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Chapter 99 – The Great Search for Kisaragi Kotone (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2571 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1162 words
Editor(s): Fire

∴ Bodyguard Akira’s Perspective.

That’s weird. While tourist spots may have many people, we’re professionally trained bodyguards. Losing the target just because they’re in a crowd shouldn’t happen.

「Kyousuke, can you locate her?」
「It’s impossible. Actually, this is weird. Kotone is tall and the guardian with her is just as tall as her. There should be no way we’d lose them so easily.」

Exactly. Kotone is tall, so she’s easy to track. If she was shorter, it’d be understandable. Moreover, that ponytail of hers is an identifier. It leaves an impression, so it feels off for us to lose her that easily.

「I’ll try contacting Kotone. If she doesn’t answer, then it’s an emergency deployment. Be ready, Kyousuke.」
「Roger. I really hope this won’t be a big incident.」

If this ends up being a kidnapping, it’ll definitely be big. It’ll become negligence of duty on our part and we’ll absolutely take the brunt of it. Still, we’re not getting any information relating to one. I don’t even remember seeing any suspicious group or activity.

「Hello, Kotone?」
『Is there something wrong?』

Thank goodness. Since she answered, then it shouldn’t be anything needing urgency. If we just meet up somewhere, this issue is resolved. Still, I don’t know why, but I’m feeling an indescribable unease.

「Sorry. We lost sight of you, can we meet up somewhere?」

Oi, what did she just say? I wish I was mishearing it, but I undeniably hear that right. Why did she say no? I feel like there’s a reason, but I can’t tell what it is.

「Why not?」
『I’ll have less time to sightsee, so I’ll be going ahead.』

There was no real reason. It’s purely self-interest. Still, it’s the first time this has happened. Kotone nearly always acts in a way to not trouble other people. And yet this time she’s actively acting selfish. Just like she did in the past.

「Don’t be so selfish. You know your position, don’t you?」
『Ignore my position for now. It’s a field trip, a time to make some memories.』

We’d rather not make some memories, no thank you. If something bad ever happens in this situation, we’ll definitely never forget it. In the first place, searching for just one person in the large city of Kyoto is pretty difficult.

「What’s your objective, Kotone?」

I don’t believe that she would do something like this for no reason. Sightseeing being her goal is likely a bluff. If she’s meeting someone in secret, then I’d be convinced. However, I know from watching over her that she doesn’t have a lover or anyone to scheme with.

『Objective? Like I said earlier, to sightsee.』
「That’s a lie. If it’s just that, then you could just have us be your guardian. You’d absolutely do that. It’s no reason for you to ask of your friend.」
『So you figured it out. As expected, people who I’ve spent a long time with understand me well.』

I haven’t been dragged around with nothing to show. While we have gotten into some ridiculous situations out of the blue, those are a result of Kotone getting dragged into trouble. Inside the academy aside, Kotone has never taken the initiative to make trouble outside campus. This time is an abnormal situation.

『Then I’ll be honest. This is a direct challenge, come and try to catch me. By the way, I’m currently heading to Kiyomizudera.』
『With that, let the game of tag begin.』

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There she ended the call. Even when redialing, she doesn’t answer. That girl, she was serious about it. Moreover, the goal is to run from us. In other words, it’s just a game. No, instead of thinking about her objective, prioritize the next move.

「Kyousuke! Kotone ran away!」

This is an abnormal situation we never even imagined. It’s true that it’s not unusual for the common wealthy daughter to try escaping us. The reason is mostly because they don’t want us to follow or they just don’t like being seen. However, those reasons shouldn’t apply to Kotone. Rather, she was so cooperative that she’d inform us about her destination. What happened for her to act like this?

「I’ll contact the supervisor. Kyousuke, get the car ready. Our destination is Kiyomizudera.」
「Roger that.」

One thing I’m confused about is why she told us her destination in the end. Is she underestimating us, thinking that we can’t catch her without a hint? She’s not that foolish. Rather, she’s someone who acts beyond our expectations.

「Is it you, supervisor? We have an emergency situation.」
『What happened?』
「Our protectee Kisaragi Kotone ran away. Request to deploy additional personnel.」

There’s no way only four of us —me, Kyousuke, Mizuki, and the old man— to just run around searching in Kyoto. Situations like these call for numbers. Her objective being to sightsee is a lie but also should have truth. I feel like Kotone puts having fun above all else. And I also feel like the supervisor is frozen in time.

『Request for deployment approved. I’ll allocate everyone on standby. Akira, take command.』
「Understood. Kyousuke and I will now head for Kotone’s goal, Kiyomizudera. We will contact again for any further development.」
『I’m counting on you, I’ll contact the chief as well.』

It’s become a big incident for a different reason. To think that we’d be flush around by one person’s actions when it’s not even a situation of high urgency. Still, it’ll probably be easier compared to that twelve families gathering. After all, everything is resolved as long as we capture Kotone. I’ll definitely lecture her when we catch her.

「The car is ready.」
「Understood. Then let’s head out.」

We know her destination, so we should arrive earlier by car. It’ll be a problem if they have a rental car, but it can help lead back to them. That’s why Kotone likely won’t use one. I don’t know how serious she is, but don’t underestimate adults.

「We’re close to the place. Let’s walk from here on.」
「Wait. Kotone just sent something.」

Don’t tell me they’re already at Kiyomizudera? If they did arrive faster than us, just what means of transportation do they have? Or maybe she’s surrendering? I don’t believe Kotone would ever do that, though.

「What’s wrong with her!?」

I was about to throw away my smartphone, but I somehow resisted. It’s just how absurd the thing she just sent. At the driver’s seat, Kyousuke is eyeing me for an explanation but I’m seriously about to burst in rage.

「Kotone sent a picture. With the message “Kinkakuji Now”.」
「You’re kidding me.」

Meaning she absolutely played us. To think that even the part about Kiyomizudera being her first destination was a lie. Even if we head to Kinkakuji right now, we’re not going to make it. On the contrary, we wouldn’t know where she’ll be next.


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