Chapter 23 – Bootlicker Until Having Nothing At All

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

When the first ray of the sun shone on the Sky Star City, a heart-breaking, lung-tearing weeping sounded from inside the City Lord’s mansion.

With how sensitive to sound I am added on top of the fact that my room isn’t that far away from Fang Thirteen’s bedroom, the sound naturally entered my ears as well. On this fine day, I had still been dreaming about falling into an enemy’s trap and being told by the enemy with a nasty smile that I now had to, hehehe, blend yin with yang in order to remove the poison he inflicted onto me. On the surface, I was gnashing my teeth, but there was a small expectation in the depths of my heart. The thoughts in my mind were going ‘finally, I can get rid of my identity of being a virgin young master in a reasonable, fair, and natural manner’. But I didn’t expect that when I turned to look at my side, there was only Moon by my side. Within the dream, I kept contemplating about whether or not ‘blending yin with yang’ with Moon would aggravate the situation, but in the end, his flourishing beauty enticed me and I pushed her down onto the bed. After the event, I sat on the bedside reflecting on life while Moon covered his face and wept bitterly.

Ah! What an awful nightmare!

But even after I woke up from my dream, I could still hear that incessant crying, what could be more frightening than that?

Only after I turned over, sat up, and went to feel the area next to me, and made sure that nobody was sleeping next to me did I let out a sigh of relief in my mind.

But then the question arises, where exactly did these ghostly wails come from?

I first did my makeup, then left my room to take a look.

When I arrived outside Fang Thirteen’s room, I didn’t go in, but rather casually found a place to hide. The sound of the crying was very loud, and a little out of breath, with inhaling unable to keep up with exhaling. It’s unlikely that Fang Thirteen is the one crying in such an unsightly manner and also, her crying voice is still quite pleasant to hear.

Moreover, this voice is a little rough and soft, soft and firm, firm with a bit of sissiness; if you listen closely, you’ll know that it’s Fang Lita crying.

I really envy him for having such an older sister.

Regardless of what mess he gets himself into, he has someone who will work hard without complaining and clean up his mess. Isn’t this such a fine life?

“Sorry, sis, it’s all my fault……it’s all my fault……wuwuwuwuwu……”

“That damned fatty is too despicable, deliberately pretending like he couldn’t beat me, then just as I begin occupying some small advantages, who knew he’d lay an ambush in the back with so many people……”

“Wuaaaa……sis……sis! You have to help me take revenge……those five cities are the fruits of our bitter labor, we can’t just send them like this to that damned fatty!!”

“Sis! Big sis! I know you definitely have a way, right? Come on, big sis?”

“Nee, nee, big sis, you will surely take action, right? You’ll certainly help me take revenge, right? You will lead the army and suppress that damned fatty in the north and seize back our cities, right?”

Sorry, Fang Lita. Even your sister won’t be able to help you achieve your wishes right now.

After learning of Fang Yuan leading his army to destroy Fang Lita, I immediately went to send a carrier pigeon to West-Resisting City. Apart from the essential city-guarding soldiers, Aleya, Felita, and the rest of the front line went to place the maximum amount of pressure on Sky Star City. In particular, Felita’s method of besiegement was irrational. There were no sorcerers inside Sky Star City and adding on top of that, no outstanding assassin candidate, the only method that Fang Thirteen could deploy was reinforcing defenses and thinking up ways to maintain the current situation.

After all, there’s only five cities remaining out of the ten she originally had under her control and the army led by Fang Lita was beaten senseless. Even though the casualties aren’t too severe, the army’s morale has received a severe negative influence.

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I let out a sigh and thought to myself, who’s to blame?

Of course, me. But without my presence, would these things just not occur? No, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Inside the room, only the sound of Fang Lita’s distorted weeping sounded out. Fang Thirteen had actually been silent the entire time through his pleas.

After a short period of time, Fang Thirteen softly spoke:

“There’s no need to worry……those five cities, your big sister will sooner or later find ways to seize them back. As for Fang Yuan……I will also beat him. But right now, we must not be impetuous; we are in a vulnerable state and compared with Abyss City, the threat from West-Resisting City is even greater. What we need to do now is settle down and keep it in mind, and deal with the dangerous situation happening right now.”

Fang Lita wretchedly pointed out:

“I am really unable to swallow this anger! Why can that damn fatty jeer at me, how am I inferior to him in any way? Sis, we have so many people right now, is there really no way for us to go over to Fang Yuan’s place and regain our dignity? Think of a solution, I beg you, my good sister……”

Regardless of how he begged, Fang Thirteen merely responded with a sigh.

Facing such an impossible request, even Fang Thirteen would have no solution for it.

In the end, Fang Lita departed disappointed.

When he left the room, I happened to be on the side of the door where he couldn’t see me, but I could actually see his back slowly getting further away. When the door of the room closed, I could clearly hear Fang Lita saying:

“If the army was stronger by just a little more, how could I lose like this. It’s not my fault……”

The two bodyguards following him agreed in low voices.

Not long after Fang Lita left, Tila went to find Fang Thirteen with an excited expression.

I told her at the time that if Fang Lita truly seized control of the military in the end, it explained that this letter was very likely deliberately forged by him so that he could force Fang Thirteen to fall into a state of ambiguity. Thus, he would be able to force Fang Thirteen to hand over the authority in her hands. Now that Fang Lita really did do as such and even return while losing his most prized possession in the process, Tila’s bellyful of resentment finally had a target to vent on. And so, she ran over to Fang Thirteen’s place and spoke about the words that I had told her at the time to Fang Thirteen.

“I just knew things would happen like this. Sister Thirteen, I feel that sir City Lord has gone a little too far on this matter! If not for him taking back military power from you and being so hardheaded by bringing the army to fight with Fang Yuan, we wouldn’t be so passive right now! And now he still knows to run over to beg for your forgiveness and doesn’t even repent on how he’s treated you for so long!”

A small bud of expectation sprouted in my heart towards knowing how Fang Thirteen would truly react to hearing this.

After a good while of silence, Fang Thirteen quietly responded:

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“Even so……if he wants military power back, then I’ll return it to him. He is Sky Star City’s City Lord while I am merely his older sister……besides, this way A’ta can learn from his mistakes and it’s unlikely he’ll be so impetuous in the future.”

I nearly burst out laughing upon hearing this.

Tila’s voice was full of sullen resentment as she spoke excitedly:

“But he’s never learned a single——”

Fang Thirteen mildly interrupted:

“Not a single word more, Tila. This is the end of the matter, there’s nothing more to say. We can only seize the moment to prepare and use the remaining five cities to try hard to obstruct West-Resisting City and Abyss City’s assault. West-Resisting City itself faces threats from both the east and west, so it’s impossible for them to stay over here for too long. Once we block the first wave of attacks and slowly stall them, they will naturally choose to retreat. When that time comes, we……can slowly settle accounts with Fang Yuan.”

She opened her mouth, appearing to be trying to convince Tila, as well as herself:

“As long as we’re able to hold on, everyone will eventually improve. Everyone will become united, A’ta will become even more mature and steady……”

Zhao Chen’s Thirteenth child, occupation: dog. Specializes in getting hit and not hitting back, getting scolded and not retorting.

In order to pay back kindness, it doesn’t matter what price is paid. Pathetic until the end, until having nothing at all.

I shot a glance at the dusky sky.

Just like how this Sky Star City is already on the verge of collapse, it’s about time for the final plan to be executed; it’s time to close in the net.


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