Chapter 17 – It Won’t Be Long Before That Day Comes

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Fang Thirteen indeed didn’t deceive me since she actually could complete the task of reapply the medicine on me by herself.

Even though she couldn’t see, her fingers were quite nimble. After tearing open the bandages, she carefully caressed my skin to determine where my wounds were. Then, she gently applied ointment onto them and carefully wound some new bandages onto me. I knew this was a part of her self-atonement. If I refused her tending to me, Fang Thirteen would definitely feel even guiltier at heart, so I just let her do as she wanted to.

As far as I’m concerned, reapplying medicine and rewrapping my wounds was a very easy job, but it filled Fang Thirteen’s fair face with sweat beads.

After the final bandage was wound, Fang Thirteen remarked:

“I feel like the wound has been healing up a bit quicker than I expected. A trained body really does have an advantage in this area. If an ordinary person received such an injury, perhaps……”

Perhaps they would have died long ago, right?

She didn’t finish her words, instead hastily shaking her head, probably unwilling to think any further.

Just the thought of it would make her feel that her little brother was an excessively cruel person.

Fang Thirteen hesitated for a moment before softly asking:

“Jade. Do you still remember A’ta chopping at you with a blade? When I saw him, he constantly said that it wasn’t him. I feel that……he isn’t one to deceive me.”

He indeed isn’t one to deceive you, but how can I possibly tell you these words?

After giving it a little more thought, I decided to fully display my acting skills at this time.

I first went silent for a while, then lowered my voice a little and put on an appearance that nothing was wrong, but deliberately made it so that other people could feel that something was on my mind:

“I don’t remember. It’s possible that I had already fainted at the time.”

Then I immediately consoled:

“In fact, it’s not necessarily him who did it. There are times when subordinates under someone will try to guess their master’s mind and help them handle some work in order to curry favor. Maybe during the time sir City Lord wasn’t present, there was someone who sneaked into the interrogation room and secretly did such things. Haha, I believe that although sir City Lord is a bit rebellious, he isn’t such a bad person.”

Fang Thirteen was very touched upon hearing this, but then bit her lips as her face cycled through many expressions.

I heard that if there’s ever an error within a programmer’s code, you should never use a direct way of informing him if you want to tell him about it. If you tell him “hey, there’s an error in your code”, he’ll most likely reply “do you understand how to use it”, “do you know how to deploy a runtime environment”, “do you know how to code” and similar words. But if you politely told him “your code doesn’t seem to be working as expected, can you help me take a look at if I’m using it wrong”, the first thing he’ll do in response will probably be “shhit, there’s probably an error”.

This is a very real phenomenon.

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For the same reason, using the method of hitting someone when they’re down isn’t necessarily the best way to gain an upper hand. You can deliberately praise a person to a degree that the other party feels that it’s impossible and make the other party naturally doubt it. What kind of person Fang Lita is, I believe Fang Thirteen is clear about in the deepest recesses of her heart and doesn’t require other people to point it out and speak a few good words for him. Instead, it would give Fang Thirteen a kind of feeling that I was taking into account the bigger picture and suffering in silence, thus significantly increasing the guilt she held in her heart.

As I expected, the pressure applied by West-Resisting City and Abyss City became increasingly stronger, so there were many tasks that Fang Thirteen still had to do.

But from what I could make out of her expressions, this event had most definitely become a very small grudge in her heart.

This was enough.

After Fang Thirteen left, Tila came in, sat by the beside, and asked:

“What did you and sister Thirteen talk about~! I can see that her mood isn’t very good.”

I replied:

“Nothing much, we just chatted about some things that happened recently.”

Tila looked at me with suspicion, but very quickly stopped obsessing about this bit. It could be seen that she was a little girl who couldn’t hide things very well. After she started trusting me, she would always become a chatterbox around me. She quickly opened the conversation and spoke very aggrievedly:

“You weren’t wounded by accident were you. Sister Thirteen has recently had to deal with many issues and has been unable to come and take care of you. There’s also me, but I have to take care of sister Thirteen, so sister Thirteen went to discuss with sir City Lord and said that she hopes he can give her two more maids. Can you guess what the result was? That sir City Lord and the surrounding people talked it over for a moment before telling sister Thirteen that manpower has been regulated very tightly recently and that he simply couldn’t transfer anyone over.”

For the purpose of being cautious, I didn’t speak of an opinion but rather smiled like before:

“Maybe they really are quite busy?”

Tila indignantly placed her hands on her waist, wrinkled her brows, and angrily ranted:

“What! Why are you still siding with him! You probably don’t know, but after sister Thirteen and I left, I purposefully placed my ear on the door to listen in for a moment. One of the bodyguards who’s very close to sir City Lord immediately told sir City Lord ‘perhaps if you give her two maids today, she’ll ask for more things tomorrow. We have been slowly taking back our authority bit by bit with great difficulty, so these first signs of trouble should be strangled before they germinate; we must strangle Fang Thirteen’s desires while they’re still small’. Tell me if you think these are words that should be said! I’m really really angry, those people’s hearts are all black, aren’t they?”

After Tila finished her tirade, she puffed out her cheeks and shipped out an angry and feeling uncomfortable appearance.

Meh, though I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, the situation was more or less what I expected.

Actually, it wouldn’t matter much even if Fang Lita did send a maid or bodyguard to look after me. I would very quickly place the hat of ‘trying to poison me’ onto their heads and Fang Lita still wouldn’t be able to wash the suspicion off of him when that occurs.

Seeing Tila honestly angry, I comforted her a little.

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Tila sighed and changed the topic. She smiled at me while praising:

“But you’re actually quite courageous! I heard that immigrants from West-Resisting City were judged to be moles by sir City Lord, yet you still appeared personally to protect them. If you hadn’t appeared personally at the time, sir City Lord probably wouldn’t have gone to specially take care of you. Who could’ve thought that you were such an affectionate and righteous person.”

“What do you mean ‘who could’ve thought’……don’t tell me you mean to say that I don’t look like a good person?”

I complained.

Tila giggled and clarified:

“In the beginning I thought that you definitely had some motives towards sister Thirteen.”

As Tila spoke, her voice gradually got lower:

“But now I feel that it would be fine if it truly was like that. Sister Thirteen has always been too indulgent to sir City Lord. If she likes someone else, maybe she’ll become a little more selfish. This way, she won’t give out all her love to sir City Lord.”

I intended to put my arms beneath my head and rest myself on the pillow to speak, but the resulting pain was mind-tearing and lung-splitting.

It originally wouldn’t have been so painful, but Fang Thirteen’s ointment was too stimulating.

So this is the so-called good medicine tastes bitter……no, causes suffering to the body!

Tila’s voice gradually become as quiet as a mosquito:

“Sister Thirteen said that all I need to do is go over to her at fixed times every day. But this means that whenever she eats, drinks, bathes, and goes to the toilet, all of that becomes something fixed. Especially the toilet part, she has no choice but to hold it in if she feels like going, she’ll feel too aggrieved living like this! That’s why sometimes I really think about how she’s able to persist until now.”

I couldn’t help but nod.

I also frequently think about this.

Therefore, in order to make her stop suffering one day, I need to make her feel even more stressed and annoyed.

But, it won’t be long before that day comes……after all, there’s a villain like me here.


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