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Chapter 111 – Situation Assessment (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2467 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1227 words
Editor(s): Fire

There are some who aren’t weirdos, but since they’re lumped together with us, they’re also recognized as weirdos. They resisted it at first, but since there were absolutely no signs of change even when they protested for some time, they gave up. I’ll also add that the chaos got even worse afterward.

“Enough of the fools for now. What was our itinerary for today again?”
“We’re just going to play at that famous theme park. We’ll be there by noon. The social studies part of the trip was all finished during your hospitalization.”

Since this is an academy activity, there are some stuffy events. However, the main highlight for the students naturally gravitates to the more fun events. And this one is the greatest example of that. Still, why the heck did I have to stay up the whole night exactly when there’s an event that needs a lot of energy?

“I should have memorized the schedule.”
“Isn’t this the best event for making memories with people? And yet, look at you now.”
“It hurts that you’re exactly right.”

It’s completely my own fault, but why didn’t I keep the schedule memorized in my head? I feel like I’ve done so much non-field trip stuff after being discharged that I’ve forgotten about everything else. I remembered to buy souvenirs for the family, though.

“I’ll tell you this, but I was chosen to monitor you.”
“You’re aware of how much of a mess you’ve made, right? I was told if something else happens, our field trip might end up being stopped.”
“I’m surprised you were chosen.”

It’s likely one of the teachers’ doing. What I’ve done was still on the cuter side, though. The disaster that the idiots can cause when they go full throttle is something only the ones who’ve experienced it can understand. However, there’s something everyone agrees with: No more of it, please.

“The only people who know you well enough can keep up with you, so either me, Harumi, or Miyako. My friends owed me for yesterday, so they allowed me to go.”

Now that she mentioned it, I guess Kaori’s friends joined yesterday’s concert too. I can’t remember who was invited anymore. However, Kotori stood out the most among the audience. She likely took the forceful approach and slipped out of her hotel.

“Kotori would have been so ecstatic if we had met.”
“She really stood out, didn’t she? That shoulder ride.”

Unable to get in front, Kotori was watching the concert while riding on the shoulders of a woman who’s probably her bodyguard. It really left a strong impression. The exhausted look of the lady carrying her was also hard to forget. The same goes for my escape act, but tracking ability for people who have good physicality is really troublesome.

“Considering her personality, she’ll probably come to meet you even if she had to find you.”
“We haven’t talked at all since the field trip, after all.”
“Also, the students from the other class will probably try to ask you about yesterday.”
“It’s turning out to be a troublesome situation.”
“You reap what you sow. Personally though, thanks for the memories.”

I never think of the future consequences when I act on impulse, so it’s always a problem to deal with the aftermath. This situation, for example, is something I could have anticipated if I only stopped to think. I guess the weird excitement of the field trip got to me.

“Should I do a part two of my escape act?”
“Stop that. You’ll absolutely be sent home.”

I know, right? But in today’s case, it’ll just be within the theme park, so it shouldn’t be as difficult as part one. After all, if I don’t plan how I go through the attractions, I’d just be captured on my way out. Moreover, I won’t be able to enjoy the rides.

“I suppose I have no choice but to handle them when they come.”
“Can’t you just disguise yourself? You’ve done that a lot back in Kyoto, right?”

All I was doing was wearing a cap and changing hairstyles. That reminds me, we’re allowed to go around in casual attire just for today. We’re here to have fun, after all. And as long as we gather at the set meeting place as scheduled, there’s no problem. The academy is pretty lax about these sorts of things.

“Let me ask the security people if they have fake glasses.”
“You’re like some sort of celebrity now.”

Seriously. Why do I have to hide myself from my fellow schoolmates of the academy? The students staying at a different hotel are probably going to be the biggest problem. After all, what happened should have reached them via their friends, so there’ll definitely be some who’ll want to know more. I’ll have no free time if I have to deal with them one by one.

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“Of all times, it’s when I’m so sleepy.”
“Again, you reap what you sow. You should’ve just slept on your own.”
“Whenever I try to sleep, I’d be tickled back awake. When Isami did, I also obstructed her sleep as revenge.”
“Such an unproductive conflict.”

It’s all because neither of us are willing to lose. Giving up on retaliating is nice and all, but that’d make it so only one of us had to suffer, and the said person would hate that. Wouldn’t it feel more refreshing to go to sleep after having revenge served? And without noticing, a negative cycle is born.

“What if it was a man?”
“Roll up a tissue and stab it in his nose. Ice on the back. Tickling the feet, there’s many ways around it.”
“That’s evil.”

That’s just the beginning. There was one time I got Cesaro swing-ed before I could notice it. Once things escalate, there’s no stopping it. Moreover, we’re not thinking straight thanks to the lack of sleep.

“I’ll make an effort to avoid having an unproductive conflict with you. There’s nothing to gain from winning, yet so much to lose.”
“That’s just how war is.”

You won’t even notice if you’ve already lost something. Against Isami, the difference in gender between us is out of my mind from the start. That girl’s practically a little sister to me at this point. We fight like we’re some pro-wrestlers, get mediated by a teacher, then get knocked out. It’s pretty much a routine.

“Breakfast should be over soon.”
“I feel like I’d collapse the moment I see a bed.”
“We don’t have much time, so it’s best you don’t sleep now. Just sleep on the bus.”
“That’s smart. I’ll have to come up with a disguise too.”

The bodyguards have their guard up with me because of yesterday, so I don’t know if they’ll help with this. Will they trust me if I properly explain that I have no intention of running away or misleading them? They should understand I wouldn’t talk to them if I intended to do any of that in the first place.

“I really hope nothing happens.”

I plan on behaving well today, so I’ll have to avoid attracting weirdos. Mainly that group of oddballs and weirdos. Now, am I missing anything?


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