Chapter 15 – New Conflicts Of Interest Will Always Break Out

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Moon and I strolled the streets shoulder to shoulder. This time, however, we didn’t walk on the main street but rather some relatively remote alleyways. As we walked, we talked:

“The development of a city is like a person’s heart; it can be satisfied, but it will not always stay satisfied. When you first came to West-Resisting City, West-Resisting City’s greatest danger was the invasion of the Demons. It was by depending on you saving Felita that you were able to save West-Resisting City from incurring damages. Soon after, West-Resisting City began developing their construction on infrastructure, but very quickly ran into a bottleneck. In order to solve it, you came over to Yun Hai and found me. Twists and turns later, I followed you back to West-Resisting City and assumed control over internal affairs. Afterwards, due to us not having a qualified commander-in-chief as well as West-Resisting City being jointly invaded by both the north and east, you braved dangers using your own life, went to Sky Star City, and returned with the liberated Fang Thirteen. At this point in time, I’m responsible for internal affairs while Fang Thirteen has assumed control of the army, so West-Resisting City is fundamentally stable.”

Moon let out a soft sigh and then said:

“But if you think over things carefully, you’ll discover that the current West-Resisting City still has too many problems when compared to those very well-developed territories. Take a look at our economy, for example. We’re too dependent on cultivating domesticated Demons, causing our industrial growth to be skewed. There’s also the issue of a Secret Division Organization, medical facilities, and with these mentioned, there’s also the problem of education. We don’t have our own pool of talented people. All of these things are things I keep in my heart and make me quite anxious whenever I think about them, but I know they’re not things that we can achieve in a short period of time. I’m not even sure that I’m actually capable of accomplishing these things. I’m unwilling to keep you in the dark nor do I want to show off my capability. In terms of connections, I’m too lacking; I don’t even recognize the leading roles of each area.”

I turned my head, looked at him, and comforted with a smile:

“It’s fine. The things you can’t accomplish, I can help you do them. Just like how I brought Fang Thirteen back with me last time, I’ll bring other people back in the future.”

Moon quietly joked:

“If it’s possible, it would be best if you could bring several men back in the future.”

I helplessly responded:

“It’s not my fault, okay?? It’s not like I deliberately choose to accept girls, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought you back then.”

After teasing him a couple times, the sound of commotion suddenly broke out ahead of us.

Moon used her hand to block me and hinted for me to stand by his side, then said:

“Come, take a look.”

What appeared on the road was a considerably luxurious carriage. Even though the degree of luxury was less than the one in my City Lord’s mansion, it was quite awesome. When compared to the drab gray houses in its surroundings, it gave me a feeling similar to that of a disruptive line on a painting.

Moon and I weren’t dressed in any extraordinary clothes, so nobody paid any attention to the two of us.

There was a peal of muffled anguished wailing in the surroundings of the carriage. Upon closer inspection, I saw a 23 or 24 year-old young man collapsed on the ground while clutching his leg and groaning in pain. In contrast, the horses were incessantly stomping their hooves and breathing heavily through their noses, appearing restless. From what could be made out, the situation was one of a rushing carriage knocking down a pedestrian.

A middle-aged man wearing clothes made out of silk got out of the carriage. I didn’t recognize him the instant he got out, but when I took a closer look, I was shocked to see that it was the person-in-charge of the Demon Cultivation Farm, Hunter. After this person changed from his former butcher job to being the cultivation farm director, the width of his waist didn’t change a single bit, nor did the ferocious look on his face.

Because of his loyalty and reliability in how he handles work, I had a somewhat good impression of him, so I fixed my gaze on him.

Hunter got out of the carriage and straightened the small hat on his half-bald head; his appearance as a whole was a bit comical. He walked over to the young man that the carriage had bumped into and asked with a gentle expression:

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“What’s the matter? What happened? How could someone perfectly fine like you be knocked down? Someone, quickly call a doctor, I’ll pay for the bill and also give him some compensation……”

Some of the onlookers wanted to step in when suddenly, Hunter lifted up his foot and heavily stamped down onto the young man’s stomach. Hunter’s originally not-too-big eyes instantly opened wide and his fierce-looking expression trembled as an ominous glint appeared in his eyes and he coldly shouted:

“Is that what you were hoping I’d say? Fools thinking of charity! Lowly people are merely lowly people, you think that by coming to West-Resisting City, you won’t need to read another’s facial expressions to survive? You’ve startled my beloved horse, how should we calculate this debt, huh?! Which family’s person are you! Little Five, go handle him; go to his house and ask for compensation! This is the horse I purchased with great difficulty, I can’t just let this pass!”

Hunter withdrew his foot and spat out a mouthful of saliva on him, then rubbed his horse’s head twice. The horse chortled and made itself look arrogant. In this world, it’s not just dogs that understand how to rely on the power of humans; all domesticated animals understand how to do so.

Just like how Hunter knows to rely on my power.

The one called Little Five is a thin-skinned man with features of a monkey. He ran out from behind Hunter, then cruelly pulled the wounded young man up, but found that he had already lost consciousness.

Several onlookers were warmhearted enough to say:

“Sir, we are all farmers who are able to only accumulate several dollars a year. Isn’t there no need to make it hard on us?”

“You can’t treat us like this just because we were once Sky Star City’s people.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with the horse, though? Aren’t you just bullying him?”

Little Five sternly hollered:

Shut up! Do you all know who this sir is? When Demons hear his name, which one of them isn’t afraid? Sir Hunter is the Demon Cultivation Farm’s owner! His words are the same as sir City Lord’s words, killing you all is like play to us! Speak, whoever says a word more will be seized at the scene to feed the Demons!”

The crowd obediently shut their mouths.

Little Five revealed a monkey-like smile, baring his yellow teeth. He pulled the collar of the young man he was holding even harder and swayed him before the crowd as he said with a giant grin:

“This here is a ****** without balls; he fainted without saying a word! He still hasn’t told me where his family lives; how am I supposed to know where to go to ask for money, haah? Since you came with him, you must be familiar with him, eh? Come one of you, come out and lead the way! No? Then I’ll just choose someone, you over there, come!”

Little Five pointed at an honest and naive-looking young man. The young man’s knees went soft and he instantly kneeled onto the ground.

“This lowly one doesn’t know, this lowly one doesn’t know……”

Little Five crossed his arms and said with a sneer:

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“I advise you to think more clearly. This horse isn’t some ordinary horse; sir Hunter’s horse is worth at least 10 gold coins. If you shield your partner, you also won’t be able to escape punishment!”

Cold sweat dripped from the forehead of the man kneeling on the ground. The young man hastily stood up, wiped off the sweat, and stammered:

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare. I’ll bring you……”

Little Five pulled on the young man with a broken leg, causing blood to drip-drop onto the ground through his trousers.

Hunter looked at how the situation unfolded and then climbed onto the carriage with satisfaction. The horse’s hooves stamped onto the bloodstains and the carriage sped into the distance.

Life? Insignificant like grass, why care about it.

Once Hunter was far away, Little Five carried the unconscious young man on his shoulders and swaggered away. When he passed by me, I expressionlessly stuck out my foot to trip him and caught the injured young man as he fell.

“Who? Who dares to trip me?”

Little Five stood up and surveyed his surroundings viciously. But before he was able to regain his balance, I lifted my leg and kicked him in the shank to make him tumble down again. This time, I didn’t give him an opportunity to stand back up. First, I broke his lower leg and then stamped on his face right after, crushing his nose and causing him to instantly lose consciousness.

I threw the still-bleeding young man in my arms into the crowd. Naturally, there was someone who caught him. After freeing my hands, I pulled on the equally-unconscious Little Five and threw him at the person he selected to lead the way and said:

“Go, catch up with that carriage and return this person. If that arrogant fatty asks, just tell him ‘someone said that your subordinate is doing a bad job and is dirtying his slabbed road’. That fatty will naturally understand and won’t make things hard for you.”

That person hesitated a little, so I smiled as I patted him on the shoulder:

“What, you’re susceptible to force but not persuasion? Do you need to lose a leg before you go handle things?”

The man shivered all over from fright. He hurriedly picked up the unconscious Little Five and ran in the direction that the carriage had disappeared into.


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