaf; from now on, I cannot become depraved again. I need to strive to improve myself so that I won’t be a drag on everybody.”

Bai Huang said with disdain apparent on her face:

“That’s enough, you. I feel that you long to tie yourself on our hind legs and let us pull your forward every day.”

“How did you kno……cough cough, I mean, how can that be.”

Bai Huang moved closer to me and adopted an appearance she thought was extremely cute, but in my opinion, it was a really foolish looking cute act. She coyly said:

“Nee~nee~, what has big bro Li De been doing recently? Just tell me, okay~”

I took three steps backwards with all the hair on my body standing up as I replied:

“No! Girl, get lost!”

Bai Huang stamped on my foot several times in anger, then flung her arm and walked towards her bedroom:

“Whatever! Grand aunt doesn’t feel like caring about you anymore, just do whatever you want!”

With those words spoken, Bai Huang slammed the door and went to sleep.

Leaving me hanging in the cold night breeze.

Being misunderstood, yet being unable to do anything about it, I felt that my life was very difficult.

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Ah! On such a quiet and desolate night, only the moon and stars in the sky are willing to accompany me——

Just as I was sighing with regret, Shiloh suddenly appeared behind me and stabbed at my head with her dagger. This happened while I was immersing myself in a poetic mood, so I nearly didn’t react. When I did react, I cut an especially sorry figure dodging it and got my arm slashed in the process.

Blood flowed out of the wound and onto the ground.

I didn’t dare curse too lowly, so I softly chided:

“Can’t you let me have a moment in such a scene? Why did you attack in such a scene anyway??”

Shiloh stared at me unblinkingly as if to tell me that she thought of me as a mentally handicapped.

Fine, amazing.

I walked over to my room with the intention to sleep in the pitch-darkness to make up for the sadness I felt for being misunderstood. But I was met with another two assassination attempts in the middle of the night. This made me so angry that I was tempted to go catch her back and beat her *** or roll her into a ball and throw her off West-Resisting City’s city wall.

The next day, I got up super early and went to buy some jianbing in the city. 1

I felt like the dumbest out of a group of dumbasses, the most retarded out of a group of mentally handicapped. If I had known earlier that it would be so hard to catch her, I would’ve just slammed Shiloh onto the ground with my palm. If I want to catch her now, it’s likely going to be a little troublesome. I had no choice but to comfort myself in my mind, we’re already familiar with each other, it would be a waste to not bring her over to my side.

I, Li De, have already made such a big sacrifice. How can it be that I won’t be able to obtain one person with such a huge sacrifice??

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I felt around in my pocket and found two copper coins. I took them out, slammed them onto the table, and shouted:

“Please add two more eggs for me!!”

The shop assistant answered:

“Okay~! Please wait a moment customer~”

I crossed my arms. When the shop’s waiter handed over the jianbing to me, I lifted it up and took a bite out of it and walked out. Suddenly, a dagger aimed at my waist came out of nowhere. It seems that Shiloh has changed her mind this time. Since she isn’t able to kill me in a place with less people, she’ll try it in a place with crowds.

But unfortunately, she was equally as restricted in such a crowded area. I was wearing some fairly thick clothes today, so in the instant her dagger pierced my coat, I swiftly reacted and twisted enchantingly to the side. Thus, her dagger was only able to shred my clothes. In return, I wanted to teach her a lesson, but discovered that I had no weapon on hand. Since the only thing I did have was the jianbing, I stuffed right into her mouth.

When I turned to look, I found that Shiloh’s small ruddy lips were stuffed with the jianbing while her expression had a touch of pain and anger.

But when the fragrance of the jianbing entered her sensory receptors, she put away the dagger in her hands and used both hands to keep the jianbing in place. After giving me a quick look, she rapidly escaped backwards. Her size was relatively small and could barely shuttle back and forth through the crowd of people. I didn’t have this skill set of hers, so I just let her slip away.

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I didn’t chase after her.

The expression she had when holding the jianbing in her mouth was still fresh in my mind. I don’t know if it’s my misconception or not, but in that instant, there seemed to be some kind of desire emerging in those lifeless eyes of hers.

The desire for food.

I stroked my chin and faintly felt as if I had touched upon a way.


  1. Jianbing is a savory Chinese pancake. Google it, they taste great.

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