Chapter 9 – Pursuing Malice [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2659 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1294 words
Editor(s): Fire

Why is she staring off into empty space? Would something have happened if her scores were bad? Well, while not drastic, the two did have an increase in grades and I heard that they didn’t get any penalty from their parents.

I’ve heard Kaori’s penalty, but I haven’t heard about Aiba’s.

「Now that you mention, you went somewhere during the test prep period. I didn’t see you in the library either.」
「We were studying at my place. It’s quite empty, so there aren’t any distractions, you see.」
「I was really shocked how empty it was of entertainment.」
「Since when did you two get along that well? Rather, do the notes really make that big of a difference?」
「You want to see?」

Now that I think about it, Teacher Kondou just asked Aiba to be a mediator for me but before I noticed it, we really got along for some reason. Well, she is the one sitting closest to me, so she probably noticed some things from observing me.

For now, I gave the unharmed notebook to Tanaka and he flips through the pages. Huh? His expression changed for some reason. Like a predator locking on to prey.

「Hey, could you lend me this the next time around?」
「S-sure. I don’t mind if you make a copy of it.」

Feeling a chill, I immediately agreed but there isn’t really anything important written on it though. Rather, stop gathering around and peeking at my notes. Having your notes seen by other people is somewhat embarrassing.

Since that, I ended up giving several others permission to copy my notes. Are you serious about wanting a copy?

After that, the classes continued without any issues, but like yesterday, a troublesome class came up in a later class.

「Kisaragi, you can’t go, right?」
「I’d really rather not join PE with this foot.」

Yesterday’s PE uniform got really filthy from the fall, so it’s in the wash. I do have spare uniforms, but Teacher Saeki stopped me from bringing them, so I inevitably can’t join. The issue is if the PE teacher will accept my reasons.

「No faking injuries, you hear.」

As expected, he’s got no intention of listening. As I was sitting in the corner of the gym, the teacher was making me stand up. Kotone didn’t like this PE teacher, but I don’t like him either. He does have amazing muscles but as if to flaunt them, he’s wearing a tank top in this weather, like just don’t.

On top of it looking uncomfortable, it’s disgusting.

「I have permission from the school nurse Teacher Saeki though.」
「Doesn’t matter to me. Now stand up.」

Tsk. don’t grab my left arm. It isn’t as much as my still injured left foot, but that hurts! I reflexively glared at him, but he only answered with a daring smile. For some reason, I have a weird feeling about this.

「I don’t have my PE uniform, so I can’t join.」
「Then just participate with your uniform. It’s not like anyone’s interested in your underwear, so don’t sweat it.」

This perverted old sex offender! I’m fine with this, but any other female student would have taken you to court. Besides, up until now, the teachers have been treating me like I’m air but then this PE teacher is just so obvious. Yeah, I know. This b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ knows everything!

「I get it already, so let go of my arm.」
「As long as you get it.」

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From me getting chased out of the Kisaragi manor, to getting injured from tumbling down the stairs, he knows. While I’m not sure how he found out, he probably also knows the spots I have injuries at.

That’s why he’s attacking with obvious confidence. Also, he’s probably planning on getting revenge too.

「Kisaragi, why are you here?」
「That f̲u̲c̲k̲e̲r̲ of a teacher just harassed me.」
「Your tone! Your tone!」
「Excuse me. I don’t quite like that teacher, you see.」
「Nobody in our class does. Still, you’re even injured. Moreover, making you play basketball with a uniform, what is he even thinking!」
「He likely got the news from someone. Also, he’s getting more suspicious in regards to yesterday’s matter.」

By yesterday’s matter, I mean the incident with the locker. With how conspicuous that was, it’s just suspicious. The most Kotone has done against the PE teacher was just spit insults against him, but nothing especially bad.

Rather, the things she said were things the other people thought of the teacher too. Like how his muscles are gross, or how he should just stop wearing tight exposing clothes, or how he just looks uncomfortably sweltering.

「Kisaragi, I have a spare PE uniform, please use it.」
「Sorry, could I ask you to get it?」
「Even I don’t agree with that, you know?」

Thank goodness, my female classmates’ kindness saved me.

「Then, I’ll be at the changing-」
「Nope. If you’re changing, then do it here.」
「What if she pretends to go to the changing room and just runs off? Enough, just change here.」

As expected, it’s not only me but all the girls were shocked. What the hell is he talking about? I’m going to run off, so just change here, is he f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g serious? From what happened earlier, he probably is. Now as you’d expect, the girls nearby are glaring at him with a thirst for blood.

This is clearly sexual harassment. I’ll definitely win at court, but I can’t do anything right now. Haa, why do I have to strip here in public?

「That’s just too much!」
「What? You’re going against a teacher? Are you sure? This’ll reflect on your grades, you know?」

I somehow held back the girl who was about to go at him. Even I didn’t expect him to go this low. First, he just made enemies with all of the female students and now the boys frankly see him as an enemy. Normally, that sort of statement would be the end of this, but I feel like there’s something more behind it.

For example, like the support of someone important to protect him.

「Stand down, Minagawa. It’s just a matter of me doing it.」
「Sorry, can you get it for me? This really bothers me, but I’ll do it.」

This not bothering me isn’t possible. Even I will get embarrassed changing in public. I can dress into the bottoms while wearing a skirt but the top is impossible without undressing, right?

While I do have an undershirt, there’s a possibility for the underwear to be visible through it. Jeez, just what is this guy thinking?

「Sorry to make you wait. We’re going to barricade around you, so you can have some peace of mind.」
「Thank you very much.」

This time, the girls united to help. Well, with what just happened, it’s no wonder that they sided with me. There’s no need to ask who’s the wrong one here. Still, it’s not without its problems.

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「Uwah, big t̲i̲t̲s̲.」
「Woah, your skin’s so white.」
「Uuh, how do you maintain that sort of body…」
「Um, everyone, the others can hear everything, you know…」

While not buck naked, they can clearly see my body underneath the shirt, you see. Even if that’s the case, please don’t say it out loud. The boys can hear it too, so it’s going to be a problem if they get weird thoughts.

Well, they can’t see thanks to the barricade, so that is a relief.

「I’ll try not to pass to you so much, so try not to stand out.」
「That probably won’t help.」
「Enough faking, stop dragging your foot and walk properly.」
「There’s that, after all.」


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