Chapter 18 – Merchant Li De Has Logged On

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After everyone started leaving, I told Moon to stay behind.

Once it was just the two of us, Moon laughed as “he” said:

“I originally thought that you were truly shameless, but now I’ve discovered that even you want a bit of face.”

I sighed and responded:

“It can’t be helped. Aleya was present. I was planning on leaving a good impression on her.”

Moon wriggled “her” brows as she said grinningly:

“Forget it. You probably had a bad impression in her mind a long time ago.”

I replied:

“That’s different. She knows that I’m willing to laze around and reap rewards, she knows that I dream every day about having things just land onto my lap whenever I need something. But before her, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t visit prostitutes. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Moon shook her head and answered:

“How could I understand. I’m more worried about whether or not Bai Huang will become West-Resisting City’s concubine.”


I frowned while looking at me and asked:

“Is this the idea you had in mind when agreeing for her to stay behind?”

Moon smiled bitterly while clarifying:

“Not exactly. But there are factors in this aspect, otherwise spending money to provide for her would actually make her ‘negative equity’.”

I very happily quipped:

“That’s right. I did just say that she’s negative equity.”

Moon sternly lectured:

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“But Li De……it’ll be different if you marry her. Although Bai Huang is a little headstrong, she is still, after all, the Overlord of Yun Hai’s most doted-on daughter. Moreover, her relationship with Bai Feng and their eldest brother is pretty good. Regardless of who will ultimately inherit the throne of Yun Hai, Bai Huang will have a great influence. The most important thing is, aren’t you 17 years-old as of this year? You should get married sooner rather than later, it’ll be good for West-Resisting City’s future development. From all the people by your side currently, Bai Huang is the absolutely most suitable choice. There are also a lot of people who like her, this is a rare chance that shouldn’t be missed:

I poked fun at Moon:

“Aren’t you 20 years-old? How come I haven’t seen you bring back a girlfriend or boyfriend for me to examine.”

Moon angrily retorted:

“Stop changing the subject! The more important thing is……this is probably Bai Feng’s meaning. You understand?”

I crossed one leg over the other, imitating Bai Huang’s sitting posture from a moment ago, then smirked as I said with my hand propping up my head:

“So? If Bai Feng plans on delivering me his young sister, I should thank the heavens for allowing me to marry her in return? Didn’t I say it just a moment ago, that I’m unable to take care of her. Bai Huang might be better than the majority of noble young ladies, at the very minimum she’s a lot more comfortable to look at compared to those several younger sisters of mine, but the arrogant ‘this eldest young lady’ temperament she holds is still present. Why on earth would I want to marry her.”

Moon said:

“Then you……”

I indifferently interrupted “him”:

“At least it’s impossible to give her the position of main wife. I’ve already selected someone.”

Moon asked:


Just as the question flew out of his mouth, his look changed in a split second. He opened his mouth and questioned:


I didn’t directly answer him, only replying:

“I, although I am very shameless. I haven’t reached the point where I’ll give a dull one-liner like ‘mm good effort, try harder’ to a girl who’s paid out so much to me and dispatch her to do something else. Aleya has always been foolish since she hasn’t thought of doing anything outside of whatever I order her to do, just like a doll. But so long as she wishes to follow me, then I will immediately bring her along. In addition, she’s the very first person to be sincere to me ever since I came into this world, therefore if she has such an idea, then I shall provide her that status. This has nothing to do with her rank or social status. Even though hugging the thigh of Bai Huang, this ‘wealthy woman’ from Yun Hai, can let me have no worries about eating or drinking for the rest of my life, I would rather not partake in the meal if I’m forced to abandon Aleya for it!”

I gave Moon a deep look and spread out my hands to say:

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“It’s the same for you. Even if I did search for you to come over here to build up West-Resisting City, if the day comes that I’m forced to pick between West-Resisting City and you, then I will select you without the slightest hesitation.”

Moon’s wrinkled brows finally relaxed.

“She” spoke in compromise:

“Fine. But in my opinion, the thing between you two really isn’t romantic love, but rather more like the love between family. Then again the variables in the future are very big, so I won’t meddle. As for Bai Huang, I advise you to still allow her to remain in the city. Even without marrying, her presence in the city will act as a deterrence of sorts for the external powers. Before making clear the relationship between you and Yun Hai, Bai Huang’s identity can make many conspirators against West-Resisting City give up their thoughts.”

I smirked as I interrogated:

“Especially that blind, crippled female commander……this should be your true purpose, right?”

Moon exposed her white teeth appearing very happy that I was able to understand “his” thoughts.

He stretched his body as he explained:

“Anyway, I’ll be troubling you to spend money. That something snow velvet flower ointment sounds like some expensive product.”

I proudly remarked:

“Snow velvet flower ointment my ***, I was just teasing her. In reality, it’s just the product of adding refined white sugar with beeswax into water. The manufacturing cost of the thing doesn’t exceed 20 copper coins. You should know full well on how poor West-Resisting City is, where would I be able to buy luxury bathing goods here? In the past I always had seven or eight female attendants helping me bathe, but now all I have is Aleya who insists on scrubbing my back. As for food and drinks, don’t we have Aleya’s stewed radish with cabbage; we can just let her show off her skills to Little Huang.”

“Bai Huang’s going to flip……”

As Moon spoke, I chuckled and shook my head:

“But West-Resisting City has its own customs. We can accommodate her once or twice, but we can’t let her cause trouble over and over……I’ll be relying on you to prepare some words. We might have to act according to how a dependent acts towards their guardian to her now, but in the slim chance that she one day does become a concubine of West-Resisting City, we’ll be unable to endure her open and hidden revenge then.”

I patted Moon’s shoulder and unblushingly threw him a piece of information:

“Fret not, your position won’t be under hers in the future. It’ll be you taking care of her, not the other way around.”

Moon froze in spot.


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