Chapter 31 – Yes, There Is Someone Who Is Willing To Hold An Umbrella For You Under Such A Heavy Rain

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

In each and every one of those nights, there were no lit candle lanterns; only the quiet and clear sounds of pen being put on paper could be heard.

In those years, there was no laughter; only blood having close contact with a handkerchief.

Everyone treated her as a savior; it was as if they believed that all issues would be solved as long as she was present. With the years passing by like this, Fang Lita became used to it, as well as Sky Star City’s commoners. The one who could eat unappetizing food, didn’t need any guards, and only required one maid to attend to her: Fang Thirteen. She could command three battle formations simultaneously, rack her brains to think up solutions to situations, work until she even started spitting up blood, and overturn the situation even when everything was against her: Fang Thirteen. She was always unperturbed, always smiling and encouraging everyone around her with a “no problem, no problem”, always concealing all the pain she suffered behind her back and shipping out a reassuring smiling face.

But in the end, she was only mortal, not a god.

In the end……she wasn’t able to save this city, and also was unable to save Fang Lita.

Then, I might as well be buried here.

When the skies were clear and sunshine was strong, perhaps sparrows would be pecking away at her body and ants marching away with a piece of her flesh. Her sole regret was that she couldn’t melt away in this rain, that she couldn’t change into the great winds, that she wouldn’t be able to forever exist in some place in this world.

Maybe when I reincarnate, I won’t be as cold and frail as I am now.

Fang Thirteen was absent-minded momentarily. When the last drop of rainwater dripped down from her hair, she felt as if the rain had stopped.

Soon after, though, she discovered that the rain was still falling, splashing in puddles and onto her body.

But only her head wasn’t being rained upon.

All that could be heard was the sound of rain pitter-pattering onto an oiled paper umbrella.

There was a person standing by the side of her body holding an oiled paper umbrella, with half of it blocking the rain from falling on Fang Thirteen’s head.

In such a downpour, everything seemed to be like a hallucination experienced while in a dream.

Fang Thirteen opened her mouth to speak, but before words even left her mouth, she heard a familiar voice come from above:

“I wonder how such a lady, who appears to be 70 to 80% new, could be thrown away. If nobody wants her, then I may as well pick her up and return so that I may fix her up; who knows, perhaps she may be useful.”

Fang Thirteen softly whispered:


The other party didn’t reply to the cry and merely continued his soliloquy:

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“Fang Thirteen, do you still remember? In the past, I once said that you seemed to be living the life of a dog. Since that’s the case, do you know what you look like now?”

He paused for a moment, then replied to his own question:

“You resemble a homeless dog.”

It was a joke that wasn’t funny at all.

But still, Fang Thirteen began laughing and as she laughed, she suddenly asked:

“Jade……this name is fake, right? Are you……”

After Star-Commanding City fell into enemy hands, Fang Thirteen spent countless nights pondering this question with a numb expression.

Afterwards, she gradually discovered that when all the possibilities were crossed out one by one, the only remaining possibility was the one she was most unwilling to believe. Everything had turned for the worse after that person had come; she had gained selfishness, Fang Lita became even more distrustful of her, and the two of them even quarreled many times. That letter that had baffled her up until now, as well as how the enemy side attacked the weak point of the recently formulated formation, everything now pointed to the man that had recently departed.

That man went silent for a moment before he changed his voice to a more younger sounding one and asked:

“Now? Can you guess who?”

Fang Thirteen’s heart skipped a half-heartbeat. She had practically recalled whose voice it was the instant she heard it because, though she couldn’t see, she had always been especially sensitive to sounds. That day when she brought her troops outside of West-Resisting City, there was a young man who stood above the walls of the city shouting with great confidence, so she would never forget this voice.

Fang Thirteen opened her mouth and shouted with a failing voice:

“Li De……!! Someone……come, someone——”

Before she could finish her words, she had already begun violently coughing.

The one facing her remarked with a smile:

“I advise that you don’t shout. You already don’t have the strength to shout anyway. Maybe in your eyes, if you’re able to seize me here, you’ll be able to make a final comeback. However, your voice currently won’t reach anyone, your lungs are damaged, and you’re injured from head to toe. Just talking to me is a reluctant effort on your part that requires all your remaining strength. That sir City Lord kicked you with the mentality of kicking you to death and didn’t hold back in the slightest bit.”

Fang Thirteen bitterly chuckled, then quietly asked:

“I thought of many possibilities, but I hadn’t ever thought about this ending. West-Resisting City’s City Lord had personally come to grace us……heh-hak hak. I guess I haven’t died unjustly?”

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The young man holding the umbrella serenely replied:

“Didn’t I say it before? If I wanted you to die, there were already countless opportunities for me to kill you.”

Fang Thirteen spat out a mouthful of blood and the blood mixed into the puddles surrounding her. She weakly inquired:

“What do you want?”

The umbrella-holding young man indifferently answered:

“Since I’ve appeared here, you should already know in your heart.”

Fang Thirteen shook her head and slowly returned:

“I already don’t have the power to shout for someone to seize you……but I won’t leave with you. Li De, I admit that your strategy is superb, but in the end, I……am the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s thirteenth daughter, am A’ta’s older sister, and am Sky Star City’s person. I was the one who lost this time, so leave, just go……”

Before the sound of her voice even fell, she felt an umbrella being handed over to her. Instinctively, she went to grab a hold of it and just as she did, she felt herself being princess-carried up. The rain still wasn’t falling on her. Fang Thirteen wanted to resist, but she had long since lost the strength to do so. She was dizzy and could only hear the person in front of her speaking with laughter in his voice:

“Mm. I just knew you would say something like this, so this time, I don’t intend on taking your advice.”

Fang Thirteen clenched her teeth and whispered a refusal. Her tone, however, wasn’t as firm as before and it was even more like a gentle murmur:

“Let me……down……”

She used her hands in an attempt to push the person away and the umbrella fell onto the ground as a result. The heavy rain pelted her body once more and within this downpour, she felt as if the person before her was speaking of many things. After a long long time passed, she felt herself lying down on a soft bed. When she heard the sound of that person’s footsteps receding, she tried to get up but had already lost consciousness.

Li De turned around and entered the veil of the rainfall, leaving behind a mere word of well wishes:

“Rest well, Fang Thirteen.”

The noise generated from the rain covered up many sounds. For example, the sound of Fang Lita having a drinking party within the City Lord’s mansion. His three wives and six concubines were all pouring wine for him while the female dancers, who were purchased at a high price, were dancing to lively tunes and showing off their lithe, graceful bodies. His guards stood next to him, accompanying him to drink as they incessantly praised him for his brilliance and godly might. The scene was one of liveliness and excitement.

The noise generated from the rain was also unable to cover up many sounds. For example, the sound of City Lord’s mansion’s grand entrance in Sky Star City being broken open in one kick. The thick and expensive wooden door flew out and only stopped after smashing into the mansion. The amount of hatred this man must’ve had with the City Lord was unclear.

The guards scrambled into action; in contrast, the wine in Fang Lita’s cup spilled onto his clothes.

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The young man, who was drenched from head to toe, tread into the City Lord’s mansion and glanced at the guards rushing forth as if they were mere specks of dust. He walked until he reached the room where the party was being held, leaving a trail of water on the crimson rug leading to the room.

Perhaps it was due to the rainwater that had washed away the makeup on his face that led Fang Lita to not recognize the person who had come as he shouted:

“Who? Trespassing into the City Lord’s mansion is a sin worthy of beheading, do you know what you’re doing? Someone, come! Arrest him!”

That uninvited guest chuckled.

He flung his water-soaked sleeves, lifted up his head and straightened his posture before he smiled with unconcealed contempt:

“This young master is the future number one deputy general of Sky Scheming Mansion, who the **** do you think you are to act like this!”


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