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Chapter 110 – Memories with the Past (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2834 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1341 words
Editor(s): Fire

I don’t understand why I’m more comfortable around those I consider family. However, compared to others, I’m somewhat at ease with Isami. It might be because we’ve been close since childhood, and now we’re the same gender. Perhaps it’s also because I’ve witnessed Isami casually walking around the house in just a towel, even back when I was a man.

“No matter how many times I see it, your body is really tantalizing.”
“Shut up. I didn’t choose to have a body like this.”

After that, we kept an eye on each other and finished our baths without any major incidents. Neither of us had the energy to chat. Our main focus was on staving off sleep. I accidentally bumped my head on the bathtub a few times, but that was bound to happen. Isami was always there to help whenever it did.

“That was close. Had I been alone, I might’ve been in real danger.”
“Same. As expected, taking a bath when you’re sleep-deprived is risky.”

I don’t want to meet an untimely end again due to my own negligence. My previous life ended prematurely, so I aim for a long life as Kotone. It’s a sentiment I believe many would share. Life’s unpredictability can be unnerving.

“I think we should go get breakfast now.”
“Yes. I might run into someone.”

I haven’t interacted with my current classmates since yesterday’s concert. Thus, I’m unsure about today’s itinerary. I did glance at the pamphlet before, but never really discussed plans with my classmates. Will this trip conclude without me creating memories with my current friends?

“It’s been quite an unconventional field trip, hasn’t it?”
“Whose fault is that? Tell me.”

Because of all your interference, my trip hasn’t been typical. I wish you’d realize that, but I doubt there’s any remorse. You lot simply chase after whatever makes you happy, not pausing to consider the implications for others.

“There’s a surprising number of people already here.”
“But there are still available seats. The others haven’t arrived yet.”

Hajime and the rest aren’t in sight, but I suspect they’ll show up here. Hajime won’t hesitate to physically rouse them. With one person sleep-deprived and two others possibly hungover, I wonder if they’re really prepared for their upcoming event.

“Will you all manage?”
“For the TV appearance? I’ll catch some sleep during the commute, so I should be fine. The other two will hopefully be in better shape by then.”
“Your reassurances of ‘it’ll be fine’ are the least trustworthy.”

I once believed in those words. However, after repeated letdowns, one becomes skeptical. Things rarely go smoothly. I wonder, if chaos ensues beyond my control, will there be anyone to rein these troublemakers in?

“Good morning. Are it just the two of you right now?”
“Morning, Yui. Seems the guys haven’t shown up yet.”
“Ms. Yui, good morning. The two likely had trouble waking up.”

Considering the intoxicated state of those two, waking them must be a challenge. I speak from past experience. Given that Hajime hasn’t sent out an SOS, things seem to be under control. He might have resorted to the method I once showed him.

“Yesterday’s concert, it was really wonderful. Kotone-san, when will you be officially joining?”
“You’re escalating too fast. I have no intention of joining EXIST. Hajime should be enough to mediate for the fools.”
“No, the mediating is part of it, but I really hope you’d join as a performer. Also, there is something I want to consult with…”
“Consult with?”

What’s this about? I haven’t been with Yui long enough to understand her thought process. If it was the fools, I would be able to roughly guess. As long as it’s not me joining, I plan to cooperate as much as I can.

“I was thinking about having yesterday’s concert as a limited edition perk for the upcoming ‘best of’ album.”

I reflexively refused. You don’t have to look so dejected about it. One of the participants, me, is not affiliated with EXIST’s record company. I don’t know about Shirose, though.

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“I think that’d be great. I want a memento to celebrate our first with Kotochan.”
“Don’t give your permission. To begin with, I’m a minor, so you’ll have to ask permission from my parents. How will you solve that part?”

There’s a 50-50 chance mom will agree. As for my father, I’m sure that he’ll refuse. A person of the twelve families being a part of an album’s extra is unheard of. I’m pretty sure no one’s ever done that. Personally, I don’t care either way. I do agree with the memento part.

“I’ll negotiate with the president!”
“It’s nice to see your enthusiasm, but you’ll be up against the twelve families.”
“And it’s my job to make it happen.”

That’s wrong. Your job is to manage Isami and the band. I’m pretty sure negotiating with Kotone’s parents is not part of your job description. Any of the twelve families would likely turn something like this down. Actually, when did Yui gain such a tough mentality? It’s definitely a side effect of being with the fools.

“Let me give you some advice. If you want to negotiate, I recommend you do it after January.”

There’s a lot going on during December. I have some important events in the first 10 days of January, so I’m taking those into account too. As long as it’s after that, she can ask permission anytime. If my father’s still alive then, that is.

“The advice is greatly appreciated.”
“What’s this about?”
“You finally came. As expected, we have two zombies.”

Hajime looks exhausted, while Shinpachi and Toshizou are pale as ghosts. As always, they never learn. Still, is it fine for Toshizou to leave his wife and fool around like this? I want to at least meet her once. I wonder what kind of person she is.

“Still, I don’t see any of my classmates.”

A lot of time has passed, and none of the academy people are still here. What gives? I’m pretty sure this is the only place to get breakfast, but maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe they’re eating out.

“Kotone, where are you?”

I was starting to think of contacting someone, but then Harumi called starting with that question. That’s what I want to ask. Are they doing something that’s not on the schedule?

“That’s my line. I’m waiting at the restaurant, so I was wondering why no one from the academy is here.”
«We can’t eat together with the regular customers, so a hall was rented out. Teacher Kondou is also looking for you, Kotone.»

This just shows how much my brain wasn’t working. It’s easy to figure out that having the students eat with the other customers will cause the hotel restaurant to go overcapacity. It’s only natural that they’d prepare a separate place.

“Tell me your location. I’ll be right there.”
«I’ve had enough of you doing as you like. What about our memories for this trip?»
“Don’t worry. I don’t have the energy to mess around. I’ll behave today.”
«Why are you so tired?»
“I stayed up all night.”
«You idiot.»

Isn’t that what Kaori would say? So the idiot calling has spread even to my classmates, huh. I get that I’m being an idiot, though. Taking my physical condition into account, it’ll be best that I behave today.

“Well then, it’s about time we part our ways.”
“Yeah. We made some good memories, so we’re completely satisfied.”
“It’s definitely not the right memories for a school field trip, though.”

Just where has the field trip part of this trip gone to? First day, I reunited with old friends. Second day, I’m hospitalized. Third day, I ran away and performed in a concert. And today, I’m going sightseeing without any sleep. It’s ridiculous. At the very least, let me have a proper field trip experience today.

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