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Chapter 4 – The Kind You Can’t Coax

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Before going to sleep that evening, I first searched for a book and read a story out of it to Fang Thirteen.

Her fragile body was wrapped in a velvety quilt, her eyes shut, her breathing even. I wasn’t sure whether she was asleep or not, so I just kept reading with a low voice. I read until I felt sleepy and at that point, I quietly walked out.

I estimated that it would take several more years of living the days out like this. As long as I didn’t mention it, Fang Thirteen would have most likely forgotten about that little brother of hers who mistreated her.

I’ve always been the firm believer in having people mend wounds that other people have inflicted. For example, Felita was bullied by other people, so I helped her take revenge. But wounds created by time can only be repaired by time. Fang Lita hadn’t been the former Fang Lita for quite a long time already, but the nostalgia Fang Thirteen has about them is merely the innocence of those days when they were naive playmates. This sort of nostalgia isn’t the sort to be wiped out just by beating up the current Fang Lita, but it’s not like there’s nothing I can do at all. Isn’t it just being good to her? I can just make use of Fang Lita’s successful experience and copy and paste it in her memories with me. If anything, it’ll just be a bit more time-consuming, but I don’t care about that in any case.

Simply put, being a three-second hero is useless, one should be prepared for a war of attrition.

When I got up in the morning, Fang Thirteen had already arrived at the frontlines.

I yawned and was going to find something to eat. Soon after I left my room, I saw Bai Huang sitting in the hallway with arms crossed. I didn’t think much of it at first, but after I walked two extra steps, I heard Bai Huang go ‘hmpf’. I walked two more steps and heard another ‘hmpf’ from Bai Huang. Seeing me not pay attention to her and remain heading towards the kitchen, Bai Huang coughed several times in succession and tried to hint at something frantically.

I wrinkled my brows and felt that the situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed, so I walked over to Bai Huang and kindly asked:

“What, do you feel something foreign in your throat, like you can’t cough it out or swallow it down, and felt nausea when you were brushing your teeth in the morning and felt like throwing up? This is chronic pharyngitis……”

Bai Huang turned her head and didn’t listen to what I had to say.

I had no other choice but to sit next to her and ask:

“What’s the matter? Tell me about it.”

Bai Huang dryly threw some words out of her mouth:

“I’m angry.”

After thinking for a bit, she added:

“The kind you can’t coax.”

I nodded:

“Ah, so it’s that kind. Then I won’t coax you. You can stay here angry and slowly simmer down. I’m going to find something to eat first, sorry for bothering you.”

With that said, I was thinking of turning my body to leave, but Bai Huang was holding onto my pants. On the first step I took, she nearly pulled my pants off of me. Helpless, I raised my pants as I sat back down while thinking in my heart “I shouldn’t get angry when other people are angry, anger produces an illness that nobody can cure”. Once I was seated again, I adopted a smile and inquired:

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“Miss Bai Huang, what’s wrong? Who bullied you, tell me and I’ll help you clean him up.”

Bai Huang snorted twice and replied:

“I’m afraid you wouldn’t dare!”


Alright then Little Huang, it seems like you’ve learned the method to indirectly egging other people on, huh.

I slapped my thigh in response:

“I, Li De, am the voice of authority in West-Resisting City; say it, I’ll help you take revenge!”

Bai Huang’s head was still turned and she also didn’t glance at me as she stiffly said:

“There’s no need for you to do so. Great aunt is just angry. You tell me, how could there be such a despicable person; when I ran over here from so far away, he wouldn’t give me a good attitude. Instead, towards that hard headed person who didn’t want to come, he rushed over with a smiling face. Are all men like this?”

I inhaled using my nose and deliberately said:

“What’s going on? How come I smell something vinegary?”

Bai Huang stood up suddenly, stamped her feet, and shouted:

“Li De!”

I also stood up and answered:


Bai Huang grinded her teeth as she yelled:

“That golden velvet quilt made out of silk of mine, was it or was it not you who gifted it to Fang Thirteen? During dinner yesterday night, did she or did she not get more eggs than I did? Also, housing! Fang Thirteen obviously isn’t a permanent resident in the City Lord’s mansion, so why does she have even better lighting in her room than I do? Furthermore, why does she have the authority to mobilize Aleya and Felita while I have to play by myself?”

With a big black question mark on my face, I waved at her:

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“Wait wait wait, I admit to everything you said after, but how could it be possible that I gifted your bedding to Fang Thirteen……”

Before I finished my words, I suddenly recalled what I instructed Aleya to do yesterday; “Go and find the best bedding inside the mansion and give it to Fang Thirteen”……

****, Aleya shouldn’t be that frank, right. No wonder I felt that the quilt looked a little familiar when I was tucking Fang Thirteen in. What to do, what to do.

Seeing my momentum die off, Bai Huang sneered:

“Remember it? A true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his own actions; I’m telling you now, great aunt doesn’t care much about that quilt, you can go cover your little lover with it!”

Bai Huang stomped out angrily after finishing her words.

I scratched my head and thought to myself ‘what the heck?’

I went out with a mind to chase after her but found that Bai Huang had already disappeared from my line of sight. However, the guard she brought from Yun Hai, Heji, was standing perfectly straight at the doorway. After seeing me, he faintly smiled and pointed a finger in a particular direction without saying anything.

I gave him a grateful smile.

Heji said:

“Sir City Lord shouldn’t get angry at sir Bai Huang. News came yesterday night stating that sir Bai Feng and sir Bai Ye have publicly broken off relations. Sir Bai Huang drank two pots of wine yet worry was still across her face and she intended to tell you about it. After a long time of searching, she found you in young lady Thirteen’s bedroom sitting by the bedside and reading her a story. Sir Bai Huang was full of anger upon seeing this and smashed two vases when she returned to her room. She didn’t even eat breakfast in the morning today.”

I sighed.

Moon had once given me his analysis about why Bai Feng sent his younger sister over to West-Resisting City. She indicated that it was clearly to keep her away from the heart of the maelstrom and also signified that Yun Hai was about to go through a revolutionary change. By the time Bai Huang would have arrived back at Yun Hai, there would probably only be one of her older brothers left and she probably knew this in her heart. This sort of circumstance indeed was one where she would find someone to spill out everything in her mind, but the person she wanted to do so with just so happened to be flirting with another girl——at least, it was like this in Bai Huang’s eyes. With how pampered and spoiled she’s been since childhood, it would be weirder if she wasn’t angry.

It’s only normal for her to be a little temperamental when left in a foreign land where nobody loves her or spoils her.

I rubbed my head and gave my gratitude to Heji again. This guard of Bai Huang’s gave me a calm smile and said something I didn’t understand at first, but made me raise my eyebrows when I understood it:

“But unfortunately, sir Bai Huang treats me as a guard and friend, so I can only ask sir City Lord to guide her well.”

There was a trace of loneliness in his voice.

I nodded in response and ran out.

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After pacifying Moon’s mood with great difficulty, Bai Huang exploded. Even though Fang Thirteen’s arrival had made up for an important part of the jigsaw puzzle, she also produced many obvious conflicts.

Fortunately, the direction Heji pointed me in was correct. Not long after I started running, I saw Bai Huang wandering around on the street.

I pulled on Bai Huang’s arm and said with a welcoming smile:

“Come come come, Bai Huang, let me treat you to a meal.”

But unluckily, Bai Huang and Moon were different. She threw off my hand, put her hands on her waist, glared at me, and exclaimed with a pause:

“Get! Lost!”


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