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Chapter 76 – Now to the Battlefield (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2829 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1408 words
Editor(s): Fire

I’d genuinely rather that not happen. I don’t even know if I’ll still be living in my apartment alone after graduation. Will I have to go back home? Go to college? Or get a job? There’s so many choices, yet I can’t even make the choice myself.

“Is there any way I can change the principal so he’d be able to plan on his own?”
“I don’t know him that much, but do you think that’s possible for you to do?”

If it were possible, I wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble. If he can develop plans as long as you give a rough gist, then he probably wouldn’t be asking for Shizuo’s help regularly. I guess he and Nagatsuki are similarly hardheaded in this regard.

“Just when I thought your unrequited love was finally over, now you’re playing cupid for someone else. Really, Kotone, your life is so colourful.”
“I didn’t expect this to happen either. Still, this is going to be really difficult, I’m honestly stumped.”

It would be great if I could just make a good mood and they’d just go do stuff on their own. But since it’s the principal we’re talking about, he’ll definitely wimp out. Normally, that’s when you should make your move.

“Ahhh, I just want to b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ about it.”
“Kotone, your language.”
“I know. I’m just grumbling, it won’t happen again.”

I have to bottle it all up until the after-party. If I grumble to the principal here, the people will think that I’m picking a fight with him. And since the principal can’t talk back, it’ll affect his standing. It’s a real problem.

“Don’t let your guard down so much. Any conversation here can be overheard.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”

So letting my guard down will be fatal, huh. In a sense, this place is a real battlefield. Still, even if rumors about me speaking strangely gets spread, I don’t think that’ll affect my reputation that much. After all, I’ve done so much in the past…

“Still, I’m not really planning on improving my public image here.”
“Even so. There’s nothing better than not having negative publicity.”

Well, she’s right about that. But speaking of negative publicity, the members of the Kisaragi family have already gained so much infamy. Still, even among them, Kotone has the worst.

“I imagine that a lot of rumors or rather speculation will be made during this party. Mother, it might be best that you prepare yourself as well.”
“That’s right. People will definitely come to talk to me, won’t they? It’s depressing to think about it.”

Later on, I’ll have to interact with the members of the twelve families. Moreover, once they see me having an amiable conversation, other people are definitely going to be curious to know why. And since they can’t ask me directly, there’ll definitely be some that’ll go ask mother instead.

“The greetings are over. In that case, I’ll be by the wallside there.”
“I’ll go greet Mrs. Fumidzuki.”

If we just stay together as is, some people might come approach us, after all. Now, what should I do? Will people stay away if I just make a sour face here? It might also chase away my acquaintances, though.

“What got you all bothered?”
“I’m in the middle of thinking about how to keep unwanted people away. You look great with that dress, Kirigamine.”
“The first part sounded really dangerous, though. But I suppose I should thank you for the praise.”

I was surprised that Kirigamine called out to me first. Since I didn’t expect her to interact with me in this kind of place. I wonder if something’s changed within her.

“That’s right. Congratulations on being appointed as vice-president.”
“It’s too heavy of a responsibility for me. It really should have been either Fumidzuki, Shimotsuki, or Minadzuki.”
“They all declined, so there’s nothing that can be done. Still, having to keep a firm hold on Nagatsuki’s leash certainly does sound quite daunting.”
“No, he’s not a dog after all.”

And I’m saying that he’s more troublesome than a dog. He’s going to go the opposite of where you want him to go, so you’ll have to properly course correct for him. And he has a hard head, so doing that is going to be tough.

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“More importantly, is it really alright to talk to me in a public place like this? I imagine that people will say something about it.”
“This is also a calculated move. Considering what will happen after this, it’ll be advantageous for people to think that I have ties with you while it’s still early.”
“And that’s because?”
“The twelve families will gather around you, after all.”

Yup, correct. Kotori, Hadzuki, and Aya will definitely approach me. And if Kirigamine is also there within the group, it’s sure to improve her standing. What negative reputation she currently has will be blown away.

“Besides, I consider you to be my friend, Kisaragi.”
“Our relationship has changed a lot since our first meeting, hasn’t it? To think we were once enemies, are now friends.”
“It was just one-sided antagonism on my part, though. And when I actually got to know you, you were surprisingly good at taking care of people.”
“I suppose so.”

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have helped her study. I didn’t even complain when she was using me. Feel free to use your friend all you want. Still, if just talking to a friend can help erase her bad reputation, that’s no sweat.

“Why don’t we fix your relationship with Kotori, while we’re at it?”
“Isn’t that a bit impossible?”
“Don’t worry, it’s not an issue. I’ll figure it out. Oh look, she’s coming.”

Kotori was approaching us with a smile but suddenly it turned into a scowl. It’s probably because she noticed that Kirigamine was beside me. And seeing that, Kirigamine’s face was clouded. It’s so easy to mend their relationship, though.

“Kotori, do you perhaps hate my friend?”
“Not at all, I would never! I’m sorry for being so hostile on my own.”
“No, don’t be, I was the one at fault to begin with.”

There, relationships mended. Still, this really makes me worry about Kotori’s future. She easily trusts in whatever I say, after all. If I ever lied to her, what would happen? Since I recognize this, I have no intention of deceiving her, not one bit.

“Kotone, why are you standing so close to the wall? It should be fine for you to be more out in the open.”
“I’ll only be a nuisance if I’m out in the open. In that case, I’ll just stick to the wall like a stain.”
“Say like a wallflower there instead.”

With how I currently am, I guess it should be fine to be promoted to a wallflower. If it was the old Kotone, no one would deny if she was called a stain.

“Speaking of which, are you really going to hold the after-party you were talking about at the student council office?”
“You want to come?”
“I’m not going to play humble and polite here. I absolutely refuse. There will be no one else but the twelve families, it’ll be tough for me to stay there.”

As expected, everyone reacted the same way. It’s not like other people aren’t welcome to join though. Besides, even my neighbor is ready to party crash, so people really shouldn’t be worried about social status and all that.

“Well, I’m going to be scolded if more people were to join, so it’s impossible anyways.”
“Scolded by who?”
“My bodyguards.”

Hearing my answer, Kirigamine was appalled. Kotori didn’t seem to understand, she simply tilted her head in confusion. Only Akira will scold me, Miss Supervisor will probably just have more stomach aches.

“More importantly, Kirigamine, it might be best for you to leave soon. Hadzuki and Aya are heading here, you see.”
“I see. In that case, I shall excuse myself. If there’s anything I don’t understand in the student council, help me out.”
“I’ll try.”

I’ll probably never enter the student council office again, though. I’ve finally gotten a load off my shoulders, like I would ever voluntarily stick my neck into it. Now then, I suppose it’s time to deal with the runaway trains.


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