Chapter 17 – You Really Can Do Anything You Want With ‘Dark History’ Within Your Grasp

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

“Stop being noisy, stop being noisy……”

I slightly loosen my grasp on Bai Huang and let her back onto the ground, but I still hadn’t let go completely. Instead, I used my now-freed hand to cover her mouth. Bai Huang struggled crazily within my embrace, rubbing her soft and abundantly springy body all over me. However, there was quite a disparity between her strength and mine, so there was simply nothing she could do to escape. But there was nothing I could do about her twisting and turning, so both of our clothes were disorderly.

It was right at this point in time that the closed bedroom door slammed open, and the several people standing by the doorway were shocked upon seeing the position Bai Huang and I were in.

At this moment, I was behind Bai Huang using one hand to cover her mouth while using the other to fix both her hands in place. As for Bai Huang, she was displaying fright on her face with teary eyes, seeming as if she’d receive an enormous grievance.

How am I going to explain things clearly? I sunk into thought.

On the other hand, Bai Huang used her quick wits. Seeing me not react for quite a while, she suddenly squatted, threw off my embrace, and like a wisp of smoke, she ran over and hid behind Aleya. I was about to grab her back but I was welcomed by Aleya’s expressionless face, so I smiled sheepishly, scratched my head, and took a step back.

Fine, there’s no need to think.

Let the struggle session begin.

On normal days, I profoundly understand my nature as a useless leech of society, therefore I very rarely carried around the airs and arrogance of a City Lord. But kneeling on a rush cushion while being surrounded by people, who looked at me as if I’d brought shame to my family, was a first to me. The several people before me: Aleya looking pensive, Felita glancing left and right, and Moon wearing a smile on “her” face, a truly frightening smile. On the contrary, Heji was wearing an exasperated look. As for the remaining one, the instigator of the present scene, comrade Bai Huang, she didn’t say anything, instead opting to cry the entire time.

Unable to bear listening to it anymore, I looked over to Bai Huang and said:

“Just stop. You haven’t shed any tears the entire time, merely bawling out loud, is it fun for you? How about I register you for《Eternal Heaven’s Best Voice》?

Bai Huang made a scene wiping her eyes as she wailed accusingly:

“And you have the gall to say this with goodwill! After meeting you, all my tears ran dry.”

“Well ****. Not bad Little Huang, it seems like you’ve learned how to deduce things after three days of not meeting?”


Bai Huang’s truly a hard nut to crack.

I turned to Aleya and said:

“Aleya, I didn’t introduce you previously, this is……”

Aleya rested one hand on her sword and she muttered:

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“Young master’s wedding must be done in a grander fashion.”

I was dumbfounded:

“Haah?? What’s going on in that brain circuit of yours??”

Aleya replied serenely:

“Young master once said that a harem of 3,000 is easy to start and discard once chaotic.”

This time, it was Bai Huang’s turn to be dumbfounded. The hand she was using to wipe her eyes clearly stopped as she stammered:

“This……actually……he and I aren’t like this……”

Aleya remarked:

“The day after tomorrow is an auspicious day. I will go arrange things.”

Bai Huang stood up in a panic, hastily waving her hands as she protested:

“No! Don’t! I don’t want to marry this guy!”

I picked my nose as disdainfully returned:

“The way you say it makes it seem like I’m the one who wants to marry you. Moon, this time you have to stand on my side. This person’s the typical freeloader who’s more of a hindrance than a help. If she stays behind, she fundamentally is not of any help, rather, she’ll be the greatest hindrance to our city’s construction, negative equity that can’t be thrown down so to say. With such a woman by our side, let alone struggling for 10 less years than expected, we’ll probably also live 10 less years than expected.”

Bai Huang stamped on the floor, incensed:

“Who are you calling negative equity?”

Moon mused:

“Well. I actually feel that sir Bai Huang staying here isn’t too bad of a thing.”

Bai Huang happily bounced up and down, hugging Moon’s neck, and spoke boldly:

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“Hahahaha! I just knew you would be the loyal one. Rest assured, although this place isn’t Yun Hai, I, this grand aunt, shall cover for you as before! If Li De bullies you in the future, just tell me and this grand aunt guarantees that he’ll be beaten until his butt blossoms.”

I slammed the table and exclaimed in grief and resentment:

“Moon, I didn’t expect that you would also turn traitor……”

Moon didn’t bother paying any attention to me, instead asking Bai Huang:

“Bai Feng made you come? Why?”

Bai Huang answered:

“I’m just here to play. I’ve been bored to death staying in the capital city. Now basically all the petty thieves on the street recognize me, so I’m unable to act like a weak damsel then punish them for their evils like before. In addition, wasn’t Li De wearing women’s clothes last time. I thought it was quite interesting, so……”

I felt like there was nothing wrong with what I was hearing at first, but then Bai Huang suddenly exposed my old scabs, so I hurriedly interrupted:

“Hey hey hey——”

But it seemed as if it was already too late.

Felita, who was sitting right next to her, asked with great interest:

“Women’s clothes? Li De?”

Bai Huang blinked her eyes, then gave me a look.

I’m screwed.

The truth is that because West-Resisting City seldom interacts with foreign powers, I intentionally blocked this piece of news. After all, the only source of outside news was me and Moon. As long as I threatened Moon to keep his mouth shut, I would be able to maintain my dignity in front of Aleya and Felita. Who would’ve thought that Bai Huang, this damn blabber, would reveal top-secret information without warning.

Aleya shipped out the appearance of not being interested, but she slowly inched closer until she was quickly right next to Bai Huang’s side, appearing as if she was waiting for Bai Huang to continue her story.

It was at this point in time that Bai Huang looked at me with a mischievous smile as she gently inquired:

“Li De~, can I stay in West-Resisting City?”

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Words filled with the smell of a threat.

I *******……

Am willing to submit!

I kneeled down and answered with frustration:

“Yes yes yes, anything you wish.”

Bai Huang crossed her legs and questioned:

“How come nobody’s poured me tea?”

“Yes yes yes, let me pour some tea for you.”

“Aiya, I’m quite tired from the journey, my shoulders are a bit sore.”

“Yes yes yes, let me hammer your shoulders.”

“When will the food and drinks be ready? Also when will the bath be ready? I usually bathe myself in a milk bath, I presume everything will be arranged?”

I slammed my hand on the table:

“Bai Huang, don’t go too ******* far, you should know that even a clay person will have some degree of anger……”

Bai Huang raised an eyebrow:

“Hm? What, you still want to dance?”

Aleya asked:

“Dance? Young master can dance?”

Bai Huang nodded:

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“Yeah. Let me tell you, at that time Li De, he……”

I kneeled before Bai Huang:

“Sister Huang. I was just joking with you. A clay person has some degree of anger, but who am I? I’m a water person. I don’t even dare to have any degree of anger. Isn’t it just food and drinks? Someone come, get it ready, take the money out of my private stash. Bathing in milk? Oh my, look at the era we live in, how could this standard be enough, Someone come, bring over that small box of snow velvet flower ointment and dump it all in, don’t leave anything inside! Sister Huang, see……what other instructions do you have?”

Bai Huang crossed her legs again and swayed her feet in black stockings in front of my eyes, replying with an air of arrogance:

“Nothing for now! Grand aunt will let you go this time. If this happens another time, hehe~”

Bai Huang bounced up from the chair and walked away feeling great pride in herself.


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