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Chapter 55 – Revelation of the Past (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2685 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1313 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Had you two married, Hatsune and I would feel at peace.」
「In which sense?」
「I genuinely just want Sou to be happy. For Hatsune, she’ll probably be at ease knowing that she has someone push her child to.」

Right? She’s been through a lot, after all. Mainly in apologizing and dealing with the aftermath of Isami’s antics. I’ve also joined her, though.

「Even so, don’t push everything to me.」
「Well, it’s too late though. After all, Sou is dead.」

This woman, she’s saying it so calmly right in front of me. The reason she doesn’t feel grief or anything anymore is probably because I’m here. It’s hard to imagine she’s the same person who cried while yelling at me.

「Well, and I’ve become a woman.」
「So, are you going to tell Isami the truth? She was closed herself off when Sou died, you know.」
「I don’t need to tell her. After all, it seems like she managed to move on.」
「I heard that Hatsune exploded on her.」

Ah, I feel for Isami regarding that. I’m sure that Master exploding caused a big ruckus. Isami’s antics aren’t even comparable. Even I fear her.

「Still, are you really not telling her?」
「I won’t tell her until she asks. Besides, Isami likely has a hunch that it’s me.」

She’s not the person I’ve been with for the longest (excluding step-mom) for nothing. It’s because she accepted my death that she doesn’t think of the current me as Kotone and the past me as Souji as the same person. Though the similar treatment is probably unconscious action.

「If that’s what you say, then I won’t talk about it anymore.」
「Besides, if I tell Isami, it’ll inevitably lead to information about me being spread.」
「I can’t deny that.」

I can’t risk having her cheerfully expose me to all of our acquaintances. No matter the reason, it’ll really trouble me.

「Our current relationship doesn’t feel too different too.」
「I can tell from looking. Still, I suppose you’ll have the little sister position age-wise?」
「That, I firmly refuse.」

Age doesn’t matter. I firmly refuse being her little brother or sister. It’s frankly a position of suffering. And since I have to squash the problems before it happens, big sister would fit me better.

「All this talking made me thirsty. Sou, please get me a drink.」
「Oi, home owner.」

I haven’t been in this house for the past three years, you know. Like I’d know where the things are placed now. Besides, since it’s only you living,I can already imagine the contents of the fridge.

「Like I thought, there’s only water.」
「I want to drink iced coffee.」
「Don’t be unreasonable. No choice then, I’ll boil some water.」

I don’t know when these instant coffee packets here were bought, but these should do. Just to make sure, I’ve confirmed that the insides aren’t clumped solid, so it should be alright. If not, it shouldn’t melt anyways.

「This really brings me back.」
「I feel like I’ve been taking care of you since the past.」

I am part of the problem for not refusing, though. Step-mom should be at least capable of making coffee by herself, but she relaxes too much when at home. On the other hand, she gives her all at work, which is why I cooperate with her.

「So you mainly eat outside?」
「Typically, yes. During my days off, Hatsune picks me up.」
「While you said Isami and I are like siblings, you and Master are like sisters too.」

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I have no idea why both parents and children are like this. You could say that we’re birds of the same feather, but seriously why though?

「There’s ice. I don’t know how long it’s been there, though. Here, done.」
「I use it when I drink alcohol, so it’s fine. Also, thank you.」

The two of us are drinking black, the taste seems to be fine. At worst, the two of us might start spitting out our drinks, for quality reasons.

「Nonetheless, that’s a really nice watch you have. I suppose it’s because you’re from the Kisaragi family?」
「I was forced to live alone early on, so I don’t have that kind of money. This was given to me by the owner’s wife at the place I work at.」

It’s such an expensive watch, but nowadays I feel uneasy whenever I don’t have it on. It’s already become natural for me to have it. I’m scared of it breaking. And it already broke once too.

「Still, it looks so familiar to me.」
「Do you know Saori?」
「…… You mean Tachibana Saori?」
「That’s right. I guess you are acquaintances.」
「Really not by much, I just know her a bit from work. As expected, it breach her privacy, so I can’t talk in detail.」

Step-mom works as a lawyer, so I wonder what it’s about. Even with a bit of thinking, I have no clue. Besides, if she remembers seeing the watch itself, then I really have no idea.

「Try directly asking her about it. She doesn’t seem to mind it that much, anyways. Rather, it even looks like she wants to just let it go.」
「Wait, even if you try being vague about it, I don’t understand it at all. Well, I guess I try asking her later.」
「Come to think of it, she did tell me to come by her cafe when it opens if I have free time. I completely forgot.」
「Well, maybe she was trying to be polite too.」

Still, if it’s before that shop opened, I have no clue at all. After all, this happened while I was still alive. Step-mom has her duty of confidentiality, so she can’t talk about it either.

「You work there, Sou?」
「Part time, yeah. I also have school, so I work when I have the time.」
「…… Sou, how old are you?」
「Seventeen years old.」
「I’m sorry. I couldn’t see you being that age at all. I honestly thought that you’re already of adult age.」
「So I really do look old, huh.」

It’s actually sad to hear even my step-mom say so. Well, yeah, I’m already well into adulthood on the inside and all, but the fact that my current age doesn’t match how I’m seen bothers me. It’s better than being seen as younger than my actual age like Kotori though.

「Hey, Sou. Can you tell me about the life you’ve been living?」
「I don’t particularly mind, but I only woke up in March this year.」

I want to know why myself. During the three years in between, what was happening with me? I got a glimpse of the altar for me when I entered the house, so they must have confirmed my body. Still, it’s not like I’m particularly curious about it.

「I don’t mind if it’s just that. Can you tell me about it?」
「Then I guess I’ll start from right after I wake up. I first woke up in a hospital bed.」
「It’s already looking grim from the start.」

From there, while waiting for Isami to call us, I began recalling and talking about what happened up until now. Here and there, step-mom looked greatly perplexed, but it’s already in the past, you see. Still, as expected, I didn’t have enough time to talk about everything.

「Let’s pla~y!」

Can’t do something as simple as calling us properly? Also, she definitely isn’t planning on helping Master. In the first place, she already passed through the front door. There’s no end to things to comment about.

「Is my slapping fan still here?」
「I left your room untouched.」

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Then it should be here. Three years have passed, so there might be issues with its structural integrity, but I’ll give her a big old smack.


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