Chapter 21 – You Must Believe Me

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

So, what are the contents of that letter I personally wrote, found a good night to stealthily place into her bookshelf, and “accidentally expose” with the support of a fall?

Well, the general summary is as follows:

“Sister Thirteen, hello, I am Fang Yuan. Abyss City and West-Resisting City have now surrounded Sky Star City and a crisis is approaching Sky Star City. But recently, my place’s backyard has caught on fire and quite a few army provisions have burned along with it. If we continue fighting, then even if my side is able to capture Sky Star City, the majority of the benefits will definitely be fished up by West-Resisting City’s Li De. Both of us are children from the Overlord of Zhao Chen in any case, so we can’t let an outsider take such an advantage, right? Therefore, I propose we have a temporary armistice and properly talk this over. Fang Lita is your little brother while I am your older brother, so as far as things are concerned, we’re family. As long as you give me 5 of your cities, we won’t fight any longer and I will guarantee Fang Lita’s safety while simultaneously placing you in a more important position. I’ll provide full board, impressive wages, great benefits, and bonuses for excellent performance. Oh, that’s right, don’t you have two people by your side? One is called Tila and the other is called Jade, right, I won’t treat them badly either. Just consider it. Regardless of how you’ve thought things over, I hope we’ll be able to have a temporary armistice during this period of time. If Fang Lita asks about the reason for the armistice, you can casually find a reason to fool him, yeah? In any case, it’s not your first time doing so, correct?”

This letter reveals three main points:

One, Fang Thirteen has a secret connection to Fang Yuan and doesn’t want Fang Lita to know.

Two, Fang Yuan is the one who proposed the temporary armistice to Fang Thirteen and recently, Fang Thirteen indeed didn’t take the initiative to go on the offensive.

Three, this isn’t the first time Fang Thirteen has deceived Fang Lita.

So is this letter really useful? At the time when Jiang Gan stole a letter and returned with it, Cao Cao went to immediately kill Cai Mao and Zhang Jun upon seeing its contents……but this event is a little exaggerated. If Fang Lita was truly stupid enough to point the blade at his sister upon seeing this letter, then I would instead feel very joyous because the things I had planned afterwards wouldn’t need to be implemented. 1

But in truth, something like this happening is impossible.

This letter will have fulfilled its job as long as it further provokes Fang Lita’s suspicion towards Fang Thirteen. In the past, although Fang Lita snatched away his older sister’s authority bit by bit, perhaps he never thought that there would ever be a day that she would betray him. Moreover, this letter is mainly to cater to Fang Lita. The more obstinate and self-opinionated a person is, the more unwilling they are to listen to another’s treaty, and the more they’ll want to prove that their own judgement is correct. For things that he’s never done before, if other people have accomplished them, he’ll feel that he can do it better; for things that are impossible for him to do, if other people have done them, he’ll feel that they’ve used some dishonest methods.

In short, he’s unwilling to admit that he’s worse than other people and is unwilling to face this reality.

After Fang Lita left Fang Thirteen’s room, I went back in to take a look around and discovered that the letter on the floor had already disappeared.

From Fang Thirteen’s expression, I could see that everything was still as per usual and that Fang Lita apparently hadn’t turned hostile on the scene. But I knew that this was just the calm before the storm.

Three days later, Fang Thirteen called me into the office.

She was sitting on the wheelchair behind the table with an unprecedented grave expression. Spread out on the table was that exact letter with Fang Lita not at all present. Perhaps he had just left or perhaps he had left for quite a while. When Fang Thirteen heard the sound of my footsteps, she inquired:


I answered with a “mm”.

Both of Fang Thirteen’s hands were shivering as she ferociously slammed on the table and questioned:

“Jade! Tell me, are you or are you not the spy from West-Resisting City?”

I openly and frankly answered:

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“I am not.”

Fang Thirteen gnashed her silvery-white teeth and clenched her five fingers into a fist, gasping for breath while stating:

“But apart from you——”

I reinforced my point loudly:

“If I were West-Resisting City’s spy, then I’ve already had countless opportunities to assassinate both you and sir City Lord; do you think that there’s anybody by your sides that can obstruct me from doing so?! Yes, sir City Lord does have several decent bodyguards, but you? If I wanted to kill you at this moment, do you have any methods to escape? My, Jade’s, wife and children have DIED in Fang Yuan’s hands and I have been tirelessly working hard to help you all live a better life, yet you now still suspect me to be a spy? At the time when you asked me this question, I merely regarded it as a question you inadvertently spoke out because you were drunk, but now? Fang Thirteen, if you really want to kill me, then don’t use this clichéd reason; just stab me and get it over with. When have I ever fought you back?”

Fang Thirteen bit her lips and appeared ready to cry at any time. Her voice shivered as she shrilled:

“Then who else is there. Am I supposed to doubt Tila? Tell me!”

I bellowed at her:

“I was called over by you the moment the sun shined on me! I don’t even know what’s going on, what am I supposed to tell you?!”

I gasped for air and calmed down my breath before saying:

“Forgive me. I……”

Fang Thirteen shook her head and turned to face elsewhere. She covered up her mouth and quietly sobbed for a bit before she fumbled around a little to find the letter on the table, then handed it over to me.

After I took the proffered letter, I acted as if it were my first time seeing it and slammed the table upon finishing it:

“Isn’t this clearly a stratagem of sowing dissension? From Fang Yuan’s side?”

Fang Thirteen quietly imparted:

“It was A’ta who found it in my room. Furthermore, when looking at the date the letter was written, it can be assumed that it’s been placed in my room for quite some time already. And during this time, it just so happens that we and Fang Yuan have been having a peaceful standstill, so everything is a good fit with the letter. But I simply haven’t seen this letter before, thus it means someone secretly placed this in my room.”

I frowned and asked:

“Your room?”

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Fang Thirteen nodded, I went silent for a moment, then inquired:

“You don’t believe me?”

Fang Thirteen whispered:

“I want to believe you, but……”

I interrupted her substanceless words and asked:

“You read through the letter?”

Fang Thirteen replied softly:

“A’ta read it to me.”

I spoke faintly:

“This letter gives the impression that it was written well, but if I were the spy, there would absolutely be no reason to place my own name on it. If sir City Lord wanted to target you, the best method of doing so would be to rope me and Tila to his side, then I could rely on help from sir City Lord to incite contradictions amongst you two. But in this letter, it feels as if Fang Yuan is soliciting both me and Tila, and this is surely why sir City Lord has turned us both into targets of doubt. If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, Fang Tila isn’t present right now because he’s taking advantage of you calling me to search my room to find if there’s any suspicious letter, correct?”

Using her right hand to twirl her bans, Fang Thirteen forced a smile and weakly responded:

“You don’t believe in Sky Star City……?”

I replied without the slightest hesitation:

“I believe you and Sky Star City, but I have never believed in sir City Lord. Furthermore, it’s not a question of whether I believe in you all or not right now, it’s if you all believe in me.”

Fang Thirteen remained clenching her teeth, but her tightened fist opened powerlessly. From her reaction, it should be that I guessed correct. She didn’t have any words to refute me, so she weakly admitted:

“A’ta’s doing this so that he can wash the suspicion off of you……”

My finger rapped on the table as I remarked calmly:

“Let’s not raise this topic, the matter of vital importance right now is to try and find the traitor from among us. Fang Thirteen, apart from me and Tila, has anyone else secretly come into your room these past few days?”

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Fang Thirteen shook her head.

But just as she was shaking her head, her movement suddenly slowed down and the expression on her face slowly solidified.

Upon seeing her expression become strange, I hastily asked:

“Did something come to mind?”

Fang Thirteen seemed as if she had suddenly thought of some heaven-startling secret with how her entire person instantly forgot how to breathe. When she recovered her senses, her brain had nearly been asphyxiated, her lungs nearly squeezed flat, and she began an uncontrollable violent coughing spree.

I exposed a smile.

You should have remembered, Fang Thirteen.

Remembered that there was once a pervert that panted with a “haa haa” by your bedside and that he ran out of the room helter-skelter when you discovered him. The wooden door made a grating creaking sound that was exceptionally distinct in that quiet night. I know I still remember it, so you definitely still haven’t forgotten about it.


  1. The reference is from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, here’s Jiang Gan’s wiki page:

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