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Chapter 55 – Revelation of the Past (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2604 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1359 words
Editor(s): Fire

I thought that step-mom was broken, but now that I think about it, she must have remembered our vow. We won’t lie to each other. I think it’s precisely because she remembers this that she asked me straight up. Still, where did she leave her common sense?

「So, are you or are you not?」
「Even if you ask me, I can’t really say it’s clear cut. The correct answer is both.」

That’s why I answered honestly without lying. Even if it’s me on the inside, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s Kotone on the outside. In other words, both of us are dead yet both of us still exist. It’s a really absurd situation.

「Now it’s my turn to ask, why did you think that I’m Souji?」
「Firstly, it was because I saw Sou the instant I first saw you. Even more so when you’re together with Isami.」

Hmm, so from first impression, huh. Still, I don’t think that’s solid enough.

「Secondly, I saw you preparing the food and your movement were nearly the same as Sou’s.」

Impressive observation. Well, it’s impossible to hide cooking habits, after all. If I carelessly try that, I might make a mistake instead.

「Thirdly, many people have been overlapping you with Sou. The fact that it’s not only me, but Isami’s family does so is unnatural.」

Multiple people seeing me as Souji certainly is a weird thought. It’s probably because I’m giving off the same aura, but if it’s just that then she shouldn’t think I’m Souji if she’s thinking rationally.

「Fourthly, your mannerisms. When you’re bored, you tap your finger against your arm, don’t you? Also, you’re doing this even now. Whenever something inconvenient happens, you grasp your arm.」

I don’t know how to answer, so it’s really building up my stress. Besides, you can’t fix your mannerisms on your own unless you become aware of them. Rather, just how many reasons does she have?

「That’s enough already. I now know just how much you were looking at me in such a short amount of time. Still, step-mom, are you satisfied by my answer? It’s possible that I’m just pretending to be Souji, you know?」
「Then I’ll just have you tell me about things only Sou and I should know. When did I tell Sou the truth?」

She’s probably talking about the time when she told me she wasn’t my biological mother. That was, right…

「When I entered elementary school. And on that topic, I quipped about it when I entered middle school.」

It was a reaction that was 6 years late. That isn’t something you tell a kid in puberty! I said. Regarding this, she had her reason for telling, so it was unavoidable.

「If that old hag hadn’t appeared, you would’ve talked about it at a later time instead, right?」
「Calling your biological mother old hag, you haven’t changed. But I’m confident now. After all, this is something I haven’t told even Hatsune about.」

That’s like exposing your own family’s shame, after all. It’s not easy to talk about. About how my biological mother ran off immediately after deciding my name. Moreover, she even nonchalantly came back.

「Did the old hag come to my funeral?」
「She didn’t. Even if she did, I would have likely chased her away.」

As expected of the old hag. Even though she’s step-mom’s little sister, I see her as an enemy. Abandoning her own child and then coming back to say that she’s getting married, unbelievable. It seems like the reason she gave birth to me was to marry into money. Moreover, she was dumped by the other party. Seriously, what’s with her?

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「Still, I’m amazed that you actually decided to ask me. The average person would think that you’re insane.」
「It’s because you vowed to me. It’s because you vowed not to lie, I asked you directly. Honestly, I’m doubting my own sanity.」
「For sure.」
「Nonetheless, to think that Sou likes crossdressing. To the point of getting plastic surgery, even.」
「Just wait a minute!?」
「I’m kidding.」

There are some things that can be and can’t be passed off as a joke, you know? Moreover, her expression doesn’t change, so it’s hard to tell. As usual, she’s hard to grasp.

「It’s nice that you believe in me, but there’s really nothing I can explain about my current condition.」
「I’m not confident that I’d understand even if you explain it, so that’s alright. For now, welcome home.」
「Ng-, I’m back.」

The mood is getting good now, but I can imagine what’s about to happen next. This mood is definitely going to get smashed to pieces. After all, step-mom’s shoulders are shaking.

「Why did you become a girl!? Moreover, from the Kisaragi family, I can’t this imagine this being anything other than you messing with me!」
「Like I’d know! I was already like this when I woke up, so I had no choice!」
「Moreover, the way you talk, you’ve completely turned into a woman!1
「I didn’t have a choice! It’s weird talking like a man when I’m a woman! And I’m the one who’s surprised that I’ve become a woman, okay!2
「To begin with, whether you revived or not aside, you could’ve at least sent me a message!」
「Like I could! Think about it rationally!」

The parent-child quarrel begins. I know that she really mourned for my death and all, but she’s being unreasonable. Also, please don’t yell at me while crying. It really squeezes on my heart.

「Have you calmed down?」
「Yes, somehow. There’s a lot I can’t agree with, though.」

Ten minutes later, as though we just finished a fierce exchange of blows, we exhaustedly fell to the table top. We swore not to tell lies, so we were just sharing honest thoughts.

「Even if you can’t, there’s no choice but to accept the present. 」
「I know I’m bad, but you’re pretty crazy yourself, Sou.」

How rude. Just when I thought I was dead, I came back as a woman and, rationally speaking, that’s impossible but it happened, so there’s not much I can do. Rather than worry, it’s more productive to take action.

「Come to think of it, why was I killed?」
「You have memories before you died, right?」

I still have memories upto when I ate the burger. I’ve talked about burgers to Isami and the others, so step-mom should know about it. Still, who was the killer? The main suspect would be the coworker that brought the snacks.

「I remember up until when I ate the food my coworker brought and started feeling pain.」
「The criminal is that said coworker. His motive was that he was in love with Isami.」
「I heard he even stalked her. And it seems like the reason he did that is because Isami personally told him that she’s dating Sou.」
「It’s so unexpected in a lot of ways.」

I’ve never heard a single word about that, though. Besides, where did the idea about Isami and I dating come from? Was it that? A lie she told so that he wouldn’t follow her anymore?

「I guess Sou and Isami are already far beyond dating that there wasn’t a need to put it into words.」
「It’s not like we’re lovers, though.」
「If I have to say, you’re more like siblings. Still, looking from the outside, I always wondered when you two would get married」
「No, not possible.」

In this topic, I think Isami and I share the same opinion. We know that we love each other, but not in a romantic way. It’s more of an affectionate one.


  1. Lyly: These next lines are difficult to translate because the context of “masculine ‘I'” and “feminine ‘I”” is completely gone post translation, so I’ll just add the literal translation here.

    “Moreover, you’re referring to yourself as ‘watashi’, you’ve completely turned into a woman!”

  2. Lyly: I didn’t have a choice! Calling myself “ore” as as a woman is weird! And I’m the one who’s surprised that I’ve become a woman, okay!
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