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Chapter 82 – Near Full Throttle (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2034 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1012 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Place the drinks near the refrigerator. As for the other one, please place it in the living room.」
「We’re supposed to be just escorts, though…」
「That doesn’t matter to these people, so give it up.」

Since everyone here thinks of manpower, regardless of what sort of manpower, as something to be utilized. If you’re dragging people in, drag as many as you can. As long as you have some relation, regardless if it’s someone you just met.

「Good work. You can withdraw now.」

Following Hadzuki’s words, the two of them left. For some reason, it seemed like there was some stain on their backs. Still, they really got the short end of the stick. Will this improve their reputation among the higher ups? Likely not.

「You’re savage as always, Hadzuki.」
「Utilize anything of worth, even your parents. What wonderful words.」

People who follow that by the letter are rare, in my opinion. But one of them is in front of me. He began to happily dig through his luggage, but what exactly is in there?

「What did you bring?」
「First, a variety of game consoles. There should be a portable one too. Then, board games and card games. And a lot more stuff. There’s a variety of choices for what to play.」

He’s really put everything he had into the games. As expected, neither Aya nor I thought that he’d prepare this much. Rather, it’s overdoing it for an after-party. Just how much was he looking forward to this.

「By the way, I’m giving all of this to you, Kotone.」
「Well thanks.」
「That’s unexpected. I thought you would either be shocked or turn it down. Also, your way of speaking. It really feels off.」

After all, I’ve been consciously using polite speech as much as possible at the academy. This is also Hadzuki’s first time hearing me like this. Though with that considered, he doesn’t sound too surprised. If I had to say, it feels like he anticipated it.

「If it’s a present, then I’m taking what I can get. Won’t be playing them, though.」
「It’s fine if you just use them when your friends visit you. By the way, is dinner ready yet? I really couldn’t have a proper meal back then.」

Every one of us couldn’t eat at the party, after all. As for why, it’s because if we eat, other people might use that as a topic to approach us. Like “This one’s scrumptious too” or something. That’s why we generally only drink.

「At least let Kotori and Minadzuki arrive first. Don’t care about Nagatsuki, though.」
「In that case, they should be here soon. See?」

As he said it, the doorbell rang. Sequentially, it should be Kotori. Since I completely expect Nagatsuki to be the last one. The reason is simple. I don’t imagine him wanting to eat my food. He’ll probably come after having a meal.

「Welcome, Kotori. You too, Minadzuki.」
「Thank you very much for the invitation!」

It’s nothing to be thankful for, after all it was the four of us; me, Hadzuki, Shimotsuki, and Fumidzuki; who planned this after-party. Why would the original planner be uninvited? Still, Kotori’s breathing is a bit rough. Seeing how Akira and Kyousuke behind them are also out of breath, she probably sprinted here.

「She overtook me when I arrived first and I’m not taking that lying down, so I simply chased after her.」

You were the actual reason the guys behind are tired, huh. I have no clue why it became a competition. Seeing that each of us here has gone wild at least once, I guess it’s going as planned. Everyone’s too hyped up.

「Now come inside. Everyone’s starving over here, so we’ll have dinner asap.」

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Hearing my words, the two of them were shocked frozen, so I took their hands and pulled them inside. I guess this is the normal reaction. The ones who came first were just weird, I’m convinced. Still, these two should get used to it fast. After all, the Shimotsuki sisters are wearing a jersey.

「Now with everyone here, shall we have dinner then?」

Let the after-party begin. There’s one actually missing, but no one’s commenting on it. They sit around the table and I provide them their dinner. Now then, time for the call.

「Dear little sisters, long time no see!」

Akane is clearly in high spirits. She’s the one I called. I promised her that I’ll generally eat dinner with her. So even if she’s clearly out-of-place, I’ll call her.

「Bigsis, long time no see. And bigbro too, hi-yee.」
「Hi-yee. Glad to see you’re doing well as usual, little sis.」

I put the cook pot in the middle of the table and divided the salad between everyone. I’ve already set the tableware beforehand, so what else… For drinks, water and barley tea should be fine. Since Hadzuki’s drinks are definitely not cold yet.

「For Akane and Mr. Shizuo, beer, correct?」
「As expected of my wife. You just know me.」
「The only things constantly in the fridge are beer and sake, after all.」

It’s generally those two, but it’s always beer when she’s drinking in my room. By the way, I keep the polite speech for Akane and Shizuo. I really can’t just speak casually with people far older than me.

「She really is a housewife.」

Shut it, Minadzuki. This is the usual here, so I can’t help it. Still, there’s a lot of people today. I made a lot just to be sure, but I don’t know if it’s enough.

「Now then, thanks for the food.」
「「「Thanks for the food!」」」

This is my first time having dinner with so many people. Each of us are having fun eating. Right now, status and power doesn’t matter. We’re all just equal as friends. Still, I have no idea what will happen if we continue on as is. After all, it’ll be when everyone puts their masks down.


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